Thompson River University: A Pathway to Success In 2024

Thompson River University

Thompson River University (TRU) is a public university in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Its mission is to provide an outstanding education to prepare learners for success. TRU’s vision is to be a leader in sustainable, inclusive, and inspiring education. 

Located in the beautiful Interior of British Columbia, TRU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various fields. Some exciting highlights include small class sizes, hands-on learning opportunities, and a diverse student community.

In this blog, we’ll explore TRU’s academic programs, campus life, admission requirements, tuition fees, housing options, and scholarship opportunities. Get ready to learn about this inclusive and innovative university committed to student success!

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About Thompson River University

Thompson River University (TRU), founded in 1970 in British Columbia, Canada, is a public research and teaching university. Its main campus is in Kamloops, and another satellite campus is in Williams Lake. 

At Thompson Rivers University, your success as a student is our top priority. TRU is committed to helping you achieve your goals through hands-on learning experiences, personalized student services, flexible learning options, and a diverse and inclusive environment.

Since its start, TRU has taken great pride in providing an excellent education to students from all backgrounds and stages of life. It serves 25,000+ students across the Kamloops and Williams Lake campuses, as well as through distance or online programs and courses offered through Open Learning.

Thompson River University offers many educational opportunities, with over 140 on-campus and 60+ Open Learning programs. From traditional academic subjects to trades, certificates to graduate degrees, you’ll find a program that matches your interests and goals. 

Students can apply what they learn through co-op work terms, study abroad experiences, undergraduate research, field schools, practicums, service learning, and other hands-on opportunities, all guided by our accessible and supportive faculty.

TRU fosters an open and flexible learning environment that encourages growth in research, creativity, and innovation. Above all, the university is dedicated to ensuring the success of our diverse student community, providing the resources and support you need to reach your full potential.

Why Choose Thompson River University?

Here are some reasons why you should choose Thompson River University (TRU):

Flexible Learning Options

TRU offers a variety of learning formats to fit your needs, including on-campus, online, and distance education programs. This makes it easier for you to balance your studies with work, family, or other commitments.

Hands-On Experience

TRU emphasizes practical, hands-on learning through co-op work terms, internships, field schools, and other experiential opportunities. This helps you gain real-world experience and skills that employers value.

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes allow you to receive more personalized attention from your instructors and have more opportunities for discussion and collaboration with your classmates.

Affordable Education

TRU’s tuition fees are generally lower than those of many other universities in Canada, making it a more affordable option for your education.

Supportive Environment

TRU provides a range of student support services, including academic advising, career counseling, and personal counseling, to help you succeed in your studies and prepare for your future career.

Diverse Community

TRU welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, creating a prosperous and inclusive learning environment where you can learn from different perspectives.

Beautiful Location

TRU’s main campus is located in Kamloops, a city surrounded by stunning natural beauty, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation and adventure.

Range of Programs

With over 140 on-campus programs and 60+ Open Learning programs, TRU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas, and certificates, catering to various interests and career goals.

By choosing TRU, you’ll have access to a quality education, practical learning experiences, and a supportive community that can help you achieve your academic and personal goals.

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Thompson River University Courses

TRU provides a diverse range of Bachelor degrees, Master’s degrees, Post-Baccalaureate diplomas, Certificates and diplomas, and Graduate certificates in various study fields. Below is a complete list of some of the top TRU’s courses:

CourseFees (INR)Fees (CAD)
Juris Doctor [J.D]INR 15.2 L/YrCAD 24,856 /Yr
Bachelor of Computer Science [B.C.S]INR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Bachelor of Business Administration [B.B.A]INR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Bachelor of Science in Nursing [B.S.N]INR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Data ScienceINR 11 L/YrCAD 18,030 /Yr
Bachelor Tourism ManagementINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] PsychologyINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Bachelor JournalismINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] ChemistryINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] JournalismINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S]INR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Bachelor of Business Administration [B.B.A]INR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]INR 31.5 L/YrCAD 51,381 /Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Data ScienceINR 25.2 L/YrCAD 41,155 /Yr
Master of Education [M.Ed]INR 18.6 L/YrCAD 30,290 /Yr
Master of Nursing [M.N]INR 22.1 L/YrCAD 36,046 /Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Environmental ScienceINR 33.6 L/YrCAD 54,909 /Yr
Master Human Rights and Social JusticeINR 18.6 L/YrCAD 30,290 /Yr
Diploma FinanceINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Post-Baccalaureate diploma AccountingINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Graduate Diploma Business AdministrationINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Diploma ManagementINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Post-Baccalaureate diploma MarketingINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Diploma in Resort and Hotel ManagementINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr
Certificate Visual Arts StudioINR 12.6 L/YrCAD 20,542 /Yr

Admission Requirements

The required documents for Thompson River University are mentioned below:

  • Non-refundable 100 CAD Application fee
  • 4-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Letter of Intent
  • 1 academic and 1 professional LOR
  • English Language Proficiency Scores
  • CV or Resume
  • High school certificate or equivalent 
  • Scanned copies of original/official transcripts
  • certified copies of secondary school grades

English Language Proficiency Requirement

ExamRequired Scores
TOEFL Paper-Based570
TOEFL Computer-Based230+

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Thompson River University Cost of Attendance

The tuition fee at Thompson River University varies depending on the type of program and level of study. International students must be prepared with an estimated budget to cover the living costs in Canada while studying. Below is a table that shows the estimated cost of attendance for international students.

