Brock University Canada: Rankings, Fees & Admissions 2024

Brock University Canada

Brock University is a famous public post-secondary institution located in the vibrant city of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1964, it has a long history of providing excellent education and creating a thriving academic community. 

As one of the top universities in Canada, Brock University is known for its many different undergraduate and graduate programs, cutting-edge research projects, and engaging campus life.

In this blog post, we will discuss Brock University Canada’s key features, such as its well-known academic programs, lively student experience, research achievements, and admissions process. 

Whether you are a potential student, a curious reader, or want to learn more about this remarkable university, this blog will give you a complete overview of Brock’s unique features and why it has become a top choice for students from all over the world.

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About Brock University Canada

Brock University is a popular and growing public university in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1964, it has become one of the top schools in the country.

At Brock, students can choose from many different undergraduate and graduate programs across seven different faculties. These include Health Sciences, Business, Education, Humanities, Math and Science, Social Sciences, and Graduate Studies.

Brock University Canada is especially known for its programs in business, engineering, health sciences, and the arts. Its main campus is in the city of St. Catharines, which is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, wineries, and proximity to Niagara Falls.

The university’s location provides students with a perfect mix of academics, recreation, and cultural experiences. In addition to vital academic programs, Brock University is also known for its focus on research and innovation.

The university has several well-known research centers and institutes that work on important issues in areas like grape and wine science, child and youth development, and advanced materials research. Brock encourages and supports research opportunities for both professors and students.

Outside of the classroom, Brock University Canada offers a vibrant student life with around 150 student clubs and groups, intramural and sports teams, and plenty of recreational facilities on campus. The university also has a diverse and welcoming community, with students from across Canada and around the world.

Whether you want to get an excellent education, do necessary research, or be part of an active campus community, Brock University provides an exceptional experience that prepares students for success in the future.

Why Choose Brock University Canada?

Here are some of the best reasons for students to choose Brock University Canada:

  1. Top-ranked programs: Brock offers a wide range of high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs across diverse fields.
  2. Scenic campus location: The university’s main campus is situated in the beautiful Niagara region, close to nature, wineries, and the famous Niagara Falls.
  3. Vibrant student life: With around 150 student clubs and organizations, Brock provides plenty of opportunities to get involved and make new friends.
  4. Commitment to research: Brock is recognized for its innovative research centers and institutes that tackle critical real-world issues.
  5. Supportive community: The university has a diverse and welcoming community of students, staff, and faculty from across Canada and around the world.
  6. Career-focused education: Brock’s programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their future careers.
  7. Abundant resources: The university offers excellent academic support services, modern facilities, and a wide range of recreational amenities on campus.
  8. Affordable tuition: Compared to many other Canadian universities, Brock provides a high-quality education at a relatively inexpensive cost.
  9. Flexible learning options: Brock offers both full-time and part-time study options to accommodate different student needs and schedules.
  10. Alumni Success: Brock graduates go on to have successful careers in a variety of fields, demonstrating the value of a Brock education.

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Brock University Canada Popular Programs

Brock University provides various programs at graduate or undergraduate levels, including professional degrees in many fields. Here is a list of some of the Brock University’s programs:

CoursesFees (INR)Fees (CAD)
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]INR 21.9 L/YrCAD 35,704 /Yr
Master of Science [M.S] Computer ScienceINR 14.4 L/YrCAD 23,504 /Yr
Master of Public Health [M.P.H]INR 14.4 L/YrCAD 23,504 /Yr
Master of Education [M.Ed]INR 14.4 L/YrCAD 23,504 /Yr
Master of Science [M.S] ManagementINR 14.4 L/YrCAD 23,504 /Yr
Bachelor of Science in Nursing [B.S.N]INR 21 L/YrCAD 34,152 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Medical SciencesINR 21 L/YrCAD 34,152 /Yr
Bachelor of Business Administration [B.B.A]INR 21.9 L/YrCAD 35,704 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] PsychologyINR 21 L/YrCAD 34,152 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Computer ScienceINR 21 L/YrCAD 34,152 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Game DesignINR 21 L/YrCAD 34,152 /Yr
Bachelor of Public Health [B.P.H]INR 21 L/YrCAD 34,152 /Yr
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A] GoodmanINR 14.4 L/YrCAD 23,504 /Yr
Bachelor Business EconomicsINR 21.9 L/YrCAD 35,704 /Yr
Bachelor of Accounting [B.Acc]INR 21.9 L/YrCAD 35,704 /Yr
Bachelor of Computing and BusinessINR 21 L/YrCAD 34,152 /Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] EnglishINR 14.4 L/YrCAD 23,504 /Yr
Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] BiotechnologyINR 14.4 L/YrCAD 23,504 /Yr
Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] PsychologyINR 14.4 L/YrCAD 23,504 /Yr
Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] ChemistryINR 14.4 L/YrCAD 23,504 /Yr
Graduate Diploma Business AdministrationINR 21.9 L/YrCAD 35,704 /Yr

Brock University Ranking

Brock University Canada consistently ranks every year among the top universities in St. Catharines, Canada, and the world. Below is a list of the Brock University rankings. 

