Harvard University: Ranking, Courses, Fees & Alumni

Harvard University

In Today’s blog, we will discuss everything about Harvard University, including its rankings, tuition fees, courses, alumni, and admission process. It is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the USA. 

The University campuses are located in three different locations: Allston, Cambridge, and Boston. The university is home to more than 25,000 UG and PG students, including 16% international students from 150+ countries. 

Also, the university has an impressive acceptance rate for undergraduate programs, making it one of the most preferred choices. Harvard offers various courses and programs to students in multiple disciplines.

Harvard University is a truly exceptional institution. It offers a world-class education and a diverse or vibrant campus life. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding academic experience, Harvard is an excellent choice. 

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About Harvard University

Harvard University was established in 1636 and is a private Ivy League research university founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is considered one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the US. 

The University’s rankings, wealth, and influence have made it one of the most preferred and prestigious universities in the world. Harvard has a long and distinguished history of academic excellence and research opportunities. 

The university is organized into various schools and departments, such as Harvard College (undergraduate school), Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Medical School.

Harvard’s schools provide a wide range of graduate and undergraduate degrees in multiple disciplines. Also, the university offers certificate programs, executive education, and some online courses for professional and lifelong learners.

Some study fields of the university include.

  • Art, Film, and Visual Studies
  • Biology
  • Bioengineering
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • History and Literature
  • International Relations
  • Linguistics
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology

The university is known for its world-class faculty, influential research, and notable alumni, including numerous U.S. presidents, Nobel laureates, and leaders in various industries. The university places a strong emphasis on research, innovation, and intellectual exploration.

Admission to Harvard is highly competitive, and the institution is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community. Overall, Harvard University holds a prominent position in higher education globally, representing a symbol of academic excellence and achievement.

Top Courses At Harvard University

The University offers various courses and programs, including graduate and undergraduate. But here is a list of some top courses with their approximate tuition fees. 

CourseFees (USD)Fees (INR)
Master of Science [M.S] Data ScienceUSD 61,768 /YrINR 51.4 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Applied ComputationUSD 61,768 /YrINR 51.4 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Biomedical InformaticsUSD 57,418 /YrINR 47.8 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] BiostatisticsUSD 54,032 /YrINR 45 L/Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] PhilosophyUSD 54,269 /YrINR 45.2 L/YYr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Applied MathematicsUSD 54,269 /YrINR 45.2 L/YYr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] EnglishUSD 54,269 /YrINR 45.2 L/YYr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] MusicUSD 54,269 /YrINR 45.2 L/YYr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Astrophysics
USD 54,269 /YrINR 45.2 L/YYr
Doctor of Medicine [M.D]USD 69,300 /YrINR 57.7 L/Yr
Master of Law [L.L.M]USD 73,600 /YrINR 61.3 L/Yr
Master of Education [M.Ed]USD 57,246 /YrINR 47.7 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] PsychologyUSD 54,269 /YrINR 45.2 L/YYr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] PhysicsUSD 54,269 /YrINR 45.2 L/YYr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] NeurobiologyUSD 52,659 /YrINR 43.8 L/Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] StatisticsUSD 52,659 /YrINR 43.8 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Health Data ScienceUSD 54,032 /YrINR 45 L/Yr
Master of Medical Science [M.Med.Sc] ImmunologyUSD 57,418 /YrINR 47.8 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Biomedical InformaticsUSD 57,418 /YrINR 47.8 L/Yr
Master of Science [M.S] BiostatisticsUSD 54,032 /YrINR 45 L/Yr
Master of Public Administration [M.P.A]USD 57,660 /YrINR 48 L/Yr
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]USD 74,910 /YrINR 62.4 L/Yr
Master of Architecture [M.Arch]USD 57,200 /YrINR 47.6 L//Yr
Master of Theology [M.Th]USD 30,472 /YrINR 25.4 L/Yr

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Why Harvard University?

The University is renowned for its exceptional reputation and has long been considered one of the top institutions in the world. Here are some reasons for choosing Harvard.

  • Prestigious Reputation
  • Diverse and Talented Community
  • Academic Excellence
  • Innovative Research Opportunities
  • Holistic Learning Environment
  • Resources and Facilities
  • Commitment to Social Impact
  • Cultural and Extracurricular Opportunities

Harvard University Ranking

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities and consistently ranks among the top 10 universities in the world. Here is the list of rankings

Ranking Agency Rank
QS World University Rankings4
World University Rankings by (THE)4
US News Ranking 3
World Reputation Rankings, THE 1

Harvard University Cost of Attendance

The average tuition fee for students at Harvard is 54,269 USD (45.20 lakhs INR). This cost includes tuition fees, as well as living expenses for Indian students studying in the USA. Below is a table that provides an estimated cost for international students.

FeesAnnual Cost (USD)Cost Per Year (INR)
Tuition54,26945.20 lakhs
Room12,42410.34 lakhs
Board7,9506.62 lakhs
Student Services Fee3,3992.83 lakhs
Student Activities Fee20016,660
Health Services1,4081.17 lakhs
Total79,45066.18 lakhs

Jobs After Study At Harvard University

Student Career Development Office helps Harvard University students with some best career advice. Also, the graduates can secure jobs at Google, Apple and Facebook. Here are some of the most popular professions pursued by university graduates with their average salaries. 

ProfessionsAverage Annual Salary (USD)Equivalent Salary for Indians (INR)
Software Engineer108,00088.68 lakhs
Data Scientist118,60097.38 lakhs
Executive Director106,00087.03 lakhs
Chief Executive Officer194,8001.59 crore
Neurosurgeon400,0003.28 crores
Research Scientist104,30085.64 lakhs

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Harvard University Notable Alumni

Harvard University includes many graduates and alumni from around the world. Here is a list of some popular university alumni.

Barack ObamaUS Politician
Mark ZuckerbergAmerican internet entrepreneur, computer programmer, business magnate, and philanthropist
Bill GatesAmerican business magnate
George W. BushUS Politician
John Fitzgerald KennedyUS Politician

Final Remarks

Harvard University stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a diverse range of top-tier courses across various disciplines. 

Its prestigious reputation, commitment to innovation, and impactful research opportunities make it a global leader in higher education. 

With a vibrant campus life and a stellar alumni network, Harvard provides a holistic learning environment. 

The university’s impressive rankings, influential alumni, and strong emphasis on social impact reinforce its position as a top choice for those seeking a challenging and rewarding academic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When was Harvard University founded?

Harvard was founded in 1636, making it one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the US.

Q2. What are some notable alumni of Harvard?

Harvard has produced many notable alumni, including political leaders, Nobel laureates, business tycoons, and cultural icons. Some examples include Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Q3. What is Harvard known for?

Harvard is known for its excellence in various academic disciplines, including law, business, medicine, and the humanities. Also, It has a strong reputation for innovation and research.

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