Vancouver Community College: Courses, Fees & Reviews

Vancouver Community College

Welcome to our look at Vancouver Community College (VCC)! Located in the lively city of Vancouver, British Columbia, VCC is a shining light of learning opportunities for all kinds of people.

Since it started, VCC has focused on giving accessible, top-quality education that helps students reach their goals and make meaningful contributions to society.

In this blog, we’ll closely examine what makes VCC special, from its rich history and diverse academic programs to its energetic campus life and strong community involvement.

Whether you’re a possible future student excited to find out about our programs and support services, an alumni remembering your time at VCC, or just interested in the impact of community colleges, join us on this journey as we dive into the world of Vancouver Community College.

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About Vancouver Community College

Vancouver Community College (VCC) is a public community college located in Vancouver, BC. It has a long history of helping students and the community. VCC started in 1965 and has provided accessible education for over 50 years. 

Today, VCC keeps this legacy going by offering various programs. These focus on trades, health, business, arts, and more to meet different needs. Students can earn certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, and citations. The programs give hands-on learning, so students gain practical skills.

Campus life at VCC is active and fun. Students can join in athletics, student government, events, and over 60 student clubs. Support services like academic advising, financial aid, disability services, counseling, indigenous services, and more assist students to succeed. Dedicated teachers provide top-quality instruction and support. 

VCC partners with different industries for co-op placements, work-integrated learning, and career opportunities. This allows students to connect their education with real work experience. Graduates find careers in healthcare, trades, business, technology, arts, and more. 

With a welcoming environment and focus on empowering students, VCC continues its legacy of providing accessible and well-rounded education. VCC strives to serve the diverse needs of students and the community.

Why Choose Vancouver Community College?

Here are some reasons to choose Vancouver Community College (VCC):

  • Job-focused courses: VCC has over 120 diploma and certificate programs in business, healthcare, design, tech, and trades. The courses teach useful skills for popular careers. 
  • Small classes: Classes at VCC are smaller than at many universities. This allows for more personal attention from teachers.
  • Affordable costs: Compared to other colleges and universities, the tuition at VCC is very affordable. This makes higher education possible for more students.
  • Flexible schedule: VCC has daytime, evening, weekend, and online classes. This flexibility makes it easy to fit education into your life.
  • Help services: VCC offers many services to help students succeed, like academic advising, tutoring, disability services, Indigenous student services, and more.
  • Great teachers: VCC teachers are highly experienced and passionate about teaching. They are dedicated to student success. 
  • Nice campuses: VCC has several campuses across Vancouver, located close to transit and student services. The facilities have modern amenities.

Vancouver Community College Courses

VCC offers various associate degrees, bachelor degrees, diplomas, certificates, and post-degree diplomas for students to gain knowledge and skills for employment. Here is the list of some of the top courses.

  •  Artisan Baking and Pastry Certificates
  • Asian Culinary Arts Certificate
  • Culinary Arts Diploma
  • Accounting Diploma
  • Administrative Professional Certificate
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Business and Project Management
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Business Management
  • Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate
  • Marketing Technology Diploma
  • Medical Office Assistant Certificate
  • Fashion Design and Production Diploma
  • Graphic Design Diploma
  • Jewellery Art and Design Diploma
  • Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma 
  • Hairstylist Certificate
  • Esthetics and Body Therapy Certificate
  • Cosmetology Diploma
  • Dental Technology Sciences
  • Health Care Assistant Diploma
  • Optician Diploma
  • Hospitality Management Diploma
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Music Diploma
  • Bachelor of Applied Music
  • Dance Diploma
  • Computer Systems Technology Diploma
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Network Technology Administration and Security 
  • Electronics Repair Technology Diploma

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Admission Requirements

Here is a list of the requirements:

  • A valid passport copy
  • Photographs
  • Official transcripts 
  • Official high school or post-secondary graduation certificate
  • English language proficiency scores
  • 60% to 70% GPA
  • Students must be 17 years

English Proficiency Requirements

Exam Scores
IELTS6.0 to 6.5
TOEFL (iBT)60 to 84
Duolingo95 to 120
PTE43 to 56

How To Apply For Vancouver Community College

Before you apply, check the Application Availability page to make sure the program you want accepts applications for your study permit status. Application fees are non-refundable and can’t be transferred between programs. 

