University Of Westminster: 1st Leading Polytechnic Institute In London

University Of Westminster

The University of Westminster was the first-ever Polytechnic institute in London. It was established in 1838 and found in London. It is an excellent location for students because from there, they can explore the rest of the UK and Europe. It offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and many programs have professional accreditations and courses taught by leading professionals. 

It has more than 190 partner institutions across 56 nations. It is one of the UK’s most diverse student communities, with candidates from more than 169 nations. If international students complete all the requirements of the scholarship, then they receive rewards and financial help from the university. It is also a fantastic option to study in the UK. In this blog, we will discuss everything about the University of Westminster. 

About The University Of Westminster

It was founded as the first Royal Polytechnic Institution in 1838 to start operating from London. The change from the Polytechnic Institution to the University of Westminster occurred in 1992. 

It offers various courses to fulfill the current requirements of the industries. Most courses are covered by faculty who are already teaching practitioners in their areas. The acceptance rate of this university is 72.5% which is termed as lightly particular. The Average grade point is 3.55, which is a B+ performance.

The University of Westminster has international excellence and stands among the most highly ranked institutes in the world. Over 800 candidates from more than 50 countries have been offered scholarships. 

The three campuses of this university provide an array of services and facilities, including a 24-hour library, advanced IT services, audio recording studios, film and TV studios, state-of-the-art science laboratories, and recreational facilities.

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Why Choose The University Of Westminster

It is located in the heart of London. It is one of the most candidate-friendly cities in the world. It provides a vibrant and international learning environment and creativity and fosters innovation. Here are some other reasons why you select this university.

  • Professional focus
  • Great scholarships
  • International outlook
  • The city of London
  • State-of-the-art facilities and campus
  • Excellence in research
  • Global connections
  • Great student experience
  • Global alumni community
  • A place for pioneers

Popular Courses 

Here is the list of some popular courses 

CourseFees In GBP Fees In INR 
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]GBP 19,000 /YrINR 19.4 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.Sc] Data Science and AnalyticsGBP 14,000 /YrINR 14.3 L/Yr
Master of Architecture [M.Arch]GBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Fashion Business ManagementGBP 15,000 /YrINR 15.3 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.Sc] PsychologyGBP 15,000 /YrINR 15.3 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.Sc] Health PsychologyGBP 15,000 /YrINR 15.3 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Computer ScienceGBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Urban DesignGBP 14,000 /YrINR 14.3 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.Sc] Applied BiotechnologyGBP 14,000 /YrINR 14.3 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Media and DevelopmentGBP 17,000 /YrINR 17.4 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.Sc] Biomedical ScienceGBP 17,000 /YrINR 17.4 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Media ManagementGBP 17,000 /YrINR 17.4 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] English LiteratureGBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Interactive Media PracticeGBP 17,000 /YrINR 17.4 L/Yr
Bachelor of Fashion Marketing and PromotionGBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] PoliticsGBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] FinanceGBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B]GBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Global Media BusinessGBP 23,630 /YrINR 24.2 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Real EstateGBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Audio ProductionGBP 14,000 /YrINR 14.3 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] AnimationGBP 14,400 /YrINR 14.7 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) MarketingGBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] ArchitectureGBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] ManagementGBP 17,000 /YrINR 17.4 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] AccountingGBP 14,800 /YrINR 15.1 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Photography ArtsGBP 17,000 /YrINR 17.4 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Public RelationsGBP 17,000 /YrINR 17.4 L/Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] International RelationsGBP 15,000 /YrINR 15.3 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.Sc] Digital BusinessGBP 17,000 /YrINR 17.4 L/Yr

English Language Proficiency Requirements 

Below is a list of scores.

Exam Required Score for Bachelor’sRequired Score for Masters
IELTS Overall 6.0 band with 5.5 in each section Overall 6.5 band with 6.0 in each section 
PTE Overall 60 scores Overall 60 scores 
TOEFLOverall 78 scores Overall 88 scores 
Duolingo Overall 115 scores Overall 135 scores 

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Documents Required 

Below is a list of required documents that you must have  

  • A reference letter
  • Personal Statement
  • English Language Test Scores
  • Program-specific requirement
  • All official academic transcripts and grade cards
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Passport photocopy
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Completed visa application
  • Financial evidence
  • Confirmation of acceptance of studies
  • Educational qualifications documents
  • Tuberculosis test certificate
  • Official financial scholarship letter
  • Tuberculosis test certificate
  • Police registration certificate

