20+ Top Universities In Arkansas For International Students

Universities In Arkansas

In today’s blog, we will discuss the best colleges and universities in Arkansas for students.  Arkansas is one of the other study-abroad destinations and a state in the south-central region of the United States. 

Arkansas is home to several educational institutions, including publicly and private liberal arts colleges and midsize universities. These institutes offer state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on learning academic experiences to students.

If you are looking for any academic institution in Arkansas, this blog is for you. It provides an amazing list of the top universities that offer amazing education to students. So, let’s move on to the top universities in Arkansas. 

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Top Universities in Arkansas

Here is the list of the top academic institutes:

Top Universities in ArkansasLocation Average tuition fees
University of ArkansasFayetteville, Arkansas$28,770 
Harding UniversitySearcy, Arkansas$24,890 
Arkansas State UniversityState University, Arkansas$13,310 
Hendrix CollegeConway, Arkansas$36,650
Lyon CollegeBatesville, Arkansas$31,000

So, it is the list of the top universities in Arkansas. Below is a brief description of these universities. 

1. University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas (UA) was established in 1871 and is a well-known public land-grant research university located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It is considered one of the top universities in the nation. 

The university has an enrollment of around 31,000 students from more than 120 countries. It provides more than 250 programs at graduate and undergraduate levels across disciplines like business, architecture, law, agriculture, and creative writing, among others.

The University of Arkansas aims to create a better world for all individuals through transformative opportunities, inclusive and diverse culture, innovation, research, and serving Arkansas. 

Also, the campus has state-of-the-art facilities, including libraries, labs, and recreational areas. The University of Arkansas provides a rich educational experience, promoting academic excellence and personal growth for its students while contributing to advancing knowledge and the community.

Overall Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.8 Rating)

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2. Harding University

Harding University was established in 1924 and is a well-known private research university with its major campus located in Searcy, Arkansas. It is considered one of the biggest universities in Arkansas. 

It offers various undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of fields. Harding is known for its strong sense of community and commitment to academic excellence. The campus provides a safe and supportive environment for students to grow academically and spiritually. 

Harding’s faculty is dedicated to teaching and mentoring, helping students achieve their goals. The university also encourages community service and engagement, promoting a well-rounded education. 

With a beautiful campus and a focus on values, Harding University prepares students for success in their chosen careers while encouraging personal growth and moral character.

Overall Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.6 Rating)

3. Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University is a recognized public university in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Founded in 1909, it offers a wide range of academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It is known for its dedication to accessibility and affordability in higher education.

The university has a vibrant campus community and a diverse student body. It places a strong emphasis on research, innovation, and community engagement. It commits to fostering student success and career readiness through its academic offerings and support services.

The campus features modern facilities and resources to enhance learning and student life. With a focus on preparing students for future challenges, Arkansas State University is a hub for education, research, and opportunity in Arkansas and beyond.

Overall Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.3 Rating)

4. Hendrix College

Hendrix College is a well-known private liberal arts college located in Conway, Arkansas. Established in 1876, it offers undergraduate programs in various fields, emphasizing a well-rounded education and critical thinking. Known for its small class sizes and close-knit community, Hendrix provides a personalized learning experience.

The college encourages students to explore a wide range of subjects, fostering intellectual curiosity and a global perspective. Hendrix also promotes community engagement and social responsibility, encouraging students to make a positive impact beyond the classroom.

The campus features a beautiful setting with green spaces and historic buildings, creating an ideal learning and personal growth environment. With a commitment to academic excellence and a strong sense of community, Hendrix College aims to prepare students for successful careers and responsible citizenship.

Overall Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Rating)

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5. Lyon College

Lyon College was established in 1872 and is a small, private liberal arts college located in Batesville, Arkansas. It offers undergraduate programs in various fields, focusing on personalized education. Lyon College is known for its tight-knit community and close student-faculty relationships.

The college emphasizes critical thinking, communication skills, and experiential learning. It encourages students to explore their academic interests and engage in research and community service. With a picturesque campus in the Ozark Mountains, Lyon provides a tranquil and inspiring learning and personal development environment.

Lyon College’s commitment to academic excellence and character development is evident in its Honor System, which fosters a strong sense of integrity and responsibility among students. Lyon College aims to prepare graduates for successful careers and a lifelong commitment to ethical and responsible citizenship.

Overall Rating – ⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (3.8 Rating)

List Of Some Other Universities In Arkansas

Here is the list of the other best universities in Arkansas.

  • Ouachita Baptist University
  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • John Brown University
  • University of the Ozarks
  • University of Arkansas, Fort Smith
  • Williams Baptist University
  • University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff
  • Crowley’s Ridge College
  • Central Baptist College
  • Philander Smith College
  • Arkansas Tech University
  • Southern Arkansas University
  • Henderson State University
  • Strayer University
  • Ozarka College
  • Shorter College
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Arkansas Baptist College
  • University of Arkansas, Monticello
  • University of Central Arkansas
  • UAMS Medical Center
  • Lyon College
  • Champion Christian College
  • Philander Smith University
  • Ecclesia College

It is the complete list of the best universities in Arkansas. 

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the best universities in Arkansas. It offers a welcoming environment for international students, with various reputable universities and colleges. The University of Arkansas stands out as a top-tier public institution with diverse programs and a commitment to excellence. 

Harding University offers a strong sense of community and values-based education. Arkansas State University provides accessible education with a focus on research and innovation. Hendrix College and Lyon College offer personalized, liberal arts education in close-knit communities. 

These institutions and others in Arkansas provide opportunities for international students to pursue quality education in a safe and supportive setting, making the state a promising destination for higher learning. I hope you liked this post about universities in Arkansas. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Arkansas a good place for international students?

It is a good and safe place for students with high QS ranking and recognized global universities with good faculty, infrastructure, and research facilities.

Q2. Is an Indian degree valid in the USA?

Many foreign countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand recognize the Indian degrees. 

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