Vancouver Island University: A Complete Overview

Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University (VIU) is a vibrant and diverse post-secondary institute located in the beautiful coastal region of British Columbia, Canada.

VIU was started in 1969 and has grown to become a top university known for its excellent programs, hands-on learning, and beautiful natural setting.

It has campuses in Nanaimo, Cowichan, Powell River, and Parksville-Qualicum. VIU offers a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, diplomas, and certificates across four primary areas of study.

In this blog, we’ll look at VIU’s many course options, tuition fees, and living costs, and what you need to apply. This will help you decide if this exciting university is the right choice for your education.

Whether you’re interested in arts, sciences, business, or health, VIU provides an enriching and life-changing university experience.

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About Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University has a long and proud history. Founded in 1969 as a small community college, it has grown into a leading university known across Canada.

VIU is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the country – the coastal region of British Columbia. The main campus is in the city of Nanaimo, right next to the sparkling waters of the Salish Sea. Other campuses are in the towns of Cowichan, Powell River, and Parksville-Qualicum.

No matter which campus you visit, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery. Towering mountains, lush forests, and sandy beaches create an inspiring environment for learning and discovery.

At VIU, you’ll find a wide variety of academic programs to choose from. It has four main faculties – Arts & Humanities, Management, Science & Technology, and Health & Human Services. These cover everything from business and engineering to fine arts and social work. Many programs also include hands-on co-op or internship opportunities.

Beyond the classroom, Vancouver Island University is buzzing with student life. There are lots of clubs, sports teams, and events happening on campus. You can get involved in student government and volunteer initiatives or just enjoy the modern athletic facilities and cultural performances.

VIU is also home to exciting research and innovation. Its faculty and students are tackling important issues like marine biology, forestry, and indigenous studies. They collaborate with community partners and support student entrepreneurship, too.

Whether you’re looking for an inspiring academic journey or a transformative university experience, VIU has so much to offer. 

Why Choose Vancouver Island University?

Here are some of the best reasons why you should choose Vancouver Island University for your studies.

  • Wide variety of academic programs to suit your interests and goals
  • Stunning natural surroundings with many opportunities for outdoor activities
  • The mild, comfortable climate that allows year-round exploration
  • Welcoming and supportive campus community to help you succeed
  • Vibrant arts and culture scene, including indigenous experiences
  • Strong student life with clubs, events, and ways to get involved
  • Affordable living costs compared to larger Canadian cities
  • Unique study abroad and experiential learning opportunities
  • Commitment to sustainability and green campus initiatives
  • Excellent job prospects and career-focused education

Vancouver Island University Programs

VIU offers a wide range of bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, and certificate programs across its four faculties. Here is the list of some of the top Vancouver Island University’s programs:

CourseFees (INR)Fees (CAD)
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] PsychologyINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Computer ScienceINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Bachelor of Business Administration [B.B.A]INR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Tourism ManagementINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] BiologyINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Digital Media StudiesINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Bachelor of Education [B.Ed]INR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]INR 34.6 L/YrCAD 55,915 /Yr
Master of Education [M.Ed] Educational LeadershipINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Sustainable Leisure ManagementINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Master of Community Planning [M.C.P]INR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Master of Geographic Information Systems [M.G.I.S.]INR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Master of Education [M.Ed.] Special EducationINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Diploma Dental HygieneINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Graduate Diploma Project ManagementINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Diploma Hospitality ManagementINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Post Diploma Business StudiesINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Certificate Business ManagementINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Certificate Exploratory University StudiesINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr
Graduate Certificate BusinessINR 15.6 L/YrCAD 25,258 /Yr

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Admission Requirements

Students who want to attend Vancouver Island University must submit official transcripts or documents. The list of the requirements are mentioned below:

  • Your official transcripts
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • A copy of your passport
  • Copy of High School Graduation Diploma (if available)
  • Application fee
  • Copy of University Degree (If available)
  • Letter of Reference
  • Statement of Interest
  • Interview (if applicable)
  • CV or resume