Note: Translated Documents (If your documents are not in English)

Application Process

If you want to apply to Westminster University, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the University of Westminster website and select the course you want to apply for. You can find a complete list of courses on the website.
  2. Check all the entry requirements for the course you like to study. This University has different entry requirements for each course. Ensure you complete the entry requirements before applying.
  3. You can apply online through the University website. You’ll create an account and complete the application form. You’ll also need to upload the supporting documents that are mentioned above.
  4. When you apply, you must pay an application fee. You can pay the fee online by using a debit or credit card.
  5. Once you submit your application, you can track its progress online. You’ll receive updates on your application status via email.
  6. Some courses need an interview as part of the application process. If you’re invited to an interview, prepare it in advance.
  7. If you’re offered a place at the University of Westminster, you must accept the offer within a specific time.


Below is a list of the rankings

Ranking Agency Ranking 
QS World University Rankings#701 to 750
Times Higher Education (THE) Rankings#1001 to 1200
Global Universities by US News#1498
Best Global Universities in the UK, US News#89
Impact Rankings #101 to 200
Young University Rankings#251 to 300

University of Westminster Cost of Attendance

Below is the list of estimated costs of attendance.

FeesFor Foundation (GBP)For Undergraduate (GBP)For Postgraduate (GBP)
Accommodation4,989 – 7,7487,220 – 10,8307,220 – 10,830
Others1,278 – 1,5424,047 – 4,662.52,556 – 2,982.5

Cost Of Living In London 

Below is the list of the approximate costs of living in London. 

Expense Approximate Cost in GBP 
House/apartment1700 to 3000
Studio apartment650
Co-working space360
Paying guest200 to 600
Groceries200 to 400 
Transportation300 to 500 
Utilities150 to 300 
Entertainment and Leisure400 to 600
Miscellaneous Expenses 500 

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University of Westminster Alumni

Here are some benefits of this university Alumni 

  • Discount for further studies
  • Free access to exclusive networking events
  • Discounted cinema and gym membership
  • Discounted tickets fee for Regent Street Cinema

Notable Alumni

  • Alexander Fleming – Discoverer and Physician of Penicillin
  • Vivienne Westwood – Fashion Designer
  • Christopher Bailey – Former president and CCO of Burberry

Jobs After Study 

Students can learn and work together with top worldwide companies thanks to partnerships with organizations from various industries.

The institute places you in some of the best companies like Oxfam, Amazon, Google, Honda Cars, Atkin Global, Capgemini, Microsoft, British Airways, and Citicorp. The Barclays, BBC, Harrods, and NHS are the notable employers for Westminister university graduates. 

Payscale shows that the graduate of this university can earn an average salary of 31,376 GBP annually. Below is a table that shows the average salary by degree.

Degree Average Salary
Doctorate99,000 GBP
Executive MBA78,000 GBP
Masters in Science57,000 GBP
Masters in Finance54,000 GBP
LLM50,000 GBP

Final Remarks

The University of Westminster is a prestigious higher education institution in London, United Kingdom. It offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields, such as arts, design, media, law, business, and social sciences. 

The university has a diverse student population and a vibrant campus culture, with numerous student societies and clubs catering to different interests. It also has a strong research focus and several world-renowned research centers. 

The University of Westminster is a great choice for anyone seeking a high-quality education in a dynamic, multicultural environment with excellent academic and research opportunities. If you have any queries, you can contact our experts. For more information, keep visiting Coursementor

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Westminster cheap to live in?

The estimated cost of living in Westminster is around 3000 GBP. It is among the top 2% of the most expensive cities in the world.

Q2. Is Westminster University public or private?

Located in London, England, the University of Westminster is a public institution. It was the first polytechnic institute to open in London and was founded in 1838 under the name Royal Polytechnic Institution.

Student Reviews

From Oliver – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The best choice I ever made was to attend the University of Westminster. One thing is certain: the University of Westminster is the school for you if you’re considering attending a university in London. The grade point average is 3.55, a B+ performance, and the general acceptance rate is 72.5%, described as lightly selective.

From George – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The First Queen’s Award for Enterprise winner in the field of international trade is the University of Westminster. The Royal Polytechnic Institution’s delivery of its outreach, teaching, and research initiatives has significantly improved since it became the University.

From Oscar – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you want to grow and improve your business skills, University of Westminster is a great college to attend. To meet the market’s demands, Westminster offers various programs. For instance, they have business administration, management, accounting, finance, and marketing courses.

Overall Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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