List Of Top Universities In Egypt For Students

Universities In Egypt

In today’s blog, we will discuss the top universities in Egypt For both domestic and international students. Egypt is a well-known transcontinental country and one of the study-abroad destinations in the southwest corner of Asia.

Egypt is the largest country with a long and rich history of higher education. It has more than 50 universities that offer various undergraduate and graduate programs. The Egyptian government is committed to providing high-quality education to its citizens.

Also, Some Egypt universities are now ranked among the top universities in Africa and the Middle East. These universities offer these programs in English, Arabic, and French, and many have partnerships with universities in other Middle Eastern countries.

It makes them ideal for students interested in studying in the Middle East or pursuing a career in the region. So, let’s dive into the top universities in Egypt!

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Why Study In Egypt?

Studying in Egypt offers a rich blend of history, culture, and academic excellence. Renowned for its ancient wonders like the Pyramids and Sphinx, Egypt provides a unique backdrop for learning. 

The country’s affordable education system, diverse courses in Arabic and English, and welcoming community make it an attractive destination. Home to world-class universities, students can access quality education in various fields. 

Egypt’s strategic location in Africa provides opportunities for exploration and cultural immersion. With a mix of traditional and modern influences, studying in Egypt is a gateway to a unique educational experience amid a vibrant and historically significant environment.

Top Universities In Egypt: QS Rankings

Here is the list of the top universities in Egypt for students, based on QS World Rankings.

UniversitiesLocationQS Rankings 
Cairo UniversityGiza, Egypt=371
The American University in CairoCairo, Egypt=415
Ain Shams University in Cairo (ASU, Cairo)Cairo, Egypt721-730
Alexandria UniversityAlexandria, Egypt901-950
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT)Alexandria, Egypt1001-1200
Assiut UniversityAsyut, Egypt1001-1200
Future University in EgyptNew Cairo, Egypt1001-1200
Mansoura UniversityMansoura, Egypt1001-1200
Al-Azhar UniversityCairo, Egypt1201-1400
British University in EgyptEl Shorouk, Egypt1201-1400
German University in CairoCairo, Egypt1201-1400
Helwan UniversityHelwan, Egypt1201-1400
Suez Canal UniversityIsmailia, Egypt1201-1400
Tanta UniversityTanta, Egypt1201-1400
Zagazig UniversityZagazig, Egypt1201-1400

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Top Universities In Egypt: THE Rankings

Here is the list of the top universities in Egypt, based on THE rankings. 

UniversitiesTHE Rankings
Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST)Al601-800
Al-Azhar University801-1000
Alexandria University801-1000
American University in Cairo801-1000
Aswan University801-1000
Cairo University801-1000
Damietta University801-1000
Kafrelsheikh University801-1000
Mansoura University801-1000
Zagazig University 801-1000
Ain Shams University1001-1200
Benha University 1001-1200
Beni-Suif University1001-1200
Fayoum University 1001-1200
Minia University 1001-1200
Nile University 1001-1200
Suez University 1001-1200
Suez Canal University 1001-1200
Tanta University1001-1200
Xewail City Of Science And Technology1001-1200
Assiut University 1201-1500
The British University In Egypt1201-1500
Helwan University 1201-1500
Port said University 1201-1500
Sohag University1201-1500
South Valley University 1201-1500
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport1201-1500

Complete List Of Other Universities in Egypt

Here is the other list of other universities in Egypt.

  • Suez Canal University
  • Minia University
  • Beni-Suef University
  • South Valley University
  • German University in Cairo (GUC)
  • Misr University for Science & Technology
  • Misr International University (MIU)
  • October University for Modern Sciences and Arts
  • Delta University for Science and Technology
  • Nahda University
  • Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA)
  • 6th of October University
  • Damanhour University
  • Sinai University (Arish Branch)
  • University Of Sadat City
  • French University of Egypt
  • Egyptian-Russian University
  • Heliopolis University
  • New Giza University
  • Ahram Canadian University
  • New Valley University
  • Galala University
  • King Salman International University
  • Luxor University
  • Military Technical College

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Programs Offered At Egypt Universities

Here is a table that shows the top programs offered by universities in Egypt.

Agricultural SciencesPharmacology and Toxicology
Biology and BiochemistryPhysics
ChemistryPlant and Animal Science
Computer ScienceMaterials Science
Clinical MedicineMathematics
Neuroscience and BehaviorOncology
Electrical and Electronic EngineeringGastroenterology and Hepatology
Physical ChemistryFood Science and Technology

Requirements For Egypt Universities

Here is the list of the admission requirements for universities in Egypt.

  • Original birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Passport-size photos
  • Proof of previous academic transcripts
  • Official university transcript with course description
  • CV/Resume
  • Application fee
  • English language certificate
  • Letter of Reference
  • Financial Resources proof
  • Health Report
  • Medical Records

English Proficiency Requirements

English Proficiency ExamRequired Scores
IELTS6.0 or more
Duolingo130 or more
PTE 60

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Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the universities in Egypt for students. Egypt is a compelling destination for students seeking a rich educational experience. 

With its top-ranking universities like Cairo University and the American University in Cairo, the country provides diverse programs in Arabic and English, set against the backdrop of ancient wonders. 

Affordability, a welcoming community, and a blend of traditional and modern influences make studying in Egypt a unique journey. The strategic African location adds opportunities for exploration. 

Egypt is a melting pot of history, culture, and academic excellence. It offers students an enriching experience beyond the classroom, creating memories to last a lifetime. I hope you liked this post about the universities in Egypt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the number 1 university in Egypt?

According to the QS World Rankings, Cairo University is considered the number one 1 university in Egypt with 371 rank.

Q2. Is it good to study in Egypt?

Egypt offers well-respected universities and a unique fusion of African, Middle Eastern, low living costs, and Mediterranean cultures, making it an ideal study-abroad destination.

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