In, this blog I will briefly discuss the structure and the pattern of the PTE exam and will give you detailed information about PTE study material. 

If you are planning to go abroad for studies or immigrate to an English-speaking country then you will be well aware of the fact that you have to give an English-language proficiency test. 

Each year many students migrate to English-speaking countries for better career opportunities. 

However, you have to pass an English test and score well to get accepted into leading universities. 

The most popular English proficiency exams are IELTS and TOEFL, but recently many new tests are gaining popularity and recognition worldwide, like the Duolingo and PTE exams. 

The PTE has gained popularity in the last decade, especially for students migrating to major universities in the UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. 

The PTE (Pearson Test of English) is conducted by the Pearson PLC group. The Person group has now launched the PTE home which will enable students to take the PTE test from their homes. 

They have also shortened the exam time from 3 hours to 2 hours. 

The pattern of the PTE exam

The key to preparing for every exam is to study the pattern of the exam first. The pattern of the PTE exam is rather simple and easy to understand. 

The PTE exam measures the candidate on four language skills namely, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 

According to the most recent pattern the writing and speaking sections of the PTE exam are merged into one section. 

The reading and listening sections are designed distinctly. Your performance will be evaluated based on your aggregate test score in the exam. 

The PTE Academic test is a computer-based test and you have the option of giving the exam either from home or from your nearest PTE center. 

The time duration of the PTE exam is of 2 hours and 15 minutes. You will be provided with a headset to listen, and respond to the questions in the listening and speaking sections. 

Section 1 

The first section of the PTE exam integrates the Speaking and writing sections. You will be asked to speak aloud sentences, repeat phrases and sentences, re-tell lectures, answer questions, and write short summaries and essays. 

As with all other English-testing exams, in the first part of section 1, you will be given 30 seconds to introduce yourself. This introduction has no marks but it can indirectly affect your marks.

Section 2 

The reading section of the exam is of 29-30 minutes. It will require you to answer MCQ-based questions of single-answer and multiple-answer types. 

In the reading section, you will be also asked to re-order paragraphs and fill in the blanks. The reading section is designed to test your reading abilities. 

Section 3

The third section of the PTE exam is the Listening section. The listening section contains several audio and video clips. You will get to hear each audio or video clip only once and you will be allowed to take notes to refer to. The listening section is of 30-43 minutes in duration. 

The questions will ask you to summarise spoken texts, highlights the correct summaries from the given options, MCQs, fill in the blanks, select missing words, highlight incorrect words and write from dictation.  

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Need for PTE study material

Now that we have discussed a brief overview of the pattern of the PTE exam, we will deep-dive into the preparation for the exam. 

The PTE exam is a rather easy one but you have to remember that it is a universal exam and thus it requires you to prepare well in advance to prepare for the PTE in the right manner you will need authentic PTE study material. 

The study materials are major books that work as a reference for the PTE exam. The administrative authority conducting the PTE exam is also one of the leading bestselling publishers of English books, and thus there is enough PTE study material by the PLC group itself. 

Here I will give you a list of best-selling books that will help you ace the exam. 

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List of PTE study material

The best study materials are from the best-selling authors for PTE Academic. This PTE study material will definitely help you to enhance your score and secure the university of your choice. The best-selling books are as follows:

The Official Guide to PTE Academic by PTE Pearson Academic

The best part of the PTE exam is that the study material for this exam is readily available. 

Many times the popular English testing exams have plenty of study materials but the candidates face a problem with selecting the best and most authentic material. 

However, the administrative authority of the PTE which is the Pearson group is also a publisher of books and it publishes several books which are great for your preparation. 

One of these best PTE study materials is the official guide to PTE academics. This book is a one-stop guide to all your doubts and concepts for the PTE exam. 

This official guide is filled with several questions along with answers to help you practice and gain confidence. 

The contents of the book are as follows: 

  • Chapter 1: PTE exam introduction
  • Chapter 2: Pte exam preparation
  • Chapter 3: PTE speaking
  • further chapters consist of different sections of PTE. 

The book also comes with a CD ROM with additional questions. 

The price of this book is INR 2999 and it has a rating of 4 stars on Amazon. 

PTE Academic Practice Test Plus(Volume 1 & 2)

Another great PTE study material in our list is the PTE Academic Practice test Plus, this great book has two volumes in total both of which are important. 

The PTE Academic Practice test plus is also authored by the Pearson group and thus it is an authentic choice for candidates. 

This book helps you to get yourself familiarized with the actual test format of the PTE exam. 

One good way of preparing for an exam is by practicing mock papers, and this book by the Pearson group will provide you with just that. 

It also contains model answers which will help you to improve your answer writing style. Furthermore, this book also contains some knowledgeable tips and hints by experts for the exam.

Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2

Another best PTE  study material by the Pearson group is the Expert PTE Academic coursebook, this book is best for you if you need a full and detailed overview of the PTE exam. 

This book gives you an overview of the exam along with hints and expert tips that will help you avoid some silly mistakes and will add more scores to your answers. 

This book by the Pearson group provides you with rigorous exam training at B1 and B2 levels of English. It will help you attain a decent score and perform confidently in the exam. 

This coursebook is suitable for teachers who are preparing students for PTE Academic at B1 and B2 levels. This is also suitable for students that want to attain these levels by themselves.  

The price of this PTE study material is INR 1049 and it is available on Amazon with a 4-star rating. 

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PTE Academic Practice Test for C1

The next book in our list of the best PTE study material is the PTE Academic Practice test for C1 by the Pearson group. 

This book like the above three books is also authored by the Pearson group. Many books provide guidance and practice tests for B levels of English, but this book provides various practice tests, especially for candidates aspiring to clear the C1 level. 

This book by the Pearson group contains 4 complete practice tests. This set of tests will help you to gain a good score and will help you get your desired score. 

These tests include answer keys with model answers. I will suggest you first go solve the papers yourself and then evaluate your mistakes by comparing them with the model answers. 

This book not only contains answers but also contains explanations as to why those answers can get the highest score. 

Lastly, this book will boost your confidence with several hints and scoring tips, and recordings of all the listening and speaking tasks will help you boost your confidence in that area too. 

The price of this PTE study material is INR 1120 and it is available on Amazon with a 4-star rating. 

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The PTE exam is gaining popularity in several countries and is already accepted by thousands of universities. 

You can surely think of the PTE exam as an alternative to IELTS and TOEFL if the university of your choice accepts PTE scores. 

You should also check the range of scores accepted by universities for the PTE exam. 

The PTE study material by the Pearson group is one of the most authentic ones and is present at a reasonable price. 

However, there are a lot of other best-selling authors that have written amazing books for reparation of the PTE exam, you can also search for them. 

But the best and safest option is to go with the Pearson books as they are the exam setters themselves.  

I hope this blog has cleared all your doubts regarding the study materials for PTE.

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How can I prepare for PTE at home?

Here are the basic tips to prepare for the PTE exam at home.
Get Basic Information about PTE.
Clear Your Confusion About Proficiency Tests.
Understand the PTE Score Chart.
Set a Score Goal For Yourself.
Select a Specific Place and Time to Study.
Know the Exam format/Pattern.
Attempt Full Mock Tests.
Get An Online Expert Coach.
Use Good Study Materials.
Books For PTE Preparation at Home.
Create Notes While Preparing.
Use Apps For Pte Preparation.

Which part of PTE is difficult?

Mostly students find the reading part of the IELTS exam most difficult. Because many students fail to get a good score in the PTE reading exam.

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