  1. Create an EducationPlannerBC (EPBC) account and fill in your details.
  2. Start a new application by choosing VCC (Vancouver Community College). 
  3. Click on “Create Application.”
  4. Choose “International Applicant.”
  5. Select your study level, program, and term. 
  6. Give any other information and documents needed.
  7. Click on “Review & Submit.”
  8. Pay only the $145 non-refundable application fee by credit card and submit your application.
  9. Check your email for a copy and the most current application processing time. Wait for VCC to contact you regarding the next steps.

Cost Of Attendance

Tuition fees for various programs at Vancouver Community College range from 7.37 to 18.55 lakhs INR. Below is an estimate of the cost of living for international students at VCC in Vancouver.

Expense TypeAverage Annual Cost (CAD)Average Annual Cost (INR)
Accommodation18,000 to 30,00010.88 to 18.14 lakhs
Transportation1200 to 2,16072,570 to 1.30 lakhs
Food3,600 to 9,6002.17 to 5.80 lakhs
Mobile and Internet720 to 1,8001,800 to 1.08 lakhs
Provincial health insurance1,9561.18 lakhs


The Vancouver Community College has an extensive alumni network consisting of more than 70,000 graduates. The VCC Foundation supports bursaries, scholarships, buildings, classroom equipment, awards, special projects, and more. 

As a VCC alumni, you can enjoy various benefits, such as access to the library, 10% off on spa and salon services, a 10% discount on items available at the VCC bookstore, save on insurance with best rates, get free meals, sign up for a non-credit class, and receive 10% off on tuition fees.

Kevin CherkasOwner of the “Cuca” restaurant
Iain LawrenceCanadian author
Veda HilleCanadian songwriter
Keith MaillardProfessor of Creative Writing

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Final Remarks

In summary, Vancouver Community College (VCC) shows the power of accessible education and community involvement through its wide range of academic programs, energetic campus life, and strong commitment to student success. 

VCC has positively changed countless lives and contributed greatly to Vancouver. As we reflect on exploring VCC, we are reminded of its amazing personal and professional growth opportunities.

Whether you’re a current student, a graduate, or just someone interested in the life-changing power of education, VCC welcomes you to join its community. Let’s keep celebrating the value of education and the spirit of inclusiveness that defines Vancouver Community College.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Vancouver Community College private or government?

Vancouver Community College (VCC) is the largest and the first government-accredited public post-secondary institution in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Q2. How much is the application fee for VCC Canada

Students need to pay 145 CAD for application fees during admission.

Q3. Is Vancouver Community College a PGWP?

International students who complete their studies at VCC may qualify for a PGWP if they meet all the criteria for PGWP eligibility. However, to be eligible, they should have maintained their status in Canada or have a valid study permit within the last 180 days.

Vancouver Community College Reviews

Nishant – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.8 Rating)

I had an amazing experience at VCC. The professors were so knowledgeable and passionate about teaching. They provided excellent support and took the time to ensure I understood the material. The campus environment was also great – very inclusive and diverse. There were many clubs and activities to get involved with outside of class.

Mayank – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.4 Rating)

I appreciated all the support services like academic advising, financial aid, and career counseling. They have resources to help students succeed. I gained many valuable skills, and my confidence grew thanks to my time at VCC. I would highly recommend VCC to anyone looking to pursue their education!

Urja – ⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (3.8 Rating)

VCC exceeded my expectations! The program was very career-focused and provided opportunities for hands-on learning. We did co-op placements, which allowed me to get real-world experience and network in my industry. VCC prepared me well for my career. I gained technical knowledge and soft skills that I continue to use today in my job. 

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