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University Of Limerick

The University of Limerick (UL) is a vibrant, modern university located in the heart of Ireland. Established in 1972, it has grown to become one of the country’s leading institutions for higher education and research. With a strong commitment to innovation, excellence, and student satisfaction, UL has a reputation for providing a world-class education to students from Ireland and worldwide.

It offers various courses in many disciplines, including engineering, science, arts, business, humanities, and social sciences. In this blog, we will discuss everything about the University of Limerick.

About The University of Limerick

The University of Limerick (UL) was discovered in 1972 as the Institute for Higher Education in Limerick, Ireland. UL houses over 1300 staff members and 11000 students. It has four faculties, the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and Kemmy Business School. UL provides over 60 UG and 80 PG courses. 

As a part of the degree, the candidates receive an 8-month work placement with one of the joint employers associated with the institute. Yearly, over 2000 candidates secure public service, industry, and commerce posts. 

UL also provides on-campus accommodation to students in more than 2000 rooms across 6 villages, and it can cost up to EUR 4,500 annually. The total average cost can be up to EUR 10,500 annually at the University of Limerick. It is known for its cooperative education courses. 

The estimated annual tuition course fees can range from EUR 11,500 to 43,000. Students can also receive Financial help through Kemmy Business School International Scholarships, the Faculty of Science & Engineering Scholarships, and the Faculty of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences Scholarships. 

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Top Courses 

Here is the list of some top courses at the University of Limerick.

Courses Fees In GBP Fees In INR 
Master of Science [M.S] Business AnalyticsEUR 19,576 /YrINR 17.6 L/Yr
Master of Engineering [M.Eng] Computer EngineeringEUR 17,702 /YrINR 15.9 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Business ManagementEUR 17,543 /YrINR 15.8 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Mechanical EngineeringEUR 18,078 /YrINR 16.3 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Health InformaticsEUR 19,362 /YrINR 17.4 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Software EngineeringEUR 18,078 /YrINR 16.3 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Financial ServicesEUR 18,720 /YrINR 16.8 L/Yr
Master of Architecture [M.Arch]EUR 16,901 /YrINR 15.2 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] MedicineEUR 17,104 /YrINR 15.4 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] PsychologyEUR 15,000 /YrINR 13.5 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Computational FinanceEUR 18,720 /YrINR 16.8 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] JournalismEUR 16,901 /YrINR 15.2 L/Yr
Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng] ArchitectureEUR 17,104 /YrINR 15.4 L/Yr
Master TaxationEUR 17,543 /YrINR 15.8 L/Yr
Master of Laws [L.L.M] LawEUR 16,901 /YrINR 15.2 L/Yr
Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] SociologyEUR 13,965 /YrINR 12.6 L/Yr
[B.A] in New Media and EnglishEUR 12,704 /YrINR 11.4 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] PhysiotherapyEUR 17,104 /YrINR 15.4 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] International TourismEUR 19,041 /YrINR 17.1 L/Yr

Why Choose The University of Limerick

There are many reasons why the University of Limerick (UL) is a great choice for higher education. Here are some reasons 

  1. High-Quality Education
  2. Innovative Programs
  3. Beautiful Campus
  4. Supportive Community
  5. Career Opportunities
  6. International Outlook
  7. Research Excellence
  8. Strong Industry Links
  9. Sports and Recreation
  10. Safe And Vibrant Location

English Language Proficiency Exam Scores

Here is the table that shows the required scores.

Exams Required Score 
IELTS6.5 bands with 6.0 in each section
PTE Academic61 score with 59+ scores in all sections
90 (IBT)

Documents Required 

Below is a list that shows the required documents that you need

  1. All official academic Transcripts and report cards
  2. Passport size photographs 
  3. Copy Of Birth Certificate Or Passport
  4. Visa
  5. Medical Documentation
  6. Updated CV or Resume
  7. English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  8. Two Letters of Recommendations
  9. Statement of Purpose

How To Apply For The University of Limerick

Here are the steps that you must follow to complete the application process. 

  1. First, decide the course you want to apply for. You can check the available undergraduate and postgraduate courses on the official website of UL. 
  2. Once you select your course, check the requirements to ensure eligibility. The requirements depend on the courses, so read them carefully.
  3. You can apply online through the Central Applications Office (CAO) for undergraduate programs or directly to UL for postgraduate programs. Make sure you provide all the necessary information and documentation.
  4. There is an application fee for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The fee is €45 for undergraduate and €35 for doctoral programs.
  5. You will receive an email after submitting the application. The admissions team will check your application and make a decision, and you will be informed through email.
  6. If you receive an offer, you can accept it online. You need to pay a deposit fee to book your slot.

