In the modern era, our life completely depends on computers, but computers also depend on the operating system. Today we will put some light on the most popular operating systems, namely Windows and Linux. We will also discuss some differences between both Linux vs windows operating systems and conclude which is the best.

This blog will guide you if you have the interest to learn about operating systems.

so let’s begin LINUX VS Windows 

What is a window operating system?

Windows is a computer operating system developed mainly to target the personal computers market. The first version of the Windows operating system released by microsoft in 1985 Was a simple graphical user interface (GUI). Window 10 was the latest window operating system after window 8.1 launched by Microsoft in july 2015.

Features of windows?

1. Speed 

As compared to vista, microsoft provides better desktop responsiveness due to which users are very happy, and it is also providing faster boot times.

  2. Compatibility 

In general words, the compatibility of windows is far better than the vista. Various programs that run on XP require updates due to which they don’t work properly, but in windows 7, all the programs (that can run on vista) can run immediately.

3. Search and organization 

The best feature of windows 7 is the developed search tools, which helps users to find anything very easily and quickly that they need

4. Interface and desktop 

The new significant changes introduced by the window aims for improving the experience on computer tablets and other devices. The new user interface depends on the Microsoft metro design language and starts using the screen similar to the windows phone as the primary language of launching applications.

5. Start menu 

In the beginning, the taskbar was not so good, but over time, microsoft is making the best use of their aero technology, due to which taskbar icons are grouped and larger and not marked with the clumsy text.

Definition of Linux?

It is an open-source operating system based on UNIX, a Linux kernel designed by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Users can generate and modify variations of the source code, distributors for other devices and computers.

Linux is also used in ebay readers, mobile devices, digital storing devices, cameras, computers, video recorders have Linux running.

Basic features of Linux 

  1. Portable – it is software that works in the same manner on different types of hardware. Linux applications and kernel supports their installation on all kinds of hardware platforms.

   2. Open-source – source code of Linux is available for free, and anyone can access it and avail of the services. 

3. Multi-user

multiple users can access the resources of the system such as memory, application programs, and ram, etc. at the same time 

4.  Multiprogramming — multiple applications can run simultaneously on a Linux system because it is a multiprogramming system.

5. Hierarchical file system — it provides a quality file structure in which user and system files are arranged in a systematic order.

6. Shell — shell is used for the execution of the command in the Linux system. It can perform various types of activities, programs, etc. 

7. Security: Linux uses authentication features like password protection, encrypting the data, etc., for providing security to the users.

Common things in Linux vs windows 

  1. User accounts 

In windows, it is very easy to manage multiple accounts for different tasks in such a way, one for personal use and another for the business, and it provides good security to all the accounts.

Linux can do the same thing, but it provides more features and great security when using it.

2. Both Windows and Linux are multitasking operating systems.

3. Window and Linux both have plenty of tools to develop software.

4. Both operating systems are very good for gaming and can be used to host online games.

5. Linux and window both have the same file system of the tree hierarchy.

Basic difference lINUX VS WINDOWS

  1. Microsoft Corporation developed the window, whereas the Linus Torvalds community-developed Linux.

2. A window was written in the c++ and assembly language and operates on the graphical operating system family, whereas Linux was written in the assembly and c language based on a UNIX-like operating system family.

3. A window was licensed under the Proprietary commercial software and followed the user interface of windows shell. Whereas Linux followed the UNIX shell user interface and licensed under the 

GNU General Public License(GPL)v2 and others.

4. Linux uses the monolithic kernel due to which all its operating system work in the kernel system. However, windows follow a hybrid kernel system.

5. The window is a closed source software, while Linux is open-source software initially released on 1991 September 17, but the window is older than Linux as it was initially released in 1885.

6. Linux is available in many languages compared to the window (available in 138 languages only). The marketing target of a window is mainly personal computing. But Linux followed the market target of mainly cloud services, servers, mobile phones, and supercomputers. 

7. In Linux, there are three types of users, namely regular, administrative(root), and service. moreover,

Administrator, standard, child, guest are the four types of users in the window 

The difference based on LINUX VS WINDOWS 

Parameters Linux window
Update Linux provides full control of updation to its users as it depends completely on the user. When he wants to update the system, he can update accordingly and takes less time to installWindows take a large time to install an update, and its updation can start anytime irrespective of users’ preference.
Command-line Command-line of Linux is a very useful tool that is used for daily tasks and administrator works. The window command line is not as much supported as the Linux system because users prefer to use GUI for their daily works.

Linux has more security than a window because it is difficult for hackers to break viruses through Linux. Windows are more prone to virus attacks as it is very easy to get access to windows if it doesn’t has any antivirus.
usabilityIt is possible to complete difficult tasks very easily with the help of Linux, but on the same side, it is very difficult to install it. The window also takes a long time to install while it provides a normal system to operate.
Support Linux provides great Support to its users as it has a huge community of user forms and online research. Window supports very easy to access as which was accessible through various websites, and users can also take paid service if they want 


As we discussed earlier, a brief about the linux vs windows operating system believes that a Linux is far better than the window and provides more advanced features in various aspects than the window.

Why Linux is better 

  1. Open-source nature 
  2.  More secure
  3. Ideal for the programmers
  4. Free to use 
  5. More privacy
  6. Better community support