University of Wollongong Courses And Fees: Complete List

University of Wollongong Courses

In today’s blog, we will discuss the complete list of the University of Wollongong Courses and its tuition fees. The University was established in 1951 in Wollongong and is a public research university. According to the QS World University Rankings, it is considered one of the world’s top 200 institutes.

It offers over 200 degrees, certificates, and diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Business, law, Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities, which we discussed in this blog. So, let us move on to the University of Wollongong Courses. 

University of Wollongong Courses And Fee

The university offers various Undergraduate and Postgraduate course degrees for students in many fields. The fields include Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Business and Law, Engineering and Information Sciences, Science, Medicine and Health. So, here is the complete list of University of Wollongong Courses.

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Course Number Of SessionsFee Per SessionTotal Fee
Bachelor of Arts $13,968 $83,808 
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology$17,040$102,240
Bachelor of Creative Arts6$14,400$86,400
Bachelor of Geography6$16,512$99,072
Bachelor of Health and Physical Education8$14,520$116,160
Bachelor of International Studies$13,968$83,808
Bachelor of Journalism6$13,968$83,808
Bachelor of Mathematics Education8$14,520$116,160
Bachelor of Neuroscience6$17,040$102,240
Bachelor of Performance & Theatre$13,968$83,808
Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics6$13,968$83,808
Bachelor of Primary Education8$14,952$119,616
Bachelor of Psychological Science6$17,040$102,240
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)8$17,040$136,320
Bachelor of Public Health6$16,416$98,496
Bachelor of Science Education8$14,520$116,160
Bachelor of Social Science$13,968$83,808
Bachelor of Social Work$13,968$111,744
Bachelor of Sustainable Communities6$13,968$83,808
Bachelor of Business Administration6$15,432$92,592
Bachelor of Business 6$15,432$92,592
Bachelor of Economics and Finance$15,432$92,592
Bachelor of Laws (Graduates only)6$18,360 $110,160
Bachelor of Laws^ 8$16,380$131,040 
Bachelor of Business Information Systems6$17,784$106,704
Bachelor of Computer Science6$17,784$106,704
Bachelor of Data Science and Analytics6$17,784$106,704
Bachelor of Information Technology 6$17,784$106,704
Bachelor of Technology 6$18,768$112,608
Bachelor of Mathematics6$17,784$106,704 
Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (Honours) 8$17,784$142,272
Bachelor of Medical and Radiation Physics6$19,728$118,368 
Bachelor of Conservation Biology (Honours)8$16,872$134,976
Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) 8$16,872$134,976
Bachelor of Exercise Science 6$16,464$98,784$98,784
Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation 8$16,680$133,440
Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences6$16,608$99,648
Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology (Honours) 8$16,872$134,976
Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry (Honours) 8$16,872$134,976
Bachelor of Nursing 6$15,984$95,904 
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) 8$16,680$133,440
Bachelor of Nutrition Science6$16,464$98,784 
Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health6$16,872$101,232
Graduate Certificate in Education 1$14,256$14,256
Graduate Certificate in TESOL1$14,520$14,520
Graduate Diploma in TESOL 2$14,520$29,040
Master of Autism3$13,848$41,544
Master of Education $14,256$42,768
Master of Education Extension 4$14,256$57,024
Master of Psychology (Clinical)4$17,112$68,448
Master of Professional Psychology2$17,112$34,224
Master of Public Health 3$15,600$46,800
Master of Public Health Extension4$15,600$62,400
Master of Social Work (Qualifying)4$16,608$66,432
Master of Teaching (Primary) 4$13,320$53,280
Master of Teaching (Secondary) 4$12,936$51,744
Master of Occupational Health and Safety3$17,112$51,336
Master of Occupational Hygiene 3$17,112$51,336
Master of Occupational Health and Safety Extension$17,112$68,448
Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance2$8,016$16,032 
Graduate Certificate in Business2$8,016$16,032
Graduate Certificate in Maritime Studies 1$15,288$15,288
Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting 2$8,016
Master of Applied Finance (Financial Services)4$12,024$48,096
Master of Applied Finance (Investing) 4$12,024$48,096
Master of Business$12,024$61,416
Master of Business Administration 4$15,354$61,416 
Master of Business Administration Advanced 6$15,354$81,888
Master of Business Administration Health4$15,354$61,416
Master of Business Analytics4$12,024$48,096
Master of Financial Management 4$12,024$48,09
Master of Fisheries Policy 2$15,288$30,576
Master of Human Resource Management4$12,024$48,096
Master of Innovation & Entrepreneurship4$12,024$48,096
Master of International Business4$12,024$48,096
Master of Maritime Policy2$15,288$30,576
Master of Management4$12,024$48,096
Master of Marketing4$12,024$48,096
Master of Professional Accounting4$12,024$48,096
Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced) 6$12,024$64,128
Master of Project Management4$12,024$48,096
Master of Supply Chain Management4$12,024$48,096
2 year Master + Master Package 6$12,024$72,144
Graduate Certificate in Computing 1$17,784$17,784
Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security 2$7,356$14,712
Graduate Certificate in Engineering $19,728$19,728
Graduate Diploma in Engineering 2$19,728$39,456
Master of Computer Science 4$18,048$72,192
Master of Engineering4$19,728$78,912
Master of Engineering Management2$19,728$39,456
Master of Health Informatics4$17,784$71,136
Master of Information Technology4$17,424$69,696
Master of Mathematical Sciences4$18,048$72,192
Master of Science (Medical Radiation Physics)4$20,712$82,848
Master of Conservation Biology4$16,488$65,952
Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology 3$16,728$50,184
Master of Earth & Environmental Sciences 4$16,488$65,952
Master of Global Science & Management4$16,488$65,952
Master of Medical Biotechnology4$16,488$65,952 
Master of Medicinal Chemistry 4$16,488$65,952
Master of Nursing International4$15,600$62,400
Master of Nutrition and Dietetics4$16,728$66,912
Doctor of Medicine (MD)8$32,520$260,160
Doctor of Philosophy (Arts)8$14,856$118,848
Doctor of Philosophy Integrated (Arts) 8$14,856$118,848
Master of Philosophy (Arts) 4$14,856$59,424
Master of Research (Arts) 4$14,856$59,424
Doctor of Creative Arts 8$14,256$114,048
Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology)8$18,528$148,224
Doctor of Public Health8$18,528$148,224
Master of Philosophy (Lab Based)4$19,536$78,144
Master of Philosophy (Non-Lab Based) 4$19,032$76,128

So, It is the complete list of University of Wollongong courses and fees.

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the University of Wollongong Courses. The University of Wollongong offers various courses across various fields, giving students numerous options to pursue their academic interests. With over 200 degrees, certificates, and diplomas, the university caters to diverse areas of study, including Business, Law, Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities. 

As discussed in this blog, the tuition fees for these courses vary depending on the program and duration. The University of Wollongong’s reputation as a top research institution and comprehensive course offerings make it an excellent choice for students seeking quality education in Australia. I hope you liked this post about the University of Wollongong Courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the University of Wollongong known for?

It is a well-known institution with a fantastic reputation for learning and teaching across its facilities, including Business and Law, Medicine and Health, Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, and Engineering and Information Sciences.

Q2. What courses does the University of Wollongong offer?

The University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses and undergraduate and postgraduate certificates for international students.

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