The University Of Westminster Courses & Ranking: Best Guide

The University Of Westminster Courses

In this blog, we will discuss the University Of Westminster courses and the University Of Westminster Qs rankings. The University was established in 1838 in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the top-ranked and leading universities in the UK. 

It offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses in diverse subjects. Students can access various resources, tools, opportunities, and dedicated career support throughout their studies to improve their employability. 

The University includes various schemes and initiatives aimed at helping you build your transferable skills, network with potential employers, and prepare for the ever-changing graduate job market. So, let us move on to the University Of Westminster Courses. 

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The University Of Westminster Courses

The University offers various MSC, BSC, Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in diverse fields. Some top subjects of this university include Business, Sciences, Arts, Business,  Analytics, Accounting, Economics, Health Care, Technology, Tourism And Hospitality, etc. Below is the list of University Of Westminster Courses.

Course Fees (INR)Fees (GBP)
Master of Business Administration 19.7 L/Yr19,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Data Science and Analytics14.5 L/Yr14,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Business Intelligence and Analytics17.1 L/Yr16,439 /Yr
[M.A] in Multimedia Journalism17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
Master of Architecture [M.Arch]15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in International Business and Management17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Data Science and Analytics with Placement Year15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Air Transport Planning and Management15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in FinTech with Business Analytics17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.A] in Fashion Business Management15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Applied Biotechnology14.5 L/Yr14,000 /Yr
Bachelor of Software Engineering15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Psychology15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Health Psychology15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Project Management19.7 L/Yr19,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Biomedical Science17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Business Management (Digital Business) with Placement Year15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology and Physiology15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Multimedia Journalism17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.A] in Human Resource Management13.5 L/Yr13,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Business Management15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.A] in Accounting and Business Management15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Finance and Accounting17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Architecture and Environmental Design14.5 L/Yr14,000 /Yr
(B.A) in Marketing Communication15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Media Management17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
(B.A) Marketing Management15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Building Information Management17.1 L/Yr16,417 /Yr
[B.S] in Business Information Systems with Placement Year15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
Master of Engineering Science in Software Engineering15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
(B.A) in Tourism and Events Management15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Media and Development17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Cyber Security and Forensics14.5 L/Yr14,000 /Yr
(B.A) in International Business with Placement Year15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
(B.A) in Business Management (Finance)15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Transport Planning and Management14.5 L/Yr14,000 /Yr
[M.A] in Urban Design14.5 L/Yr14,000 /Yr
(B.A) in Business Management (Economics)15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
(B.A) in International Business15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B]15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise Development19.7 L/Yr19,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Public Relations and Advertising13.5 L/Yr13,000 /Yr
(B.A) in Marketing15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.S] in Computer Network Security15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.A] in English Literature15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.S] in Human Nutrition with Foundation15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Event Design and Management14.5 L/Yr14,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management15.7 L/Yr15,157 /Yr
[M.A] in Audio Production14.5 L/Yr14,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Data Science and Analytics15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.A] in Politics15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
(B.A) in Marketing Communication with Placement year15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.S] in Computer Games Development15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.S] in Business Information Systems15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] International Development Management13.5 L/Yr13,000 /Yr
(B.A) in International Marketing15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.S] in Finance15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Marketing Communications19.7 L/Yr19,000 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Accounting15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Finance (International Finance)15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Construction Commercial Management14.5 L/Yr14,000 /Yr
[M.A] in Film, Television and Moving Image17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Software Engineering15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Building Surveying15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Music Business Management15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Investment and Risk Finance15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Interactive Media Practice17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
Bachelor Fashion Marketing and Promotion15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.A] in Business Management (Digital Business)15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Marketing Communications19.7 L/Yr19,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Animation15 L/Yr14,400 /Yr
[B.S] in Business Economics15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
Master of Laws [L.L.M] Corporate Finance Law15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Economic Policy and Analysis13.5 L/Yr13,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Marketing Management19.7 L/Yr19,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Big Data Technologies15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Music (Production, Performance and Enterprise)15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in International Planning and Sustainable Development14.5 L/Yr14,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.S] in Real Estate15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.A] in Illustration and Visual Communication15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.S] in Construction Management15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Photography Arts17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Logistics and Supply Chain Management15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
(B.A) in Marketing with placement year15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Public Relations17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.A] in Global Media Business24.6 L/Yr23,630 /Yr
[M.A] in Social Media, Culture and Society17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in International Economic Policy and Analysis15.7 L/Yr15,157 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Property Finance17.1 L/Yr16,417 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Real Estate Development17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Digital Media Development15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in International Human Resource Management17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Architecture15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Management17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Interior Architecture15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.A] in Human Resource Management15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.A] in Spanish and English Literature15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[B.S] in Biochemistry with Foundation15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[L.L.M] in International Commercial Law15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Theatre Studies and Creative Writing15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.A] in Data, Culture, and Society17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Architecture and Environmental Design15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Digital Business17.7 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Accounting with placement year15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
Master of Laws [L.L.M] Legal Practice15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] Biological Sciences with Foundation15.4 L/Yr14,800 /Yr
Post-Graduate Diploma Legal Practice Postgraduate Diploma13.5 L/Yr13,000 /Yr
Master of Laws [L.L.M] International Law15.6 L/Yr15,000 /Yr

It is the complete list of University Of Westminster Courses. So let us talk about the University of Westminster Qs Ranking. 

The University of Westminster Qs Ranking

Here is the list of rankings:

Ranking Type2023 Rank
QS World University Rankings#701-750
THE World University Rankings#1001-1200
World Report Best Global Universities by U.S. News#1498
World Report Best Global Universities in UK by U.S. News#89
CWUR Rankings#1696

So, it is the table that shows the University of Westminster Qs Ranking.

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the University of Westminster courses. It offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines, including business, law, media, art and design, computer science, and social sciences. With its long-standing reputation and establishment since 1838, the university is highly regarded and recognized as one of the top-ranked universities in the UK.

It provides students access to resources, tools, and dedicated career support to improve their employability and prepare them for the ever-changing job market. The University of Westminster also offers scholarships and financial support to UK and international students, making it an attractive choice for pursuing higher education. I hope you liked this post about the University of Westminster courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What courses does the University of Westminster offer?

The University of Westminster offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines. The popular study fields include business, law, media, art and design, computer science, architecture, and social sciences.

Q2. Are there scholarships available for international students?

Yes, the University of Westminster offers diverse scholarships and financial support for UK and international students. This help can be given to students on a merit-based, need-based, or specific to certain countries or regions. 

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