Duolingo English test is an English language test used to measure the English language proficiency of students who want to study abroad. 

As this is a new test of the English language, students find it hard to get Duolingo English test sample questions and answers. 

So, it is difficult for them to practice the questions for the Duolingo exam. But in this blog, you will get the questions with the answers for the Duolingo English test to practice. 

Read the Complete blog for a better understanding. Let’s start without wasting any more time. Here you will get a pdf for the Duolingo sample questions and answers.

Duolingo English Test Sample Questions And Answers

There are 12 types of questions in the Duolingo English test through which the student’s language proficiency is tested. 

  • Read and Complete
  • Read and Select
  • Listen and Select
  • Listen and Type
  • Read Aloud
  • Write About the Photo
  • Speak About the Photo
  • Read, Then Write
  • Read, Then Speak
  • Listen, Then Speak
  • Speaking Sample
  • Writing Sample

Let’s look at the Duolingo English test sample questions and answers to help you practice and get a 140+ score on the exam.

Here download the Duolingo English test sample questions and answers pdf.

Duolingo English Test Sample Questions pdf

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Tips For Duolingo English Test

After knowing the Duolingo English test sample questions and answers, here are some tips that you can use to improve your Duolingo test score and fulfill your dream of studying abroad.

  1. The first and foremost tip for preparing for the Duolingo test is to learn and practice new vocabulary.
  2. Improve your listening as many questions require good listening skills in the Duolingo English test.
  3. Read newspapers or magazines daily.
  4. Make your ears habitual to listening to an American accent.
  5. Improve your pronunciation by practicing difficult words daily.
  6. Write or speak small sentences about the scenery around you. Try to explain those sceneries.
  7. Practice speaking for at least 40-50 seconds.
  8. Practice writing and see how much you can write in 3-5 minutes.


In this blog, we have provided Duolingo English test sample questions and answers along with some tips to prepare for the Duolingo English test. We have given the Duolingo English test sample questions pdf you can download and store for future use.

Contact our experts if you have any queries or questions about the Duolingo English test.

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Is Duolingo English Test easy to pass?

Yes, if you have a good command of the English language and good typing speed, you will find the exam easy.

What is the minimum Duolingo score for Canada?

The Duolingo test score may vary with the college in Canada. But with a score of a minimum of 120, you are eligible for most of the colleges in Canada.