English Language Scores

Along with these requirements, applicants need to show their English proficiency skills. The list of the required scores for English proficiency is mentioned below:

ExamScores for undergraduateScores for graduate
TOEFL Paper Based Test550
CAEL/ CAEL online6070 
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)176185
Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)176185
PTE / Online PTE6065

Cost Of Attendance

The cost of attending VIU includes both the cost of living and tuition fee. For international students, tuition fees range from 17,269 to 25,119 CAD per year (equivalent to 10.73 to 15.61 lakhs INR). Additionally, here is the list of the average living costs for international applicants at Vancouver Island University:

Expense TypeMonthly Cost (CAD)Monthly Cost (INR)
Food and Groceries35021,760
Basic Health Insurance633,915
Extended Health and Dental Insurance231,430

Scholarship Opportunities

Vancouver Island University offers more than 4.3 million Canadian dollars in financial aid through various scholarships, awards, grants, student jobs, and external support. International students can also apply for financial help to study in the USA, which VIU does not manage. The university is committed to helping students access the funding they need to achieve their academic goals. 

Whether you’re looking for merit-based, need-based, or external scholarship opportunities, the financial aid team at VIU can provide guidance and help throughout the application process. Some of the scholarships available to international students at VIU are given below:

  • VIU Worldwide Entrance Scholarships
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Entrance Scholarship
  • VIU International Undergraduate Regional Scholarship
  • Outstanding International Student Awards
  • International Education Academic Excellence Scholarship

Vancouver Island University Alumni

The Vancouver Island University alumni network has over 75,000 members. As a VIU graduate, you can continue to enjoy a variety of exclusive benefits. 

These include access to the university library, special privileges at the VIU Athletics & Recreation Services gym, and discounts at the campus store in Nanaimo. Alumni also receive insurance and car rental deals, as well as reduced admission to local museums, resorts, and spas. 

Being part of this vibrant community means you’ll have access to valuable resources and experiences even after you’ve completed your studies. These advantages can help you save money and stay connected to your university long after graduation.

Below is the list of some of the notable VIC alumni:

Víctor BlascoSpanish footballer
Pat StewardCanadian drummer and singer
Andrew OyeCanadian composer
Shaye AndersonCanadian politician
Lynne BowenCanadian non-fiction writer

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Final Remarks

As you can see, Vancouver Island University offers an incredible educational experience in a truly stunning setting. From its wide range of academic programs to its vibrant student life, VIU has so much to offer.

The university’s beautiful natural surroundings, mild climate, and welcoming community create the perfect environment for learning and personal growth. VIU also provides excellent value, with affordable tuition and living costs compared to larger cities.

Whether you’re interested in arts, sciences, business, or health, VIU has programs to match your interests and goals. With the support of the university’s dedicated faculty, staff, and alumni network, you’ll be set up for success both during and after your studies.

We hope this blog has given you an overview of what makes VIU such a special place. If you’re ready to start your university journey, we encourage you to explore all that this dynamic institution has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is the application fee for Vancouver Island University?

The application fee for Vancouver Island University (VIU) is $150.

Q2. How many students go to Vancouver Island University?

Every year, the university enrolls more than 16,000 students.

Q3. Is Vancouver Island University accredited?

Yes, VIU is considered an accredited university with various affiliations.

Vancouver Island University Reviews

Raguram – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.8 Rating)

Studying at VIU has been an incredible experience. The campus is surrounded by such beautiful natural scenery, which makes going to class every day an absolute pleasure. The professors are all so passionate and engaged, and they really take the time to get to know each student personally.

Naman – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.4 Rating)

I chose VIU because of the hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. The co-op program has been excellent – I got to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom to actual work experience, which has been invaluable for my career development.

Heena – ⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (3.8 Rating)

VIU’s commitment to sustainability is truly inspiring. From the renewable energy systems powering the campus to the environmental research initiatives, it’s clear that the university is doing vital work to address the challenges of our time. I’m proud to be a student here.

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