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Here is the list of rankings

Ranking Agency Ranking 
QS Global World Ranking531 to 540
World University Rankings By (THE)601 to 800
Impact Rankings by THE101 to 200
Best Global Universities in Ireland
Best Global Universities889
Best Global Universities in Europe by Unites States (US) News and World Report351 

University of Limerick Cost of Attendance 

It provides many programs and courses to students. Here is the table showing the estimated cost of tuition fees according to the programs.

ProgramsEstimated Tuition fees (in EUR)Estimated Tuition Fees (in INR) 
Undergraduate Programs17,000 to 20,000 EUR15.35 L to 18.1 L 
BSc Nursing22,000 to 25,000 EUR19.85 L to 22.56 L 
MSc Financial Services12,000 to 15,000 EUR10.83 L to 13.53 L 
MSc Human Resource Management12,000 to 15,000 EUR10.83 L to 13.53 L 
MSc Public Health12,000 to 15,000 EUR10.83 L to 13.53 L 
MSc In Nursing Studies12,000 to 15,000 EUR10.83 L to 13.53 L 
Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering15,000 to 17,000 EUR13.53 L to 15.35 L
MSc Mechanical Engineering15,000 to 17,000 EUR13.53 L to 15.35 L

Cost of Living

The average cost of living that you need for one academic year (9 months) at UL is

ExpensesCost in EURCost in INR 
Campus Accommodation5000 4,51,310
Books & Supplies45040,600
Immigration Registration Fees30027,080 
Health Insurance50045,130
Miscellaneous2300 to 2500 2,07,600 to 2,25,650

University of Limerick Accommodations

On-campus accommodation is available in 8 residential villages for UG and PG candidates. These accommodations have a limited Space of 2800 rooms. The approximate cost of housing is mentioned below.

VillageCost in EUR
Plassey Village8 Bed: 4,913 EUR
4 Bed: 5,502 EUR
Kilmurry Village8 Bed: 5,476 EUR
6 Bed: 5,895 EUR
Dromroe Village6 Bed: 6,419
2 Bed: 7,074
Thomond and Cappavilla Villages6 Bed: 6,183
4 Bed: 6,393
2 Bed: 6,890
Quigley Residence (PG only)4 Bed: 6,616
2 Bed: 7,140
Troy Village5/6/7 Bed Ensuite: 5,240
5/6/7 Bed Standard: 5,162
3/4 Bed Ensuite: 5,502
3/4 Bed Standard: 5,850
2 Bed Ensuite: 6,720
Groody Village5/6/7 Bed: 5,502
3/4 Bed: 5,358
2 Bed: 6,120

University of Limerick Alumni 

To date, Limerick University has produced more than 80,000 alumni. UL Alumni Association helps candidates by organizing advice sessions, career development events, etc. Some Notable alumni of this university are mentioned below. 

  1. Lynne Cantwell, Irish rugby union player
  2. Tom French, poet,
  3. Jimmy Deenihan, an Irish politician
  4. Nika Gilauri, Georgian politician
  5. Eoin Reddan, rugby player

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Jobs After Study 

More than 2000 undergraduate and postgraduate students are placed yearly under joint teaching programs with a network of more than 1600 employers from leading companies. A 6 to 8-month job is required for each candidate as it accounts for 60 educational credits, and the cooperative teaching program is the biggest placement program in Europe. Some of the highest-paying earnings of UL students are given below.

DegreeAverage salary (in USD)
Executive MBA85,000
Masters in Management77,000
Bachelor of Science68,000
Masters of Arts64,000

Final Remarks 

The University of Limerick in Ireland is a prestigious institution offering students a high-quality education. With many programs across various fields and excellent research opportunities, this university is ranked among the top universities in Ireland and Europe.

The campus is impressive, with state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant student community. The university prides itself on its dedication to providing a supportive environment for students, offering various services and resources to ensure their success. The University of Limerick is perfect for candidates looking for world-class academic studies in an inclusive and supportive environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Limerick University known for?

The University of Limerick provides over 70 UG courses across Education and Health Sciences; Kemmy Business School, Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences; and Science and Engineering. It also offers strong PG programs with over 100 introduced postgraduate courses at the Doctoral and Postdoctoral levels.

Q2. Does Limerick University require IELTS?

A minimum score of 6.5 bands with no less than 6 bands in any section. But, some courses need a higher IELTS requirement. Note that UL only accepts IELTS Academics and IELTS General will not be taken.

Student Reviews

From Jackson – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I chose this university because it is one of the best in Ireland and has a lot of facilities. I also did a lot of research and decided that this university was an excellent match for me.

From Harrison – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

It is a well-regarded university and is currently the only institution offering many subjects. The environment is excellent. supportive institution

From Tanner – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

It is ranked first for both campus life and the experience of international students in Ireland. It is in a city with a large global population that is safe. The campus is quite secure and has everything you require. This university offered the degree I was interested in, including an instructive trip to Vietnam (which was different for each batch). The entire fee was also very reasonable.

Overall Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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