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Canada is a dream country for the Indian population.  Also, Canada is a popular destination for Indian immigrants looking for new opportunities and a better quality of life. 

Canada’s strong job market provides Indians numerous opportunities to build successful careers.

But do they know how is life in Canada for Indian immigrants? This is the most important and must-know question for every Indian immigrant before migrating to Canada.

In this blog, you will get to know the benefits and drawbacks of living in Canada, major cities with large Indian populations, and major festivals that are celebrated in Canada.

You will also learn about the challenges Indians face in Canada and some tips to make your life easy in Canada.

How Is Life In Canada For Indians

To get a proper answer to how life is in Canada for Indian students, you must know the pros and cons of living in Canada. 

Pros Of Living In Canada For An Indian

There are numerous benefits of living in Canada for Indians, and some of them we will discuss below to understand life in Canada for Indians.

  • Multicultural country
  • Quality education
  • Quality healthcare
  • Better job opportunities
  • Good quality life

Multicultural Country

Canada is a multicultural country where you can find people from almost every culture. Canada welcomes immigrants from all around the world and encourages them to maintain their cultural identity.

So Indian can live in Canada and learn about different cultures without losing their cultural identity.

Quality Education

In India, teachers mainly focus on theoretical knowledge rather than practical knowledge of a subject, but in Canada scenario is different.

In Canada, students get practical knowledge of a subject that helps develop skills essential for a better career. 

Also, Canada has many reputed institutes known for their quality education.

Quality Healthcare

Healthcare in Canada for its citizens and permanent residents is approximately free. So after getting PR in Canada, Indian immigrants will get quality healthcare in Canada at no extra cost. 

Not only the citizen and the permanent residents but also the students can benefit from Canada’s quality healthcare system with the help of their insurance. 

Students are required to have insurance that is valid in Canada when they apply for a student visa to Canada. 

So medically and educationally, you can say that life in Canada for Indian immigrants is quite good. 

Better Job Opportunities

After the study, the job opportunities in Canada are quite better than in other countries. Also, Indians who migrate to Canada for work purposes can easily find a job in Canada. 

The most demandable jobs in Canada are in the following fields;

  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Labourer
  • Engineering
  • Software development
  • Sales Representative

Good Quality Life

As Canada is a developed country with a low crime rate, people live a quality life that increases their life expectancy.

According to a survey, in 2020, the life expectancy in Canada was 82.96 (approximately) for both genders (males – 81.15, females – 84.74).

These are some of the top benefits of living in Canada, but there are also some disadvantages of living in Canada.

To understand life in Canada for Indians, you must know the disadvantages of living in Canada.

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Cons Of Living In Canada For Indians

Here are some disadvantages of living in Canada that you must know before migrating to Canada.

  • High cost of living
  • Harsh winter
  • Homesickness

High Cost Of Living

Canada offers students a quality life, but you must pay a huge amount of money. Sometimes in some cities with a housing shortage, people have to pay even double the amount for houses.

Harsh Winter

Canada is known for its cold environment; there is a winter season in many areas throughout the year.

The temperature may always be below 0 degrees in those areas. So students or other immigrants who migrate to these areas must face the harsh winter season throughout the year.


There are chances that you may feel homesick when you move to a new place. This can happen because you are not habitual of living outside. 

If you have a deep bonding with your family or friends, then also it can be possible that you feel homesick. 

Life In Canada For Indians

After discussing these benefits and drawbacks of living in Canada, you can say that the benefits of living in Canada are higher than the disadvantages. 

From here, you can say that life in Canada for Indian immigrants is quite good, but you have to adjust to some things.

After learning about how is life in Canada for Indian immigrants, you must also learn some important things about the Indian communities.

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Indian Communities In Canada

In 2021, the Indo-Canadian population in Canada was approximately 1.86 million, which is increasing daily.

Here are some things you must know about the Indian communities in Canada. Like;

  • Cities with the major Indian population
  • Major Indian festivals in Canada
  • Indian business
  • Political representation

Cities With The Major Indian Population

Here you will get a list of cities that have a large number of Indian-origin people. This list is very helpful to understand life in Canada for Indians because in the following cities of Canada, the life of Indian immigrants is best.

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Montreal

Major Indian Festivals In Canada

In the cities where Indian origin people are in the majority, Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Baisakhi are celebrated enthusiastically.

So Indians can easily be connected with their cultural roots by living abroad. 

Indian Business

Many big businesses in Canada are owned by Indian origin people such as Steve Gupta (hotel industry), Surjit Babra (Tourism), Ramesh Chotai (medical field), and Vasu Chanchlani (Sigma Group of Companies’ co-founder).

Political Representation

Indian people in Canada also have a very successful political careers, as there are many Indian-origin MPs in Canada; for example, Jagmeet Singh, Harjit Sajjan, Anita Anand, and Bardish Chagger.

Challenges Faced By Indians In Canada

To understand how is life for Indians in Canada, students must know the challenges faced by Indians in Canada.

Here we will tell you some most common challenges that Indians face when they migrate to Canada to start a new life.

  • When an Indian moves to Canada, adjusting to the new culture is difficult for us. Mainly for those who are traveling first time outside India.
  • Another difficulty an Indian face is in the face of the language barrier. In India, most of the population speaks Hindi, but in Canada, Indians must speak English to make people understand them.
  • In starting, sometimes it can be a bit challenging for Indians to find a job in Canada, especially for those without a known person there.
  • The biggest hurdle for Indians in Canada is to adjust to the freezing climate. In Canada, during the winter season, the temperature mainly remains below, and Indian face difficulty because they are not habitual of living below 0.

Tips For Indians To Make Life Easy In Canada

After learning about how is life for Indians in Canada, here you will get some tips to make your life easy in Canada.

  • French and English are two of the most spoken languages in Canada, so you must learn these languages before migrating to Canada. You can skip learning French, but English is a must to learn for you if you want to make your life easy in Canada.
  • You must build a strong network and make new friends in Canada to make your life easy. You can join clubs or join communities to make build new connections. Building a big network can also help you to get a job in Canada.
  • The most important thing is to prepare yourself for the weather in Canada. You must buy warm clothes before you migrate to Canada to save yourself from freezing cold in Canada.

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed life in Canada for Indians. Living in Canada has numerous benefits, like quality education, healthcare, and life. 

These benefits show that life in Canada for Indian immigrants is very good, but as you know that every coin has two sides, so there are some drawbacks too of living in Canada. 

But these drawbacks of living in Canada are not so strong that you think life in Canada is not great for Indians. 

That is all for today, and we hope we have cleared all your queries and questions about Canadian life for Indians. 

You may contact our experts if you still have any questions or queries. Also, you can contact us for any support or guidance for your visa application. 

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How much Indian earn in Canada?

The average salary for Indian or other foreigners is approximately CAD 35,000 to 40,000 annually. A person can earn up to CAD 15 – 18 per hour in Canada.

Where in Canada are most Indians?

In Canada, Ontario is the province that has the largest population of Indian immigrants in Canada. In Ontario, Brampton (Toronto) has the largest Indian population.

Which city in Canada is best for PR?

Ontario is the best city in Canada for someone who is looking for PR (permanent residence). According to the reports, in 2021, Ontario received around half of Canada’s new PR (permanent residence).

What is the cheapest place in Canada to live?

Quebec is the cheapest city in Canada as it provides affordable housing and also the cost of living in Quebec is very low.