Best Universities In Russia For International Students

Universities In Russia

In today’s blog, we will discuss the best universities in Russia for domestic and international students. 

Russia is one of the most famous countries in Europe and one of the best study-abroad destinations for students. 

Russia is a vast country with a rich history and culture. Russia is home to many of the best institutions, and its universities are some of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. 

Many of Russia’s universities are ranked among the top 500 in the world, and they offer a wide range of programs to students from all over the globe.

Also, Russian universities are known for their high academic standards and their commitment to research. 

They also offer a relatively affordable cost of education, making them a popular choice for international students.

If you are considering studying in Russia, it is one of the best choices for students to pursue higher education and fulfill their dreams.

This blog provides a complete list of the best universities in Russia for students, and it will help them to choose the best one from them. So, let’s dive in to know more!

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Why Choose Universities In Russia?

Russia has many universities for students that offer multiple degrees, courses, and programs in various fields. Students can choose from undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees. 

Here are some of the best reasons for students to choose Russian universities and follow their dreams. 

  1. Globally recognized degrees: Russian degrees are recognized and respected by employers worldwide. It means that graduates of Russian universities have a wide range of job opportunities open to them, both in Russia and abroad.
  2. High-quality education: Russian universities are consistently ranked among the best universities in the world that offer high-quality education and a wide range of academic opportunities.
  3. Affordable tuition rates: The cost of tuition and living in Russia is much more affordable compared to other European and other famous study-abroad destinations. It makes Russia an excellent option for students on a budget.
  4. Work While Studying: Over the past two years, Russia has made it easier for international students to succeed while studying. Russia allows students to work without a work permit while studying for 20 hours per week. It will make it easier for students to afford tuition fees and living costs. 

So, these are some of the best reasons for students to choose Russian universities. 

Top 25 Universities In Russia: QS World Rankings

Russia has many respected and recognized universities offering various academic opportunities for students. Here is the list of the top 25 universities based on QS World Rankings.

UniversitiesLocation QS Ranking 
Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityMoscow, Russia=87
Saint Petersburg State UniversitySaint Petersburg, Russia=315
Bauman Moscow State Technical UniversityMoscow, Russia=319
RUDN UniversityMoscow, Russia342
Kazan (Volga region) Federal UniversityKazan, Russia=396
HSE UniversityMoscow, Russia399
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT / Moscow Phystech)Dolgoprudny, Russia=415
Tomsk State UniversityTomsk, Russia418
Novosibirsk State UniversityNovosibirsk, Russia=421
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)Moscow, Russia=461
Ural Federal University – UrFUEkaterinburg, Russia=473
MGIMO University Moscow, Russia=526
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic UniversitySt. Petersburg, Russia=534
ITMO UniversitySt. Petersburg, Russia=542
National Research Tomsk Polytechnic UniversityTomsk, Russia=586
Far Eastern Federal UniversityVladivostok, Russia641-650
The National University of Science and Technology MISISMoscow, Russia681-690
Altai State UniversityBarnaul, Russia701-710
Sechenov UniversityMoscow, Russia771-780
Plekhanov Russian University of EconomicMoscow, Russia791-800
Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal UniversityKaliningrad, Russia801-850
National Research Saratov State UniversitySaratov, Russia851-900
Southern Federal UniversityRostov-on-Don, Russia851-900
Samara National Research University (Samara University)Samara, Russia901-950
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University ETU-LETISt. Petersburg, Russia951-1000

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Top 25 Universities In Russia: THE Rankings

Below is the list of the 25 best universities in Russia, based on Times Higher Education (THE) Rankings.

UniversitiesTHE Rankings
Lomonosov Moscow State University=163
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)201–250
Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University301–350
HSE University401–500
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI401–500
Bauman Moscow State Technical University501–600
Saint-Petersburg Mining University501–600
National University of Science and Technology (MISiS)601–800
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics601–800
RUDN University601–800
Tomsk State University601–800
ITMO University801–1000
Kazan Federal University801–1000
Novosibirsk State University801–1000
Saint Petersburg State University801–1000
Sechenov University801–1000
South Ural State University801–1000
Don State Technical University1001–1200
Tomsk Polytechnic University1001–1200
Ufa State Petroleum Technological University1001–1200
Altai State University1201–1500
Far Eastern Federal University1201–1500
Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University1201–1500
Irkutsk National Research Technical University1201–1500

So, it is the list of the top 25 universities in Russia, based on QS World University Rankings and THE Rankings. Now, we will provide some other Russian universities. 

List Of Some Other Best Universities In Russia

Here is a list of some of other best universities in Russia for students.

  • South Ural State University (National Research University)
  • Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Kazan National Research Technological University
  • Lobachevsky University
  • Novosibirsk State Technical University
  • Saint-Petersburg Mining University
  • Siberian Federal University, SibFU
  • Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU)
  • University of Tyumen
  • Don State Technical University
  • Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology
  • Moscow Pedagogical State University
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI)
  • Perm State National Research University
  • Russian State Agrarian University
  • Russian State University for the Humanities
  • The National Research University “Belgorod State University”
  • The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
  • Voronezh State University
  • Irkutsk State University
  • Kuban State University
  • MIET
  • Saint Petersburg Mining University
  • Moscow City University
  • Volgograd State University
  • Tyumen State University
  • Petrozavodsk State University
  • MIREA – Russian Technological University
  • Kazan State Technological University
  • Kemerovo State University
  • Pavlov First State Medical University 
  • Moscow Aviation Institute

So, it is the complete list of the universities. 

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Requirements For Students To Study In Russian Universities

Every university has its specific study requirements. But here are some general requirements for students to study in Russian universities. 

  • A valid Passport
  • Passport size photos
  • Completed application form
  • All your previous academic transcripts
  • Proof of payment receipt of tuition fees
  • Student Visa
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency Exam Score.
  • Proof of having enough funds for studies
  • Letter of admission from the institution

English Proficiency Exam Scores

Here is the list of the required scores for English Language Proficiency Exams.

Exam Required Scores
IELTS6.5 bands
Duolingo English Test105
PTE Academic58
TOEFL (internet-based test)81 
SAT 500 
Cambridge English Exam176

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Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed universities in Russia for students. Russia offers many excellent opportunities for both domestic and international students. 

With a rich history, affordable tuition, and a commitment to high academic standards, Russian universities are an ideal choice for those looking to pursue higher education. 

The list of top 25 universities in Russia, along with additional options, provides a wide range of choices. Meeting the admission requirements, including English proficiency, can open the doors to a world-class education. 

Russia is not only a safe place to study but also offers opportunities for students to work while pursuing their dreams. Consider Russia for your educational journey! I hope you liked this post about the universities in Russia. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the number 1 university in Russia?

Lomonosov Moscow State University is considered the number one university in Russia, with a consistent position in the top 100 in the world.

Q2. Is Russia safe for studies?

Yes, Russia is generally considered one of the safest countries for students to study and live.

Q3. Can students earn money in Russia?

International students in Russia can work on a student visa. During university holidays, they can work without a permit.

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