IELTS Preparation Time – The International English language testing system (IELTS) is one of the most popular English testing exams. Thousands of students from India each year take this exam. 

Almost all the topmost universities in English-speaking countries require students from non-native English countries to submit English test scores to prove their proficiency in English. 

If you opt for a course taught in a different language than English, you may not need an English language test score, but all the English-taught programs need you to submit an English language test score.

There are many English tests like the TOEFL, PTE, and the Duolingo test, but the IELTS remains one of the most popular in India. IELTS is a universal exam. 

Although the exam is easy to score, you must prepare to get the best score possible. One of the most asked questions by students is how much time is required to prepare for IELTS.

So, in this blog, we will discuss IELTS preparation time. 

IELTS Exam Pattern

Before discussing IELTS preparation time in detail, let us briefly examine the IELTS exam pattern. 

You need to understand the pattern of IELTS thoroughly to get an idea of how much time you need to prepare for each module. 

The IELTS is an English testing exam, and thus it tests your skills based on four modules: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and listening. 

All the modules contain different types of questions and assess different abilities. 

ModulesOverviewTotal QuestionsTime duration
Writing The writing module of the IELTS contains 2 tasks. One task requires you to describe an image, diagram, graph, or any type of visual representation of data. Task 2 is an essay writing task where you have to write a short essay on the given prompt. 260 minutes
Speaking The speaking module in the IELTS is an interview round. You will be asked some questions about some topics by an examiner and have to discuss some of the counter questions with the examiner. The speaking module will be given on a different date than the other modules.311-14 minutes
Listening The listening module will require you to listen to recordings of monologues and conversations, and lectures. After listening to the recordings, you will be asked questions based on them.4030 minutes (10 minutes extra to transfer your answers to an answer sheet)
ReadingThe reading module contains several passages of different kinds, and you will have to answer questions based on the passages after reading and understanding them. 4060 minutes

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IELTS Preparation Time for each Module

The time required for preparation for the IELTS depends on student to the student. If you are a fast learner, and thus you could complete the whole syllabus in just one month, or if you are a slow learner and require even 3 months. 

The time given each day also differs for all people. To estimate the time required for your preparation for the IELTS, you will have to look at the preparation time required for each module, and then you can analyze how much time you may require. 

Now that you are clear with the introduction and the paper pattern of the IELTS, let us look at each module in detail. 

IELTS Preparation time for the Listening Module

The IELTS listening module consists of 40 questions. These questions are divided equally into 4 modules. You will be given 30 minutes to complete all the questions. 

The examiners are looking to examine how sharply can you listen in English to find whether or not you can understand and analyze lectures in English. 

The IELTS preparation time for the Listening module usually is 1 week for an average learner.

  • Section 1 will consist of a recording of a dialogue between two people. This will be a general conversation, mostly containing general greetings. You can listen to mock conversations online and look for available videos or podcasts where two people are conversing. You must listen to these podcasts daily until the exam to keep evolving your listening skills.
  • Section 2 will consist of a monologue of an event. This will mostly contain factual information, and you must answer questions based on the recording you heard. This section, too, doesn’t require any distinct preparation. Your habit of listening to podcasts will be sufficient for this too. 
  • Section 3 is a dialogue between two people, but the topic will be academic, unlike in Section 1. 
  • Section 4 is a lecture recording. This will be a general university lecture where the professor will discuss a topic. The topic will be generalized, but the lecture will be purely academic. 

Sections 3 and 4 are usually prepared by listening to youtube videos. You can watch any informative and conceptual videos. 

However, my advice would be to watch Ted Talks. This will not only increase your understanding of the subject but will also improve your listening skills. 

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IELTS Preparation Time for the Writing Module

The writing module is considered the hardest module in the IELTS. However, by smart preparation, you can get the best score in the writing module. 

The IELTS preparation time for the writing module highly varies for students as some are better at writing than others. But an average student requires at least 2-3 weeks. 

There are two tasks in IELTS writing, and students must complete those tasks in 60 minutes.

  • Task 1 requires you to understand and describe an image or any other visual representation of data in your words. To get the best score in this, you must look at several mock writing tests, understand the type of data depicted in them, and practice some of the model answers. Giving mock tests helps the most in the writing module. 
  • Task 2 of the writing module is the most important and weighs higher in IELTS writing. This task requires you to write a 250 words essay on a prompt. The prompt can be anything, but the topics range from environment, health, and education to current affairs. You will need to practice writing several essays and then have them checked by a teacher or a similar online tool that checks your essays. 

So, practicing on mock papers is the key to preparing the writing module and getting a good score. The writing module preparation needs dedicated practice. 

You must put in at least 2-3 hours daily and keep practicing for at least 2 weeks. Even if you are good at writing, give it at least 2 weeks. 

IELTS Preparation time for Speaking module

The speaking module often produces tension in students. Indian students don’t face many problems with other modules but cannot score high in the speaking module even after practicing. 

The speaking module is a face-to-face interview round. You will have to answer the questions quickly, although you will be given some time to think about the topic in some questions. 

There is no way to prepare for the speaking module distinctly. You will have to put in some effort daily, and then you will be able to perform well in the speaking module. The IELTS preparation time for the speaking module is hard to state, but you must practice for at least 1-2 weeks. 

You can talk to a friend daily in English to improve your English. Many students have problems speaking spontaneously; to overcome this, you will have to make it a practice to speak with someone in English daily. 

Talk to your friend about anything in English and try to identify some words you can use in the exam more often. 

IELTS preparation time for the Reading Module

The reading module is probably the easiest of all the modules. You just need to read some paragraphs and answer some questions based on them. 

It is more like a comprehension round. You will get all types of questions, ranging from MCQ, fill in the blanks, match the following, etc. 

You will get 1 hour to complete the sufficient reading module. Students are often tense about the topics of the passages, but the topics are usually general, like a newspaper or a magazine article, an academic paper, or a report. 

All the passages will have the information needed to answer the questions. You just need to identify the answers. Some questions may ask you to write your views on a specific topic or incident described in the passage. 

The IELTS preparation time for the reading module is 2 hours daily for 2 weeks. You need to read some newspapers, academic papers, magazines, etc. 


The IELTS preparation time is a major concern for all the students preparing for the exam. However, there is no specific answer to this question. 

Your preparation may take 1-3 months. But for the safe side, you should consider giving at least 2 months to prepare for IELTS. 

You must consistently give 4-5 hours a day in these 2 months to get the best results. 

You can analyze the time required for each module by the above-given information and then make a personalized timetable.  

If you have any queries or questions about the preparation time for IELTS, you can contact our experts.

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Can I prepare for IELTS in 7 days?

It may depend upon your knowledge of the English language. If you have a strong base in the English language and consistently prepare for the IELTS, you can easily prepare for the IELTS in 7 days.

Is it easy to score 8 in IELTS?

Yes, you can easily get 8 bands in the IELTS exam with proper planning and consistent practice. Without dedication and consistent practice, you can not achieve this target.