University Of Illinois Chicago Fees & Courses In 2024

University Of Illinois Chicago Fees

In today’s blog, we will discuss the University Of Illinois Chicago fees and courses. Deciding where to go to college is a big decision that involves weighing many factors, including cost. Tuition and fees make up a significant portion of the total cost of college, so it’s essential to understand what you’ll be expected to pay at your chosen school. 

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is a public research university in the heart of Chicago. If you’re considering applying to or attending UIC, you’re curious about the cost of tuition and fees. In this blog post, we’ll break down UIC’s current tuition and fee rates to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay as an undergraduate or graduate student. 

Whether you’re an in-state or out-of-state student, UIC offers relatively affordable tuition rates compared to many other universities. Read on for a detailed overview of UIC’s tuition, housing, student fees, etc.

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University Of Illinois Chicago Fees: Tuition Fees

The University of Illinois at Chicago charges an average tuition fee for some of its popular programs as follows:

TypeAnnual Tuition Fees (USD)Annual Tuition Fees (INR)
Art History, Interdisciplinary Education in Arts18,71615.35 lakhs
Business Administration18,45215.13 lakhs
Education16,07613.18 lakhs
Engineering18,59415.25 lakhs
Liberal Arts & Sciences16,076 to 17,91213.18 to 14.69 lakhs

University Of Illinois Chicago Fees: Course Fees

The University offers various bachelor’s and master’s courses in different fields. Here is the list of the courses with their tuition fees. 

Courses University Of Illinois Chicago Fees (INR)University Of Illinois Chicago Fees (USD)
[B.A] ActingINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] AnthropologyINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] ChemistryINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] Classical StudiesINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] CommunicationINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] Criminology, Law and JusticeINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] Digital Design and FabricationINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] EconomicsINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] EducationINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] EnglishINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] Interdisciplinary EducationINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] ItalianINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] MusicINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] PhilosophyINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] Political ScienceINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] Public HealthINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] RussianINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] SociologyINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] SpanishINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] Teaching of EnglishINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.A] Theatre Design Production and TechnologyINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
Bachelor of Business Administration [B.B.A]INR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.Des] Graphic DesignINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.Des] Industrial DesignINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] / [M.S] Computer ScienceINR 23.7 L/YrUSD 28,476 /Yr
[B.S] AccountingINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] ArchitectureINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] BiochemistryINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] BioengineeringINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Biomedical EngineeringINR 23.7 L/YrUSD 28,476 /Yr
[B.S] Chemical EngineeringINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] ChemistryINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Civil EngineeringINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Computer EngineeringINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Computer ScienceINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Computer Science and DesignINR 23.7 L/YrUSD 28,476 /Yr
[B.S] Computer Science and LinguisticsINR 23.7 L/YrUSD 28,476 /Yr
[B.S] Disability and Human DevelopmentINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Earth and Environmental StudiesINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Electrical EngineeringINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Engineering ManagementINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Engineering PhysicsINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] EntrepreneurshipINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] FinanceINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Health Information ManagementINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Human Resource ManagementINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Industrial DesignINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Industrial EngineeringINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Information and Decision SciencesINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Integrated Health StudiesINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] KinesiologyINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] ManagementINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] MarketingINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] MathematicsINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Mechanical EngineeringINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] NeuroscienceINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] NursingINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] NutritionINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] PhysicsINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] Science with Major Biological SciencesINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[B.S] StatisticsINR 21.8 L/YrUSD 26,200 /Yr
[Ph.D] Mechanical EngineeringINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
Master in Urban Planning and PolicyINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
Master of Architecture [M.Arch]INR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.A] CommunicationINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.A] Criminology, Law and JusticeINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.A] EconomicsINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.A] EnglishINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.A] Environmental and Urban GeographyINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.A] Political ScienceINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.A] Public AdministrationINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]INR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
Master of City DesignINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.Des] Graphic DesignINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.Des] Industrial DesignINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.Ed] Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and AssessmentINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.Eng] Energy EngineeringINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
Master of Healthcare AdministrationINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
Master of Health Professions EducationINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] AccountingINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] ArchitectureINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] BioinformaticsINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Biological SciencesINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Biomedical EngineeringINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Biopharmaceutical SciencesINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Business AnalyticsINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Business Analytics/ Management Information SystemsINR 30.7 L/YrUSD 36,972 /Yr
[M.S] Business Analytics /  [M.B.A]INR 30.7 L/YrUSD 36,972 /Yr
[M.S] Chemical EngineeringINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] ChemistryINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Civil EngineeringINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Clinical and Translational ScienceINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Computer ScienceINR 19.8 L/YrUSD 23,802 /Yr
[M.S] Construction Engineering and ManagementINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Electrical and Computer EngineeringINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] FinanceINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Health Information ManagementINR 30.7 L/YrUSD 36,972 /Yr
[M.S] Industrial EngineeringINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] KinesiologyINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Management Information SystemsINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] MarketingINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Material EngineeringINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Materials EngineeringINR 30.7 L/YrUSD 36,972 /Yr
[M.S] MathematicsINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Mechanical EngineeringINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Medical BiotechnologyINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] NeuroscienceINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] NutritionINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Pharmaceutical SciencesINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] PhysicsINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Public Health – Community Health SciencesINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] StatisticsINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] Supply Chain and Operations ManagementINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr
[M.S] SurgeryINR 21.6 L/YrUSD 25,990 /Yr

University Of Illinois Chicago Fees: Cost of Attendance

Expenses CategoryAverage Annual Cost (USD)Average Annual Cost (INR)
Mandatory FeesUG: 5,123 | PG: 4,898UG: 4.20 lakhs | PG: 4.01 lakhs
Books & Supplies1,4001.14 lakhs
Housing & FoodOn Campus: 14,600Off Campus: 14,400On Campus: 11.97 lakhsOff Campus: 11.81 lakhs
Transportation1,200 to 3,30098.400 to 2.70 lakhs
Stafford Loan Fees (if applicable)UG: 70 | PG: 2005,740 to 16,406
Personal Expenses4,5003.69 lakhs

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed University Of Illinois Chicago fees. UIC offers a high-quality education at a public university tuition rate, which can provide great value compared to many private colleges. UIC attracts students locally and worldwide with options for undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs across various subjects. 

When considering the total cost of attendance, including tuition, fees, housing, meals, and more, UIC is comparable to or lower than other colleges and universities in the Chicago area. 

With multiple campuses in the city, UIC gives students access to all the opportunities and amenities Chicago has to offer. For many students, especially in-state ones, UIC represents an affordable path to earning a degree from a renowned institution. 

We hope this breakdown of UIC’s current tuition rates, fees, and other costs provides the information you need to make an informed decision when applying to colleges. Use these tuition and fee details as part of your research to choose the best university for your goals and budget. I hope you liked this post on University Of Illinois Chicago fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the tuition and fees for UIC?

For the 2023-2024 academic year, annual base tuition and fees at UIC for full-time undergraduate Illinois residents is approximately $15,084. For non-residents, it is roughly $30,784. Actual costs vary depending on factors like program, credit hours, etc.

Q2. Are there additional fees beyond tuition at UIC?

Yes, UIC has additional mandatory fees such as the General Fee, Student-to-Student Assistance Fee, Health Service Fee, Sustainability Fee, and more. These fees can add several hundred dollars per semester.

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