Do you also want to know how to get the Duolingo required score? If yes, so let’s begin. Studying abroad is the dream of thousands of international students. Each year, the competition in the top universities is rising worldwide. Moreover, English-speaking countries are the most chosen by international students as English is the preferred language and offers a chance to experience a multicultural environment. However, to secure a position in one of the topmost universities in the world, you need to be ahead of others in competition. This can be by your academic scores or your English test results.

English tests allow international students to prove their English proficiency in universities abroad. Some of the most popular English tests are the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and the Duolingo test of English. The Duolingo test of English has become popular in the last decade due to its many benefits. The score required to get into some of the top universities in the world must be kept in mind while preparing for this test. 

In this blog, we will cover the benefits of the Duolingo test, the scoring system, and the best tips to get your Duolingo required score.

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Benefits of the Duolingo test

Before we look into the scoring system and the Duolingo required score, let us understand why you should prefer Duolingo over other English tests. Duolingo is a comparatively newer test; some students need clarification regarding its authenticity and acceptance. Below are the reasons why you should take the Duolingo test of English.

1. Anywhere, Anytime

The most important benefit of the Duolingo test over other English tests is its feasibility. You can take the Duolingo test of English from anywhere at any time. No pre-booking is required; you don’t need to go to any test center. You can sit in your comfortable environment and give the test. This is a major advantage for students who have missed the booking dates of other tests and those who get anxious in the test center. This benefit also encourages a person to get Duolingo required scores.

2. Cost

The cost of the Duolingo test is a lot less when compared to other tests like the IELTS and the TOEFL. The cost of a Duolingo test of English in India is just $49, which is approximately INR 3,800. Compare this with the cost of IELTS, which is INR 16,500. Thus, the Duolingo test of English is a cheaper option for students who cannot afford other tests. 

3. Fast

You can complete the Duolingo test in less than an hour. After completing the test, you get the results in 2 days. If you have hard application deadlines, do not go for any other test. 

Disadvantages of the Duolingo test

With all the above advantages, the Duolingo test has a major disadvantage. Even if you get the Duolingo required score, your university may not accept it. As this is a new test, very few universities accept the Duolingo test as proof of English. First, You must check whether this is acceptable in your preferred university. 

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Scoring system of the Duolingo test

You must understand the scoring system of the Duolingo test of English. You should first be clear about the Duolingo scoring system to get the Duolingo required score. 

As Mentioned Above, the scorecard of the Duolingo test is generated within 48 hours of giving the test. After you have given the test, you will get a notification in your email regarding the scorecard within 48 hours. You need to click the link in the mail to redirect you to a page. You will be given your scorecard on this page. You can also print the scorecard in the form of a PDF document. The PDF copy of the scorecard is important as it has to be submitted to the university and the visa office.

The Duolingo scorecard will give your result in 5 sections. These five sections are: Overall score, Literacy, Comprehension, Conversation, and Production. All of these sections will have a score in the range of 10-160. 

After your scorecard, you can easily compare your results with the detailed descriptions given for all ranges of scores. 

Score rangeDescription
10-55You can express yourself in a familiar context and understand the basic and straightforward information provided to them. You can comprehend basic English nuances.
60-85You can comprehend the main elements of a speech or writing on everyday topics such as school and job. You can explain objectives, opinions, plans, and experiences without hesitation.
90-115You can speak effectively and absorb information on a variety of topics. You can easily comprehend the main themes of both concrete and abstract writing and converse with competent speakers.
120-160You can comprehend difficult written and spoken language and some specialized language situations. You can comprehend implicit, metaphorical, pragmatic, and idiomatic language and utilize it effectively and flexibly in social, academic, and professional settings.

You can look at the above table and identify which score range is described as what level of English proficiency. The Duolingo required score can vary from different universities and countries. However, a score above 120 is considered a valid and good score. You can get admission to most top universities by achieving this score. 

The scorecard of the Duolingo test of English is valid for up to 2 years. You can use this scorecard anywhere it is accepted and prove your English proficiency for two years. 

How to get the Duolingo required score?

Once you have gathered all the information regarding the Duolingo test and its scoring system, you should now prepare to get the Duolingo required test score. The test score that can get you into your dream university is anything above 120. However, this score is challenging to obtain. You need to follow the right advice and prepare consistently to get the result. Below are some tips to get your required score:

How to get the Duolingo required score

1. Speak English regularly

One of the biggest mistakes students make while preparing for an English test is that they learn the grammar rules. English is not a theoretical subject but a language that can only be learned by speaking regularly. Once you have gone through the basic grammar rules, start speaking daily. Even an hour of intensive English speaking with someone can increase your fluency multiple times. You can use a friend who is also preparing for an English test. 

2. Improve your Vocabulary

The most important part of English is vocabulary. This refers to the collection of words you have. The more unique words you know, the better your English sounds. Having a good vocabulary also increases your writing score multiple times. You can set a daily target to learn a few new words to increase your vocabulary. Don’t just mug up the words; learn their meaning and usage. 

3. Listen to Podcasts

One of the skills that will be tested in the Duolingo test of English is your listening ability. You need to develop a habit of understanding native English efficiently. Podcasts are the best way to increase your listening skills. Choose a podcast that a native English speaker hosts, as you must understand the native English accent. If you have decided on the country to study abroad in, listen to English speakers from that country. You can also watch English news channels and TV shows to understand the accent better. 

4. Practice Regularly

The hardest section for Indian students in any English test is the writing section of the Duolingo test. It would be best to score well in the writing section to get the Duolingo required score. The writing section requires you to write essays on the given prompts or topics. You will be given a word limit, which you must strictly follow. Practice writing every day. If you are taking the Duolingo test, practice typing daily in English. You can write about your day or summarize any article you read. 

5. Give mocks

The best tip to get your Duolingo required score is to give as many mock tests as possible. Mock tests are the best way to analyze your results and identify your weaknesses. After giving each mock test, analyze your results carefully. Take time and identify the section in which you are weak and the selection that is your strength. Before the test, focus on sharpening your weaker sections. 

6. Use Reference books

The ideal way to prepare for any English test is by referring to the standard English books designed to score high on these English tests. You can go through only some of the book. If you already have a good command of English, then give some mock tests and identify the weak sections; refer only to these weaker sections from the reference book. This will surely increase your Duolingo required score. 

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The Duolingo test of English is becoming popular due to its feasibility and ease of giving the test. The cost of the test has been a major point of attraction for international students who cannot afford expensive tests like the IELTS. The first thing that you need to do is to check whether your university accepts Duolingo scores as proof of English. Then check the Duolingo required score for the course you want to join. Follow the above tips to get your required score in Duolingo, which is more than 120. All the best for your test! For more related content related to different International Exams, do visit CourseMentor.

Frequently Asked Questions ( Duolingo Required Score )

1. What is the minimum score requirement for Duolingo?

The scores of Duolingo are calculated on a score range of 10-160. However, the minimum score requirement for the Duolingo exam is 120 and above.

2. How to get the Duolingo required score?

To get the Duolingo required score, speak English regularly, practice mock tests daily, listen to podcasts and focus on improving your vocabulary.