FeesAnnual Expense (CAD)Annual Expense (INR)
Undergraduate Tuition Fee7,722 to 10,2714.79 to 6.37 lakhs
Graduate Tuition Fee9,087 to 54,9095.64 to 34.08 lakhs
Housing (depending on the choice of residence)4,180 to 9,7102.59 to 6.03 lakhs
General Fees55334,325
Health Fee754,655
TRUSU Extended Health & Dental Plan24815,390

Cost of Accommodations

Thompson River University provides accommodation options for students on and off campus at the Kamloops campus. The Homestay Program enables students to live with experienced Canadian families. Below are the housing options for students with an average costs:

On Campus Accommodations

Residence HallAnnual Cost (CAD)Annual Cost (INR)
North Tower8,670 to 9,7105.38 to 6.03 lakhs
McGill Residence5,7903.59 lakhs
East Village4,180 to 6,1602.59 to 3.82 lakhs

Off-Campus Accommodations

Residence HallAnnual Cost (CAD)Annual Cost (INR)
Canada’s Best Value Inn & Suites3 queen beds with kitchenette: 1200
2 queen beds with kitchenette: 900
2 queen beds with no kitchenette: 800


Country View Motor InnDouble kitchen, double occupancy: 1200
Single kitchen, double occupancy: 900
Single non-kitchenette, double occupancy: 900



Thompson Rivers University Scholarships

Thompson River University provides merit-based financial assistance to international students in the form of scholarships, awards, bursaries, fellowships, and prizes. 

Students who have finished at least one semester at the university are qualified to apply for 500+ prizes and aids available.

There are several popular scholarships in TRU that international students can apply for, including:

  • International Athletic Scholarships
  • Engineering Scholarships
  • TRU Law International Student Award
  • International Social Media Ambassador Award

Thompson Rivers University Alumni

Thompson Rivers University has 60,000 alumni and former students who graduated from the university. These alumni come from over 115 different countries around the world. The university’s alumni work in many other fields and industries.

Thompson Rivers University alumni receive special benefits. These include help finding jobs, planning reunions, and applying for scholarships and financial aid from the Alumni Association. 

Alumni also get a special card that gives them discounts on things like hotels, travel, training courses, shopping, university merchandise, services, sports, and entertainment. Here is the list of some of the notable TRU’s alumni:

Steven GallowayFormer University of British Columbia Professor and Canadian novelist
Lorne CardinalCanadian stage actor
Kayla MoleschiCanadian rugby player
John Gordon PerrinCanadian volleyball player
Patrick BlennerhassettCanadian journalist

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Final Remarks

In summary, Thompson River University offers an outstanding education with a focus on hands-on learning, small class sizes, and a diverse, supportive community. 

With over 140 on-campus programs and 60+ distance education options, TRU provides flexible paths to suit your goals. The affordable tuition fees, beautiful Kamloops location, and range of scholarships make TRU an attractive choice. 

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or returning to school later in life, TRU creates an inclusive environment where you can thrive academically and personally. 

By choosing Thompson River University, you’ll gain practical skills and real-world experience and be part of a university committed to sustainability and student success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is the application fee for Thompson Rivers University Canada?

The application fee for Thompson Rivers University Canada is around 100 CAD.

Q2. In which city of Canada is Thompson Rivers University?

Thompson Rivers University is a well-known public research and teaching university founded in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Q3. What ielts score is required for Thompson River University?

IELTS 6.5 or more than scores is compulsory for students at Thompson River University.

Thompson Rivers University Reviews

Amir – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.8 Rating)

TRU has been a fantastic experience for me. The small class sizes and approachable professors make learning so much more engaging. I also loved the opportunities to get hands-on experience through co-op placements and research projects. The campus has a vibrant community feel, and there are plenty of student clubs and activities to get involved in.

Mark – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.4 Rating)

As a mature student returning to school, I was initially nervous about going back to university. However, TRU made the transition so smooth with their flexible learning options and supportive services. The online courses were well-designed, and the instructors were always available to help. I’m grateful for the opportunity to further my education while still balancing work and family life.

Jasmine – ⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (3.8 Rating)

TRU’s commitment to sustainability and Indigenous education really stood out to me. The campus has several initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, and there are many opportunities to learn about Indigenous cultures and perspectives. I’ve also had the chance to participate in community-based projects that make a real difference. It’s been an enriching experience, both academically and personally.

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