Capilano University Courses & Tuition Fees For Students

Capilano University Courses

In today’s blog, we will discuss Capilano University Courses and its tuition fees for students. Capilano University (CapU) was established in 1968 and is a public-based teaching-focused university founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

CapU is one of the leading higher education institutions that takes pride in its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and inclusivity. Also, its diverse community of students, faculty, and staff fosters a supportive environment that promotes creativity and critical thinking.

It offers more than 60 programs to students, which we discuss in this blog. So, let us move on to our main topic, “Capilano University Courses.”

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Capilano University Courses

The University offers students various diplomas, certificates, advanced diplomas, and degree courses. The top study field provided by this university includes Business and Professional Studies, Arts and Sciences. So, here is the complete list of Capilano University Courses.

Courses Duration Total Fees (CAD)Total Fees (INR) 
Diploma in 2D Animation & Visual Development2 years$63,07539,20,490 INR
3D Animation for Film and Games Diploma 2 years$70,57043,86,350 INR
Diploma in Acting for Stage and Screen3 years$81,54050,68,200 INR
Certificate in Advanced Arts & Entertainment Management1 year$25,05515,57,320 INR
Animation Fundamentals Citation2 months$6,5754,08,675 INR
Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis2 years$15,7809,80,820 INR
Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Applied Behaviour Analysis2 years$38,00023,61,930 INR
Bachelor of Applied Behaviour Analysis4 years$90,87556,48,430 INR
Associate of Arts Degree2 years$41,26525,64,870 INR
Associate of Arts Degree – Creative Writing2 years$41,26525,64,870 INR
Associate of Arts Degree – English2 years$41,26525,64,870 INR
Diploma in Arts and Entertainment Management2 years$44,18027,46,050 INR
Bachelor of Business Administration Degree4 years$85,63553,22,730 INR
Certificate in Business Administration1 year$12,9008,01,810 INR
Diploma in Business Administration2 years$41,26525,64,870 INR
Business Administration Pathway8 months$22,53014,00,375 INR
Bachelor of Communication Studies Degree4 years$85,40053,08,125 INR
Diploma in Communication Studies2 years$41,26525,64,870 INR
Community Capacity Building Citation8 months$4,3202,68,515 INR
Diploma in Community Leadership and Social Change2 years$41,26525,64,870 INR
Conducting in Music Certificate8 months$15,1659,42,595 INR
Diploma in Costuming for Stage and Screen2 years$55,27034,35,360 INR
Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication4 years$113,99570,85,475 INR
Documentary Certificate8 months$29,14018,11,225 INR
Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education4 years$86,96054,05,085 INR
Early Childhood Care & Education Certificate2 years$43,62027,11,245 INR
Early Childhood Care and Education Pathway8 months$20,63012,82,280 INR
Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education1 year$23,54514,63,465 INR
Certificate in Education and Employment Access30 weeks$6,7454,19,240 INR
Certificate in Education Assistant18 monthss$24,05014,94,850 INR
Engineering Certificate1 year$28,84017,92,580 INR
Diploma in Engineering Transition2 years$45,68528,39,600 INR
Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Global Hospitality & Tourism Management2 years$35,23021,89,755 INR
Certificate in Health Care Assistant8 months$20,63212,82,400 INR
Diploma in Indigenous Digital Filmmaking2 years$54,04033,58,910 INR
Diploma in Interaction Design2 years$52,77532,80,285 INR
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies4 years$83,62051,97,485 INR
Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies4 years$114,09070,91,380 INR
Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies – Performance or Composition 4 years$112,03969,63,900 INR
Bachelor of Kinesiology4 years$88,78055,18,210 INR
Bachelor of Legal Studies (Paralegal) Degree4 years$88,32554,89,930 INR
Certificate in Lil’wat Nation Language & Culture5 years$20,33512,63,940 INR
Certificate in Local Government Administration1 years$13,3608,30,400 INR
Diploma in Local Government Administration3 years$47,67029,62,980 INR
Certificate in Local Government Administration (Advanced)2 years$35,74022,21,450 INR
Certificate in Local Government Leadership Development2 years$16,39510,19,050 INR
Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts Degree4 years$128,46579,84,870 INR
Diploma in Music 2 years$46,51028,90,875 INR
Bachelor of Music Therapy Degree4.5 years$60,21037,42,410 INR
Musical Theatre Diploma3 years$79,65549,51,040 INR
North American Business Management Post Baccalaureate Diploma1 years$26,88516,71,060 INR
North American Business Management Applied Post Baccalaureate Diploma2 years$33,93021,08,950 INR
Diploma in Outdoor Recreation Management2 years$48,86530,37,250 INR
Paralegal Certificate3 years$24,140 15,00,450 INR
Paralegal Diploma2 years$49,45030,73,615 INR
Associate of Arts Degree – Psychology2 years$41,26525,64,870 INR
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology4 years$85,63553,22,730 INR
Rehabilitation Assistant Diploma16 months$43,160 26,82,650 INR
Retail Operations Certificate8 months$10,4506,49,530 INR
Associate of Science Degree2 years$43,79027,21,810 INR
Bachelor of Science – General4 years$85,63553,22,730 INR
Associate of Science Degree – Biology2 years$43,79027,21,810 INR
Certificate in Sechelt Nation Language and Culture5 years$21,80513,55,310 INR
Technical Theatre Diploma2 years$49,65530,86,350 INR
Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree4 years$87,600 54,44,860 INR
Diploma in Tourism Management Co-operative Education2 years$42,33026,31,060 INR
Diploma in Tourism Management International2 years$40,27525,03,330 INR
Tourism Marketing Citation2 years$13,2158,21,390 INR
Visual Effects for Film, Streaming and Immersive Media Diploma 2 years$71,12044,20,530 INR

So, it is the complete list of Capilano University Courses.

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the Capilano University courses. It stands as a beacon of learning, providing diverse programs designed to foster academic excellence, creativity, and critical thinking. As a leading institution in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, CapU has built a reputation for its commitment to inclusivity and innovation. 

With over 60 courses, including diplomas, certificates, and degrees, students can pursue their passions and embark on self-discovery. From Animation and Arts to Business and Science, Capilano University equips its students with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful and fulfilling future. I hope you liked this post about Capilano University courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the success rate of the Capilano College visa?

The Success rate of Capilano University visa is around 83%.

Q2. What is Capilano University famous for?

The University is a teaching-oriented institute with a good reputation for providing students with fulfilling learning experiences and high-quality education.

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