How To, Study Abroad

Most Indian students dream of studying abroad at a top university to have a better future or career. Top countries launch programs for international students, and students also have numerous universities for students to choose from.

But many of them don’t know how to study abroad from India, then for them, we have brought the 4 simple steps of studying abroad. 

For students, it is a life-changing decision because this decision will have a solid impact on their future. So they must have taken the first step after thinking properly, 

So, they will get a proper step-by-step guide on studying abroad from India, here. As it is becoming trendy among youngsters to study abroad, countries have made the visa process for students very fast and easy. 

Apart from fastening the visa process, many countries also provide scholarships to students based on their records or other criteria.

So before starting to apply to any study abroad program, it is important to check scholarship exams for abroad studies in India.

Here, we will provide simple steps on how to study abroad from India. But before that, it is necessary to understand the benefits of studying abroad.

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Benefits Of Studying Abroad

There are plenty of reasons to choose study abroad programs. Here we will describe some of the main reasons to choose to go abroad for your further study.

  • Students will get a new chance to explore the world.
  • Studying abroad will also help students to learn about different cultures and new education systems. When you choose to study abroad, you will also learn some new methods of study that will be a great experience for you in the future.
  • It will also be very helpful for you to enhance your language skills, and you can also learn the local language of the place you choose for your study abroad program.
  • If you have a degree that is globally recognized, then it will also be helpful for your career. So there are numerous career opportunities for you after getting a globally recognized degree. 

These are some benefits of studying abroad at a reputed university. So let’s now move on to how to study abroad from India. We will provide every important detail you must know in simple and easy language.

How To Study Abroad From India

Here are some of the basic and most important steps for studying abroad. Keep reading!

Decide How Much You Want To Spend On Your Abroad Studying

Studying abroad can be challenging, empowering, exciting, and life-changing, but it is costly. Yes, some countries are more affordable than others. 

For both master’s and bachelor’s degrees, the tuition fees vary from location to location. But there is something for everyone, so decide how much you can spend on your study and select the course and country then. 

NOTE: Here is a tip for managing your study abroad: you can apply for a loan to manage your tuition fees.

Select The Course And University

The second and essential step for how to study abroad from India is selecting the course. Here are a few tips you must follow to select the course:

  1. Find your weakness and strength
  2. Research extensively, you have to search according to your strength and weakness and should narrow down a list of some courses to choose from.
  3. After narrow downing the list of courses, you must select a university. You can do that by researching the course and also by visiting the official website of each university that is providing the course you want to pursue.
  4. Check the affordability of the course and university, you are advised to choose a course and university that you can afford.
  5. Finally, you must check the course for great career opportunities after completion.

Select The Country 

Another important step in learning how to study abroad from India is to choose a country. Here are some things you need to remember before choosing a destination to study abroad.

  1. After choosing the course, search which country is providing that course and at what cost.
  2. Search that after the completion of your course, is there any scope for you.
  3. Choose a country whose education structure suits you. You can by researching about the course and country.
  4. Check whether you are applicable to apply for the destination you choose.
  5. Research the tuition and living costs for your destination country. Select the destination you can afford.
  6. Research whether the degree you will get will be globally recognized or not.

Fulfill The Study Abroad Program Requirements

Here are seven basic requirements you must complete to fulfill your study abroad dream. Keep reading!

  1.  Application Form: The application from different countries and universities is different. Once you have selected the course, country, and university, you must submit the application form with all your professional and personal details. You should take help from a counselor or your parents in case you filling the form the first time.
  2. Test Scores: You must submit your language test score to the university. Your test scores will have a direct impact on your application.
  3. Statement of Purpose (SOP): It is a very important document on how to study abroad from India. More than 50% of visa success depends upon this single letter. In this, you will describe why you chose a specific course or university, and finally, why you chose only this location to study. You are advised to take the proper time to write the SOP.
  4. Letter of Recommendation (LOR): This is the letter from your professor or manager (in case you are working). In this letter, your professor or manager will provide and prompt your skills, achievements, and contribution. 
  5. Transcripts: This is the record of your academics. It covers your grade sheet for the previous study. 
  6. Resume or CV: A resume or a CV is an overview of your professional and academic timeline. It consists of all of your degrees, internships, certificates, and work experience. It is recommended to keep it short and to the point and not go overboard.
  7. Student Visa: It is the most important step on how to study abroad from India. After you accept the university offer letter by paying the fees, then you must submit your visa application. As every country has different criteria, so you are advised to take help from an expert. 

So these are the four essential steps to studying abroad from India.

How To Study Abroad From India With Scholarship

Getting a scholarship to study abroad from India is a great way to manage your expenses while studying abroad.

Here are the three most important factors that can increase your chances of getting a scholarship to manage your expenses:

  • Good Scores in Previous Studies
  • Get Good Scores on Proficiency test 
  • Mention your Achievements

Good Scores in Previous Studies

The authorities want to see your potential when you apply for a scholarship because they want to know if the student they are supporting is good or not at their studies.

They will examine your performance in your previous studies to determine this.

We know it is a poor way to assess a student’s potential because grades cannot accurately reflect a student’s true potential.

But this is the reality there is nothing we can do.

Work hard in your present study and achieve a good grade to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

Get Good Scores on Proficiency Test 

If the candidates want to pursue their studies in an English-speaking nation, they must take this proficiency test and prove their skills in the English language.

These results will also help you improve your chances of receiving a scholarship; a strong performance on a proficiency test will help your scholarship application.

Here is the list of Tests you can take to prove English language proficiency:

Mention your Achievements

You must submit a resume or an application essay when you apply for a scholarship.

In that essay or on your resume, you must list all of your achievements.

The authorities do not want to help an undeserving student; they want to see your potential.

So, explain your achievements to them and show them why you deserve to receive the scholarship.


In this blog, we have discussed how to study abroad from India. We have discussed the advantages of studying abroad before outlining the essential steps for studying abroad from India.

We have discussed the four steps to studying abroad from India. We have provided every single detail you must know before applying to a country.

We hope we have cleared all your queries, and for more content like this, keep visiting CourseMentor™.


Which country is best for Indians to study abroad?

Here is the list of the top 5 countries you can choose as an Indian student:

The UK

Which country has free education?

Some Nordic nations provide students with opportunities to study almost for free:

Norway provides free university study to all students.

Can an Indian study abroad for free?

Yes, for Indian students, it is possible to study abroad for free. As there are many countries like Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden that provide education to students at very low cost or even free. Also, students can apply for scholarships to help pay the tuition fee.