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In this blog, I will discuss the best foreign medical colleges for Indian students

Many Indian students dream of becoming a doctor and helping people by saving their lives. 

But being a doctor in India is probably the hardest thing ever. To get admission to an Indian medical college is very competitive, but you don’t have to crush your dreams because of the competition here. 

So for them here I will provide the top medical colleges that students can choose to study.

The colleges listed here are from various countries. You will have to look thoroughly into each of the colleges and study their curriculum and program structure along with the job opportunities, and then decide which will be the best among various foreign medical colleges for Indian students. 

How to choose the best Foreign Medical Colleges for Indian students 

There are many colleges abroad that provide MBBS opportunities with very low academic requirements but these colleges are often located in a less developed country that doesn’t have much scope. 

You will have to choose a college that is best in labs, provides practical training, and has a world ranking. I will list some criteria below that will help you to choose the best foreign medical colleges for Indian students. 

World ranking

The ranking of the college at the world level reflects the college’s infrastructure, fee structure, studentship, placements, and many more things which make a university a good place to study. 

I will suggest that you choose colleges that are among the top 100 – 500 in the world. The better the ranking the better it would be for your career. 

Practical experience

You should choose a medical college that has a hospital in which you can practice and learn your work. It should have proper lab work with all the equipment sufficient for all the students. 

Teacher-to-student ratio

All the medical colleges in India are crowded with students, which makes it harder for students to grasp knowledge and learn their work. 

You should look at the number of students that a college takes in every year and is that number good enough for you. 

If the college has sufficient infrastructure then the number of students taken will be more. All you need to ensure is that you will get all the time and equipment you need to thrive in your studies. 

Tuition Fees

Medical colleges are very expensive, with all the accommodation charges, food expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses, the total cost of your pursuing a 5-6 year program can reach the sky. 

The tuition fees are high for all the medical colleges abroad, but you should look for a college that provides scholarships and part-time jobs on campus that you can do to help with your expenses without affecting your studies. 

Many students moving abroad secure a scholarship, which may cover some or all of their costs depending on the amount of scholarship they have secured. 

Job opportunities

You should also look if the country in which the college is located is non-discriminatory towards Indians. 

In many foreign colleges Indian or International students face discrimination, you should make sure that the country you are choosing will give you job opportunities without looking at your nationality. 

Not all countries are racist, so you should be scared about that but precaution is always better. However, there are always many jobs in the medical field but you will have to study more than just MBBS. 

So, you should also choose a country in which doing a PG after your MBBS is feasible. 

Now that you have known the criteria for choosing the best medical colleges, below I will provide a list of the best foreign medical colleges for Indian students.

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Best Foreign Medical Colleges for Indian students 

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical school always tops the list of the best medical colleges in the world. It has gained the ranking of #1 medical school in the world according to the QS world university ranking. 

Harvard medical school is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Harvard Medical school has a profound history in the field. 

The faculty members of the Harvard medical school have always been at the forefront when it comes to breakthrough research in medicine. The faculty and infrastructure both contribute equally to the success of the students of the HMS. 

The doctors who graduated from HMS are the best in the world serving in the highest positions and hospitals.

The program structure of Harvard Medical school is also very attractive and unique, they offer more than 200 electives for students to choose from. 

HMS also provides over 6 dual degree programs. 

Harvard Medical school ensures to maintain the quality of education by maintaining a 13:1 teacher-to-student ratio. This helps students to have a personal connection with the faculty members. 

Every year HMS takes 712 students with a gender ratio of 51% female:49% male. The program at the Harvard Medical school starts with a 7-day “Introduction to the Profession”. 

In this 7-day short course, students are introduced to and given a glimpse of life at HMS and the duties and the perks of being a medical practitioner. However, the selection process for the HMS is very hard with an acceptance rate of only 2.5%.

This is the first college on the list of the best foreign medical colleges for Indian students.

Stanford School of Medicine

The Stanford School of Medicine has always been in the top 3 medical schools in the world. It is also one of the oldest medical schools as it was founded in the year 1891, by Leland and Jane in memory of their only child of died of Typhoid. 

The Stanford School of Medicine has a motto of improving and mastering the field of Medicine. Every year the Stanford School of Medicine produces numerous world-class doctors. 

The Stanford School of Medicine ranks in the 3rd position as per the Times Higher Education World Rankings 2023. It has also acquired 3rd position in the QS ranking of World Universities.

Stanford School of Medicine is located in the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula, USA. 

The campus of the school is filled with greenery. It has thousands of trees, fountains, and many historic buildings that were responsible for many historic breakthroughs. The campus also hosts an art museum and many recreational facilities. 

The Stanford School of Medicine promotes leadership in breakthrough research, creative teaching protocols, and developing clinical therapies. 

The students in the school are promoted not only to practice medicine with the faculties but they are also to put forward research and development. 

The school has strong links with 6 other schools of Stanford like Business, Law, Humanities, and Engineering that help them to grow their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

However, getting into the Stanford School of Medicine is a hard nut to crack, it is very selective in admissions. 

This is the second college on the list of the best foreign medical colleges for Indian students.

Karolinska Institute of Medicine

Karolinska Institute is located in Sweden. Often, students only look at the universities in the UK and the USA, but several European countries also have some of the best medical schools in the world. 

Karolinska institute is one such institute in Sweden that has a world ranking of 5 as per several rankings including the QS ranking of World Universities. 

It is the largest school for medical education and research in Sweden. It is also one of the best medical schools in Europe. The prestigious Nobel Prize which is managed by the Nobel Assembly is of the Karolinska Institute. 

The Nobel Assembly is responsible for awarding the Nobel Laureates each year.

The Karolinska Institute offers bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. level courses for all medical students. 

It also has a number of specialty courses. Several master’s programs are offered in unique fields like Toxicology, Public Health Science, Health Economics, and many more. 

The Karolinska Institute also promotes entrepreneurship through its Bioentrepreneurship program. The tuition fee at this Institute is notably less than any other medical school.

This is the third college on the list of the best foreign medical colleges for Indian students.

John Hopkins School of Medicine

John Hopkins school of medicine is one of the topmost research universities in the world. The medical school of John Hopkins University is the most famous and prestigious among all the schools. 

It is a private research university with a history of breakthrough research in medicine. John Hopkins University was the first research university in the USA. 

The University spends a huge amount of funding on research. The medical department of the university has gained recognition around the world for producing top-notch doctors.

The John Hopkins School of Medicine ranks at the 9th position in the world QS rankings of Universities. The university has also produced 29 Nobel Laureates.

The medical school provides medicine programs in a variety of specialties. The acceptance rate of the university is very low as they are highly selective in choosing only the most brilliant brains. 

It is also a private university so the tuition fees are very high too, but they provide a number of scholarships to international students. Pursuing medicine at the John Hopkins School of medicine is surely dream come true for students. 

This is the fourth college on the list of the best foreign medical colleges for Indian students.


There are a lot of World ranking Medical colleges in the world, but you should choose the one which suits you the best. The climate of the country, job opportunities, and culture of the country are the most important things that you should look at when choosing a college in a foreign country. All the best for choosing the best foreign medical colleges for Indian students!


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