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Life in Canada for international students before and after Covid 19: Canada is a popular destination among international students to pursue higher studies and achieve their objectives. According to the US News and world report, Canada ranks in 3rd place globally for providing the best quality of study and life. 

Canada offers a high-quality education and a rich multicultural experience for students. Its well-known institutions, welcoming environment, and diverse society attract thousands of students worldwide to follow their dreams. 

But Covid 19 Pandemic brought unpredictable changes to the lives of students in Canada. This blog will discuss the changes in students’ life in Canada due to Covid 19. It will help you to know life in Canada for international students before and after Covid 19 Pandemic. 

Life In Canada For International Students Before And After Covid 19

Covid 19 has brought important changes in the life of international students in Canada. Here is a comparison of life in Canada for International students before and after Covid 19. 

Life In Canada For International Students Before Covid 19

  1. International students normally attend their classes on university campuses. 
  2. They had the chance to meet their new classmates and professors to connect in the new country.
  3. Students also had the opportunity to engage in group events and campus activities. 
  4. International students can also participate in social activities, join organizations and clubs and explore their culture. 
  5. Before Covid, they attend festivals, events, and social gatherings to help connect with other people more easily and build a strong network.
  6. During their studies, many international students rely on part-time work to support themselves financially, available on both on and off campuses. 
  7. During their breaks or vacations, students can also travel to Canada, visit tourist attractions, different provinces, and experience the country’s various landscapes. 

Life In Canada For International Students After Covid 19 

Students face many challenges and problems after the Covid 19; they must take precautions and follow the rules and guidelines.

  1. All the Colleges and universities stopped their offline classes and shifted to online. 
  2. International students attend the lecture online and submit their projects and assignments remotely.
  3. Online classes brought many challenges for students regarding time zone differences and internet connectivity.
  4. Due to Corona, all the gatherings and social activities were limited because of social distancing. 
  5. All the festivals and events were canceled, and organizations and clubs shifted to online activities.
  6. It reduced the chances of international students for in-person interaction and cultural immersion.
  7. Covid 19 seriously impacted the job market, and various part-time jobs for students decreased. 
  8. Also, some industries faced closures and reduced all their functions, making it difficult for students to find part-time jobs. 
  9. Due to travel bans and quarantine requirements, international travel has become more restricted. 
  10. Also, international students have experienced restrictions in their ability to travel within Canada or return home during breaks or emergencies.
  11. Some measures were implemented on university campuses to improve the student’s health and safety, including social distancing, mask mandates, and increased sanitation.

So, It is the changes in life in Canada for international students before and after Covid 19 Pandemic.

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