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Many international students move abroad for higher education. Often these students choose a degree program to study abroad, but did you know there is another course option if you want to study abroad? 

If you are not very much driven by theoretical knowledge and degree programs and if you like to focus on practical education, then Vocational courses are the best choice for you. 

The main benefit of vocational courses is that they provide you with practical knowledge along with training that helps you to get a job easily. 

You can choose from lots of vocational courses according to your interest. These courses are available for international students, and the general eligibility for some courses is having passed the 10th standard, while most require you to be 12th passed. 

Having the right information regarding the best vocational courses after 12th is important for your future if you are thinking of taking a vocational course. In this blog, we will discuss the top vocational courses that you can pursue after the 12th.

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What are Vocational courses? 

Before we discuss the top vocational courses after 12th, let us discuss the need for vocational courses and how they can provide you with a good job. 

Vocational courses are different from degree courses. The degree courses that are commonly chosen by students focus on both theoretical and practical knowledge. 

These are mostly to provide knowledge and develop an understanding of a specific subject. You can choose to work in the industry directly after the degree courses, or you can choose an academic career that focuses more on teaching and research. 

Vocational courses, on the other hand, are different from degree courses. The time duration, fees, colleges, employment, pay scale, everything changes. 

The important thing about vocational courses is that they focus purely on practical knowledge and training. There might be some theory related to technicalities, but it is kept to a minimum. 

Best Vocational Courses After 12th

Vocational courses include courses in Healthcare, communication skills, makeup artists, mass media, design, etc. So, all the jobs that require you to have some technical knowledge and more practical training come under vocational courses. 

In developed countries, small jobs like Makeup artists, Carpenters, Mechanics, etc., also pay you well. Of course, these jobs do not pay you as much as a job from a degree course, but the degree courses are also way more expensive than vocational ones. 

And if you are good enough and if the customers are happy with your work, as in the case of a makeup artist, you can easily make a good living out of your work. 

Some of the best vocational courses after 12th that we are going to discuss today are:

  • Game design/ Animation
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Farm management
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Photography/ Videography

Game Design/ Animation

The first in our list of best vocational courses after 12th is Game Design/ Animation.  You must be aware of the rise of the gaming industry. Along with the gaming industry, the demand for content is increasing every day. 

Content creation has become one of the biggest fields. With the high demand for content, there has also been a rise in jobs related to Game designing and animation in general. 

You do not require any theoretical knowledge to be a designer; you can learn the necessary languages like Python, Java, etc., and start working just with them. You can choose to be a freelancer too. 

There are multiple freelancing websites where there is a demand for skilled animators. Working freelance will give you freedom, and if you can good enough, you can make more money than a degree course. 

If you don’t want to work freelance and you like to have a job, then too honing animation skills will help you get a good job. The average salary for an animator varies highly according to the country and work experience. 

Your experience will always pay you more in the field of vocational courses. However, to give you an idea, we have included the average salaries of all the vocational courses in the USA to help you get a better understanding. 

The average salary for an animator in the USA is more than $50,000 per annum. This is the entry-level salary; with more experience, you can earn more. 

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Licensed Practical Nurse

If you have always wanted to go into the healthcare sector but don’t want to pursue a degree course, then this is the best vocational course for you. The second in our list of best vocational courses after 12th is Licensed practical nurse.  

A licensed practical nurse is a job where you have to perform daily medical tasks that do not require much medical knowledge and can be performed by a trained person. 

The daily tasks may include taking vitals, dressing wounds, monitoring the patient’s health status, and checking if the patient needs something. You will also be trained to perform basic kab procedures and assist the patient with general tasks like eating, drinking, etc. 

Note that being a licensed practical nurse is different from being a registered nurse. You may work in a doctor’s office under a registered nurse. The main task of a licensed practical nurse is to ensure that the patient is comfortable and has been taken care of. 

Apart from working under a doctor in a hospital, you can also work independently. You can look for home nurse jobs, many old aged people require assistance with their daily tasks, and hiring a registered nurse might be expensive. 

This creates independent jobs for licensed practical nurses. If you love to care for people and are compassionate, then this is the best among all vocational courses after 12th for you. 

The average salary of a licensed practical nurse is approximately more than $50,000 per annum in the USA.

Farm Management

If you are bored by the usual list of vocational courses, we have something that will catch your eye. Farm management is one of the best vocational courses after 12th. The need for farming is prevalent in many developed nations. 

The farming and agriculture industry is very organized in developed nations like the USA, Australia, and also in some EU countries. These nations practice large-scale farming, where a farm is usually hundreds of acres. 

This creates several job opportunities as well. Such big farms need to be managed skillfully and practically. Thus, several colleges offer vocational training for farm management. 

In this course, you learn all the techniques important to run a farm. You get a basic understanding of how a farm works and what are the areas of importance in its management. 

You can work as a manager of a farm where you will be responsible for a part of the land, and you will need to oversee all the activities and ensure everything is done right. You can also work independently as a farm owner. 

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Veterinary Medicine

The next in our list of the best vocational courses after 12th is in the medical field. If you have always been compassionate towards pets and animals in general, then a vocational course in veterinary medicine can uplift your career. 

This vocational course will teach you the basics of veterinary medicine. You will get training in basic medical procedures done on pets. Note that this is not equivalent to a veterinary doctor. You may work under a veterinary doctor as an assistant. 

The need for skilled veterinary assistants is always high in developed nations. This is because developed nations also have a high population of pets. You can also get a job on a large-scale farm where you may need to monitor the health of all the farm animals regularly. 

The average salary of a veterinary assistant depends on the location and your experience in the field. You can expect approximately $30,000 per year in the USA as a veterinary assistant. Note that you may not get to work in cities if you have a job on a farm. This also means that your living costs will be lower as you are not staying in cities. 

Photography and Videography

The next vocational course on our list is one of the most interesting among all the vocational courses after 12th. If you love to record memories and you are good at photography, then this is the best vocational course for you. 

The need for skilled photographers and videographers is at an all-time high. Job opportunities arise even in small events like baby showers and gender reveal parties or big events like marriages, anniversaries, etc. 

There are not many full-time jobs available in this field, so you will have to promote yourself and build a career. Once you get your initial jobs, then word of mouth spreads, and you can have a stable career. 

Full-time job opportunities as a videographer may arise if you get a job from a vlogger or a YouTuber. You will need to struggle to make a place for yourself in the industry, but if you are good and passionate enough, you will surely make it. 

The average salary of a photographer/ videographer cannot be accurately determined. It all depends on your skills and experience. You can expect approximately $ 40,000 per year as a photographer in the USA.

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Vocational courses are a good alternative to degree programs if you do not want to go into theoretical knowledge. They provide you with hands-on training and industry exposure, which helps you to get a job immediately. 

However, the salary is less as compared to degree graduates, but you can still make more by working independently. The above-given list of vocational courses were some of the best vocational courses after 12th. You can look for more on the internet and find the best course for you. 

I hope this blog has cleared all your queries about the best vocational courses options after the 12th. If you still have any doubts, please contact our experts

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What is the use of vocational courses?

Vocational courses are best for those students who want to get practical knowledge instead theoretical to develop their skills.

Which vocational course has highest salary?

Here is the list of vocational courses that can pay you a high salary;
1. Electrical Repairman
2. Commercial Pilot
3. Nuclear Medicine Technologist
4. Fashion Designer
5. Plumber
6. Dental Hygienist
7. Registered Nurse
8. Nuclear Technician