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University Of Oregon

In today’s blog, we will discuss everything about the University of Oregon. The University of Oregon is located in the beautiful Eugene Center, a hub of study and discovery. It is committed to providing a loving environment that promotes intellectual growth and creativity.

With a varied student and faculty population, it offers various academic programs to fulfill your interests and passions. You’ll find a supportive network that pushes you to grow, from cutting-edge research possibilities to interesting classroom experiences. 

Its lovely campus, surrounded by lush nature and well-known monuments, sets the atmosphere for a well-rounded education beyond textbooks. Also, your time here will be full of great experiences and important learning. So, let’s dive in to know more!

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The University Of Oregon Highlights 

Here are some important things about Oregon University. 

Institution Type Public 
Year of establishment1876
Total Enrolment23,202
Undergraduate 19,568
Graduate 3,634
Student To Teacher Ratio18:1
International Students10%
Oregon Residents52%
Out-Of-State Students38%
Student Groups And Organizations300+

About The University Of Oregon

The University of Oregon (UO) was established in 1876 and is located in Eugene, Oregon, United States. UO is a well-known public-based research university that offers high-quality education to its students. 

It is known for its campus and vibrant community, and the University of Oregon provides students with a supportive environment for learning and growth. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs in arts, sciences, business, and more.

Students at the University of Oregon have access to modern facilities, including state-of-the-art classrooms, research labs, and libraries. The university takes pride in its commitment to research and innovation, fostering a culture of curiosity and discovery.

The campus life is dynamic, featuring numerous student organizations, clubs, and sports teams. The university’s Ducks teams are known for their competitive spirit and represent the school in various sports events.

The University of Oregon emphasizes sustainability and environmental awareness, contributing positively to the community and the planet. Overall, it’s a place where students can receive a quality education while enjoying a diverse and enriching college experience.

Why Choose The University of Oregon

Here are some reasons for choosing the University of Oregon.

  • Vibrant campus life and a strong sense of community.
  • Top-ranked programs across various disciplines.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and modern learning resources.
  • Strong network and connections for future career success.
  • Supportive and inclusive campus environment.
  • Diverse student community and inclusive campus culture.

Popular Courses At The University Of Oregon 

The University offers various UG, PG courses and programs to students from diverse disciplines. So, here is the list of some top courses.

Top Courses Fees (USD)Fees (INR)
Master of Architecture [M.Arch] USD 47,925 /YrINR 39.7 L/Yr
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A] USD 47,925 /YrINR 39.7 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] FinanceUSD 35,049 /YrINR 29 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] International Studies USD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] PhilosophyUSD 47,925 /YrINR 39.7 L/Yr 
Master of Accounting [M.Acc] USD 30,111 /YrINR 24.9 L/Yr
Bachelor of Architecture [B.Arch]USD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Bachelor of Business Administration [B.B.A]USD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
[B.S] in Computer and Information Science USD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Bachelor of Fine Arts [B.F.A]USD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Asian StudiesUSD 47,925 /YrINR 39.7 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Applied Physics USD 47,925 /YrINR 39.7 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Public RelationsUSD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Human Physiology USD 47,925 /YrINR 39.7 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Italian USD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Media Studies USD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] General ScienceUSD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Master of Arts (M.A) BiologyUSD 47,925 /YrINR 39.7 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Marine Biology USD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Master of Law [L.L.M]USD 53,208 /YrINR 44 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] PhysicsUSD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] AccountingUSD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] HistoryUSD 47,925 /YrINR 39.7 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] ChemistryUSD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] MusicUSD 41,700 /YrINR 34.5 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Educational LeadershipUSD 47,925 /YrINR 39.7 L/Yr

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The University Of Oregon Rankings

Here is the list of rankings.

Ranking Source Rankings
QS World University Rankings 721-730 
Best Global Universities By US News253

The University Of Oregon Requirements

Here is the list of requirements.

  • Complete and submit an application
  • Official high school transcripts
  • Official transcripts of universities/colleges (transfer students)
  • Personal statements
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Demonstrating financial resources
  • Interview/writing sample(optional)
  • English Language Test Scores

English Language Score Requirements

Exam Required Scores 
Duolingo 120
ACT51 English+Reading

Cost Of Attendance At The University Of Oregon

Below is the table that shows the average cost of attendance.

CategoriesAverage costs (CAD)
Tuition and Fees for undergraduate $43,302
Tuition and Fees for graduate $32,709
Living Expenses (Housing and Food)$15,840
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment$1,320
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses$2,460

University of Oregon Accommodation

Students at the University of Oregon can enjoy a pleasant on-campus experience with 10 residence halls. Most halls feature double rooms, but single, triple, and suite-style rooms are also available. So, here is the list of the accommodations with their average costs.

Residential HallsCosts (in INR)
Barnhart Hall9.39 lakhs- 15 lakhs
Carson Hall7.91 lakhs- 13.95 lakhs
Earl Hall5 lakhs- 9.06 lakhs
Global Scholars Hall9.11 lakhs- 13.83 lakhs
Hamilton Hall8.66 lakhs- 11.34 lakhs
Justice Bean Hall9.06 lakhs
Kalapuya Ilihi9.03 lakhs- 11.90 lakhs
Living Learning Center9.03 lakhs- 12.26 lakhs
Riley Hall8.66 lakhs- 11.60 lakhs
Unthank Hall9.03 lakhs- 10.47 lakhs

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University of Oregon Alumni

It also includes many alumni spread worldwide and connected to the universities. So, here are some alumni:

  • Kaitlin Olson – actress
  • Ron Wyden – U.S Senator from Oregon
  • Phil Knight – founder of Nike, Inc
  • Sam Adams – Mayor of Portland

Final Remarks

The University of Oregon offers a vibrant and supportive academic environment for students to thrive. Established in 1876 in Eugene, Oregon, this public research university is known for its diverse community and top-ranked programs. 

With modern facilities and a commitment to research, students receive a quality education beyond textbooks. The picturesque campus, surrounded by nature, sets the stage for well-rounded learning experiences. 

Whether you’re interested in arts, sciences, business, or more, UO provides a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Its dynamic campus life, sustainable initiatives, and notable alumni make UO a place of growth, exploration, and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where is the University of Oregon located?

The University of Oregon is in Eugene, Oregon, USA. The main campus is in the heart of Eugene, a vibrant city in the Pacific Northwest.

Q2.Is the University of Oregon a research-intensive institution?

The University of Oregon is a research-intensive institution with a strong focus on research and innovation. It is home to various research centers and institutes spanning diverse fields.

The University of Oregon Reviews

John – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.4 Rating)

I like the experience and the teamwork concept, and the internships. I took part in the Family and Human Services program. It focused on professionalism, teamwork, and negotiating challenging relationships, which set me up for success.

Davos – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Rating)

The University of Oregon has been an incredible journey for me. The campus is stunning, surrounded by lush greenery and the Willamette River. The professors are experts, approachable, and passionate about teaching. The sense of community here is amazing; I’ve made lifelong friends through various clubs and events. 

Natasha – ⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (3.8 Rating)

Choosing the University Of Oregon for my degree was one of my best decisions. The programs here are top-notch, and I’ve had access to internships and networking opportunities that have helped me make industry connections. The campus vibe is vibrant and inclusive, making me feel like a valued part of the community.

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