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Fleming College

Fleming College is a private college, also known as Sir Sandford Fleming College, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Ontario is the most popular region of Canada and is a highly chosen province by international students for further education. It offers certificates, diplomas, degrees, and part-time and postgraduate courses in diverse fields. 

The programs offer hands-on training, quality education, and applied learning through internships, work placements, paid co-ops, and research projects. The college campuses offer living-learning labs where students can put all their knowledge and skills into practice. Also, College Faculty and staff members come from known industries and are experts in their specific areas. It is an outstanding choice for students to study in Canada. In this blog, we will discuss Fleming College.

About Fleming College

Fleming College is Ontario’s Applied Arts and Technology College in Peterborough. Fleming College is a private Ontario Applied Arts and Technology institution in Peterborough, Canada, with diverse regional campuses. 

It offers more than 100 programs in various fields. Top areas include trades and technology, business and information technology programs, health and wellness, community development, art and design, law and justice, and environmental and natural resource sciences.  

The College is affiliated with Peterborough Centennial Museum & Archives and ACCC. It is partnered with Ontario’s Trebas Institute to provide Fleming’s programs. Here, Students can access networking opportunities and all multicultural events in Canada. 

The College registers every year more than 10,000 part-time and over 5,800 full-time students. Its student exchange programs help them to acquire exposure and learn about a different curriculum. Also, all the courses and programs that offer Fleming College provide specialized training to candidates and support them in preparing for employment in the appropriate field.

Fleming College Toronto provides a practical, hands-on education that prepares graduates for the workforce. With strong connections to the local, regional, and global business community, the College understands the needs of students seeking career advancement. The College fosters a respectful and inclusive learning environment that values diversity.

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Why Choose Fleming College

Fleming College is an excellent choice for the following reasons:

  • It offers various high-quality programs in multiple fields of study, giving students great opportunities to follow their interests. 
  • The college offers an inclusive and supportive learning environment, encouraging community and student collaboration. 
  • It is known for its strong industry connections and experiential education chances, enabling students to acquire practical knowledge, skills, and real-world experience. 
  • The college also provides dedicated faculty, modern facilities, and a commitment to sustainability. 

Choosing Fleming College means pursuing a fulfilling academic journey with outstanding personal and professional growth opportunities.

Top Courses of Fleming College

The College offers degrees, certificates, and diplomas courses in many fields. Students can also receive many scholarships and awards from college during their application. So, here are some top courses. 

Courses Fees (INR)Fees (CAD)
Advanced Diploma Business AdministrationINR 15.4 L/YrCAD 24,900 /Yr
Diploma Practical NursingINR 11.8 L/YrCAD 19,076 /Yr
Graduate Certificate Project ManagementINR 11.9 L/YrCAD 19,220 /Yr
Diploma in Health Information ManagementINR 10.9 L/YrCAD 17,552 /Yr
Advanced Diploma BiotechnologyINR 17.2 L/YrCAD 27,770 /Yr
Advanced Diploma BiotechnologyINR 17.2 L/YrCAD 27,770 /Yr
Graduate Certificate Business AnalysisINR 10.9 L/YrCAD 17,552 /Yr
Diploma Business INR 10.7 L/YrCAD 17,186 /Yr
Bachelor of Science in Nursing [B.S.N]INR 11.1 L/YrCAD 17,968 /Yr
Graduate Certificate Sustainable AgricultureINR 11.7 L/YrCAD 18,794 /Yr
Diploma Mental Health and Addiction WorkerINR 10.7 L/YrCAD 17,186 /Yr
Diploma AccountingINR 10.7 L/YrCAD 17,186 /Yr
Diploma Visual and Creative ArtsINR 12 L/YrCAD 19,350 /Yr
Diploma Law ClerkINR 10.7 L/YrCAD 17,186 /Yr
Certificate Electrical TechniquesINR 10.7 L/YrCAD 17,234 /Yr
Certificate Community Pharmacy AssistantINR 8.7 L/YrCAD 14,025 /Yr
Graduate Certificate Artificial IntelligenceINR 11.8 L/YrCAD 18,976 /Yr
Advanced Diploma Environmental TechnologyINR 10.2 L/YrCAD 16,439 /Yr

Admission Requirements

Here are some requirements:

For Advanced Diploma:

  • Secondary school graduation certificate 
  • Grades of classes 11th and 12th
  • Letter of Acceptance 
  • Statement Of Purpose
  • Study Permit
  • English language proficiency Score
  • IELTS score: overall, 6 bands

For Graduate Certificate:

  • Ontario College Diploma or Bachelor’s degree
  • Mathematics course in post-secondary
  • Statement Of Purpose
  • Study Permit
  • Letter of Acceptance 
  • English language proficiency Score
  • IELTS score: overall, 6 bands

Official Website and Application Portal:- Online (flemingcollege.ca

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Fleming College Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance includes the cost of living and the tuition fees. So, knowing the cost of surviving in a foreign country is required before applying for admission. So, here is the average cost:

Living Costs

Type of ExpenditureCost per Month (INR)
Phone and internet 3,081 – 7,395 
Food11,524 – 30,812
Phone & Miscellaneous6,162
Health Insurance 43,692
Text Books and Supplies 73,949

Tuition Fees

CoursesFees per Semester (INR)
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration 5.29 lakhs
Diploma in Business Accounting 5.41 lakhs 
Diploma in Computer Engineering Technician5.58 lakhs
Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence 5.85 lakhs
Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology 5.85 lakhs


The College offers various financial help to students annually by giving offers of bursaries and scholarships. Students can receive these awards on merit and need-based by registering through an online application. Some of the scholarships are:

  • International Education Student Scholarship
  • The Americas Scholarship 
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Scholarship
  • East and Southeast Asia Scholarship
  • The Language Gallery Canada Pathway Scholarship
  • Second Language Excellence Scholarship
  • FCT Alumni Scholarship


The college has more than 8000 alumni members, and some of the famous alumni are:

  • Troy Hurtubise – Canadian inventor
  • Jeremie Kayeye – Basketball coach
  • Evan White – Internet marketer
  • Alexander Yarwood – Actor
  • Andrew Moriarity – Politician

Jobs After Study

The College career service helps students in placements and job searches. It also provides students with various networking, employment, and volunteer opportunities. The college also includes a career service portal where all the graduates and students can access online employment postings and apply. Also, the college offers the following facilities:

  • LinkedIn boosting services
  • Resume and cover letter workshops
  • On-campus recruitment and job fair
  • Online job search resources
  • Employer library
  • Mock interviews
  • Labor market information

The graduate’s and students’ average earnings based on the degree are mentioned below.

LevelsSalary In-CAD
Bachelors$34,000 per year
Masters$57,452 per year
MBA$72,854 per year

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Final Remarks

Fleming College, also known as Sir Sandford Fleming College, is a private college in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. It offers various programs in diverse fields, providing students with hands-on training and applied learning opportunities. The college is known for its strong industry connections, experiential education, and commitment to sustainability. 

With modern facilities, dedicated faculty, and an inclusive learning environment, Fleming College offers students an excellent academic journey with opportunities for personal and professional growth. The college also provides various scholarships and awards to support students financially. Graduates of Fleming College have access to a range of employment and networking opportunities, with a competitive salary in their respective fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Fleming College accept 5.5 bands in IELTS?

The IELTS requirement for Fleming colleges is a minimum overall of 6 bands.

Q2. Does Fleming College provide a work permit?

Students who complete their study program at Fleming successfully may be eligible to apply for (PGWPP) Post Graduate Work Permit. A work visa under this permit may be issued for the length of the program of the studies, up to a maximum of 3 years.

Student Reviews

Sitara – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.4 Rating)

I attend Fleming College as a student. I want to thank my professors and teammates for assisting me in learning a great deal about computers, programming languages, web design, and other topics. The college features excellent facilities, including contemporary classrooms and labs, which might make you feel more at ease while learning. We also have a fantastic staff that strives daily to make the pupils happy.

Drisana – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Rating)

The professors at Fleming College are excellent. They are helpful and incredibly friendly. The atmosphere at the school is welcoming, making you quickly feel at home. All instructors here are knowledgeable, enabling them to impart good instruction to their students. I appreciate this university’s academic excellence; it provides me with everything I’ll need for a future career as an engineer or programmer.

Kalinda – ⭐⭐⭐  ☆ (3.8 Rating)

I was searching for a college with excellent programs and job opportunities. Fleming College is among the most outstanding schools on my list because it has terrific course offerings and an impressive admission rate, and I know how well they position their students.

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