Ranking TypeRank
QS World University Rankings#1201-1400
Best Global Universities by (US News Ranking)#1394
Best Global Universities in Canada (US News Ranking)#32

Admission Requirements

Brock University Canada provides admissions to over 19,000 students across its seven different faculties. The application process for both international and domestic students is similar. But, International students need some extra documents. Below is a list of the Brock University required documents:

  • Copy of passport
  • All the previous academic mark sheets, certificates, or transcripts
  • English language proficiency scores
  • Application Fees
  • Senior secondary school certificate by CBSE
  • Indian School Certificate by ICSE
  • bachelor’s degree or equivalent for PG
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Academic letters of recommendation
  • Resume or CV
  • Standardized test scores (If applicable)
  • Some program-specific requirements

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English Language Proficiency Scores

English is the main language used for teaching at Brock University. If English is not your first language, you need to show that you are good at it by showing qualifications or taking any of the proficiency exams. Below is the list of the Brock University accepted proficiency exams with their required scores:

ExamsRequired Scores
IELTS – Academic6.5
CAE (C1 Advanced)176
CPE (C2 Proficiency)176

Cost of Living in Canada

The following table provides the average cost of living in Canada for Indian students and its equivalents.

Expense TypeAnnual Cost (CAD)Annual Cost (INR)
Accommodation7,000 to 15,0004.33 to 9.28 lakhs
Meal6,000 to 7,5003.71 to 4.64 lakhs
Books and Supplies750 to 1,00046,400 to 61,885
Telephone/cable/internet1,000 to 1,20061,885 to 74,260
Clothing300 to 70018,565 to 43,320
Transportation (Excluding Brock bus pass)200 to 70012,375 to 43,320
Miscellaneous2,000 to 2,2001.23 to 1.36 lakhs

Jobs After Study

Brock University Canada organizes various job fairs for its students every year. The university offers co-op work options through more than 40 graduate programs. Its graduates also enjoy job rates that surpass the Ontario average. 

On average, graduates from Brock University reportedly earn a salary of 55,000 CAD per year (34.01 lakhs INR). The average wages of Brock’s graduates, based on their chosen professions, are as follows:

ProfessionAverage Annual Salary (CAD)Average Annual Salary (INR)
HR Coordinator44,15027.30 lakhs
Senior Accountant63,50039.26 lakhs
Marketing Coordinator41,70025.78 lakhs
Marketing Manager71,90044.45 lakhs
Financial Analyst56,17034.73 lakhs
Financial Controller82,68051.13 lakhs


The Brock University Alumni Association comprises a network of over 116,000 fellow alumni. Students who complete their studies are eligible to become alumni. Through alumni affinity programs, alumni are eligible to receive discounts on auto, home, and health insurance.

Peter McLarenCanadian scholar
Rick CampanelliCanadian TV personality
Kyle DubasCanadian ice hockey executive
Marc JordanCanadian singer-songwriter

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Final Remarks

In conclusion, Brock University Canada is a fantastic choice for students seeking a top-quality education in a vibrant and supportive community.

With its wide range of programs, cutting-edge research opportunities, and vibrant campus life, Brock University provides an exceptional overall experience that prepares students for success in their future careers. 

The university’s scenic location, affordable tuition, and diverse student body further enhance its appeal. 

Whether you are interested in business, health sciences, engineering, or the arts, Brock University offers the perfect blend of academic rigor, hands-on learning, and personal growth opportunities. 

For those seeking a genuinely transformative university experience, Brock University Canada is undoubtedly a top contender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is the application fee for Brock University Canada for international students?

The application fees for international students at Brock University are around $130 – $150.

Q2. How many students are in Brock?

The total number of students is around 19,000.

Q3. What city is Brock University Canada?

Brock University’s main campus is in St. Catharines, Ontario, and a satellite campus is in Burlington.

Brock University Canada Reviews

Stephanie – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.8 Rating)

Brock University has exceeded all of my expectations. The campus is absolutely stunning, with beautiful green spaces and modern facilities. But what really sets Brock apart is the incredible support system. The professors are so passionate and accessible, and the academic advising team has been instrumental in helping me navigate my program. I feel like I’m not just a number but a valued member of the Brock community.

Connor Sclater – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.4 Rating)

As a student-athlete, I was looking for a university that could provide me with the best of both worlds – a rigorous academic experience combined with the opportunity to compete at a high level. Brock has delivered on that promise. The athletic facilities are state-of-the-art, and the coaching staff has really pushed me to improve my skills. But what I’m most grateful for is the way the university has supported my academic pursuits alongside my athletic goals. I’ve been able to thrive in the classroom and on the court.

Manan Dubey – ⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (3.8 Rating)

As an international student, I was a bit apprehensive about adjusting to life in a new country. But from the moment I stepped foot on Brock’s campus, I felt welcomed and supported. The international student services team has gone above and beyond to help me navigate everything from immigration to housing. And the diverse student body has made it easy for me to connect with people from all over the world. I’m so grateful to be part of the Brock community.

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