A Comprehensive Guide On Norquest College Courses And Fees

Norquest College Courses

In today’s blog, we will discuss Norquest College courses and programs and their average tuition fees. Norquest College in Edmonton, Alberta, has many programs and courses to help students reach their career goals. 

It includes diplomas, certificates, apprenticeships, and university transfer programs. Tuition at Norquest is affordable. Diploma and certificate programs cost around $4,000 to $6,000 per year. There are some other fees, too. Costs for materials, student association, registration, etc. 

Students should budget around $800 per year for these additional costs. Financial help is available through government student loans, grants, and bursaries. Norquest College aims to make quality education accessible for all students looking to succeed in today’s workforce.

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Norquest College Courses

Norquest College is one of the recognized colleges in Canada that provides a wide range of programs and courses to students in multiple fields. The Norquest College courses include diplomas, certificates, and post-diploma certificates. The fields of this College include.

  • Health
  • Business
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Community Studies
  • Hospitality
  • Continuing Education and many more

It also provides courses in other fields, which we will discuss in the upcoming paragraphs. So, here is a table that shows the Norquest College courses with average tuition fees.

Norquest College Courses / ProgramsTotal Estimate Fees For International Students in CADTotal Estimate Fees For International Students In INR
Academic Upgrading program$2,6851,66,759 INR
Certificate in Accounting Technician$20,03012,44,020 INR
Post-diploma certificate in Addictions Recovery Practitioner$19,88912,35,262 INR
Certificate in Administrative Professional$15,6939,74,658 INR
Post-diploma certificate in Advanced Education in Orthopaedics for LPNs$18,11411,25,020 INR
Certificate in Apprenticeship Prep$51,72532,12,525 INR
Diploma in Arts and Sciences $41,95126,05,483 INR
Post-diploma certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder Studies$18,90811,74,333 INR
Post-diploma certificate in Behaviour and Regulation Studies$18,90811,74,333 INR
Diploma in Business Administration$37,88123,52,705 INR
Professional Certificate in Business Analysis$19,00011,80,047 INR
Diploma in Child and Youth Care$38,57123,95,559 INR
Certificate in Community Support Worker$21,99013,65,750 INR
Certificate in Day Home Provider$42,00626,08,899 INR
Certificate Dental Office Assistant$12,4947,75,974 INR
Diploma Disability Studies$36,07322,40,414 INR
Certificate Early Learning and Child Care$17,79711,05,332 INR
Diploma Early Learning and Child Care$33,93221,07,441 INR
Certificate Educational Assistant$18,86911,71,911 INR
Diploma Energy Management$45,24128,09,818 INR
Diploma Environmental Technician$40,91425,41,077 INR
ESL Intensive program (Course credits)$5,7643,57,989 INR
Professional Certificate in Food and Beverage Management$19,00011,800,47 INR
Certificate Health Care Aide$19,09811,86,134 INR
Post-diploma Certificate Health Care Leadership$21,91913,61,340 INR
Certificate Hospital Unit Clerk$15,4949,62,297 INR
Diploma Indigenous Studies$37,58023,34,010 INR
Diploma Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant$45,57828,30,748 INR
Diploma Justice$35,11421,80,852 INR
Diploma Machine Learning Analyst$27,22216,90,698 INR
Certificate Medical Device Reprocessing Technician$18,14611,27,007 INR
Certificate Medical Office Assistant$12,7627,92,619 INR
Post-diploma certificate Mental Health Recovery Practitioner$17,07510,60,490 INR
Diploma Pharmacy Technician$39,90424,78,348 INR
Diploma Practical Nurse$47,95129,78,130 INR
Practical Nurse Diploma for Internationally Educated Nurses$42,85526,61,629 INR
Diploma Settlement Studies$35,92022,30,911 INR
Diploma Social Work$44,23927,47,586 INR
Professional certificate Supply Chain$19,00011,80,047 INR

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Norquest College Courses: Tuition and Fees

Students must know the fee information to study at Northquest College, mentioned below.

Program and Course Fees

Fees TypeFees
Digital resource fee$7 per course$21 max per term
Proctoring fee$31 per exam
Registrarial and student service fee$44 per course$132 max per term
Student technology fee$12 per course$36 max per term

Students’ Association Fees

Fees TypeFees
Health and dental plan$401 per year
Students’ Association$55.75 per term
U-Pass$180 per term
Legal plan$18.75 per year

Other and Incidental Fees

Fees TypeFees
Auditing fees50% of tuition
Challenge exam fee50% of tuition + $56
Change of login for MyMail / MyQuest (subject to review of circumstances)$100 + GST
Clinical practice ID card replacement$15 + GST
ID card replacement$15 + GST
Late penalty fee$100
Locker rental fee$16 + GST per term
Non-sufficient funds cheque fee$35 + GST
Replacement of non-credit documents$25 + GST
T2202A duplicate or replacement (before 2009)$15 + GST
Withdrawal reinstatement fee$100

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed Norquest College courses. It offers various affordable programs, including diplomas, certificates, and apprenticeships, spanning fields like Health, Business, Arts, Sciences, and more. 

The average tuition for international students varies by program, ranging from $2,685 to $51,725. Additionally, students should budget around $800 per year for additional costs like materials and student fees. 

Financial assistance is available through government loans and grants. The College is committed to providing accessible, quality education to empower students in their career pursuits. 

Explore Norquest’s offerings to embark on a fulfilling educational journey. I hope you liked this post about Norquest College courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What types of courses does NorQuest College offer?

NorQuest College offers diverse programs, including certificate, diploma, and degree programs in healthcare, business, community studies, arts and sciences, and technology.

Q2. Are online courses available at NorQuest College?

Yes, Norquest offers many of the courses online to students.

Q3. What is the ielts score required for NorQuest College?

The IELTS score requirement for Norquest is 6.5 bands, not less than 6.0.

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