Are you thinking about working in Canada? Are you looking for assistance to match the eligibility criteria of Work Permit In Canada? Bravo! You have co-incidentally landed on the right page. 

We are here to help you with all the requirements and documentation that can assist you in getting the visa approval you are looking for. But, first, let’s first get clarity on what a Work Permit In Canada is and then take things ahead.

Work Permit In Canada: Synopsis

When it comes to Canada Work Visa, it is required by the ones who are planning to work in Canada. The overseas candidates who desire to have a career in Canada need to get a work permit first and then take things ahead. 

As and when you get your job offer from the company in Canada, you need to first apply for the Work visa and then proceed ahead. It is important that the offer has come from the ESDC registered company. This means that the respective companies have all the rights to recruit overseas skilled professionals for the available positions. 

We all know how Canada has become one of the leading economies in the world. This place is attracting individuals from different sectors to come and enhance their careers big time. But, it is not possible without a Canadian Work Permit Visa. This visa can help permanent workers, business people, students, temporary workers, and others to come and serve in Canada. 

Hopefully, you got complete clarity about what Canada’s Work Visa Permit is all about. Now let’s dig deep and understand all about it. This can help you move ahead in the right direction and get it approved without any hassle. 

Canada Work Visa Permit: All About It

Canada granted permission to more than 4 lakh overseas individuals in the year 2021. This shows how this place has become one of the big opportunities for workers around the world to have an excellent career. Take a look at the benefits you get with Work Permit In Canada: 

  1. With the help of the respective visa, you get to work with the company you have specified in your application. 
  2. Another major benefit that you get with a Canada work visa is also the credibility to apply for the dependent visas
  3. You also get the benefit of earning in dollars that can certainly boost your overall remuneration. 
  4. The best part of the respective visa is that you can take a tour of Canada. 
  5. In fact, you can also apply for a PR visa later as per your specific needs and requirements. 

Canada Work Permit Visa: Eligibility Criteria

It is important that you meet the Eligibility criteria to enhance your chances of getting your visa approval. When it comes to Work Permit In Canada, there are a few eligibility criteria there as well. To help you out, below mentioned are the eligibility criteria for one to apply for the Work Permit In Canada. Take a look

  • First, you need to show evidence of being eligible to avail of the employment offer from the company in Canada. 
  • The next important aspect is that you meet all the requirements specified by the company and all the documents that need to be shared have to be drafted in the language English. 
  • You can apply for a Canada work visa as a foreign graduate from the universities in Canada, temporary workers, businessmen, and anyone who desires to work here.
  • It is important that you also share the evidence that you are going to leave Canada as and when the Work Permit ends. 
  • You must also share the evidence that you have the funds that can help you cover all the expenses while you stay in Canada. 
  • You must not have any kind of criminal offense tag with your name, and for this, you need to submit a police clearance certificate. 
  • You also need to submit your medical checkup report that shows that you are fully fit and fine to travel to Canada.
  • You have all the documents that have been asked by the authorities to avail the approval to move to Canada. 

So, these are the eligibility criteria that you need to tick to enhance the chances of getting approval to move to Canada. But, this is not it. You also need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents that are required to apply for the Canada Work Visa. If you have no idea about the same, then the below-mentioned segment can certainly assist. Check it out.

Work Permit In Canada: Documents Required

Now let’s take a look at the list of documents that are important for you to submit to get your approval for a Work Permit In Canada. 

Documents Required for canada work permit
  • You need to first submit your valid passport. But, you need to make sure that your passport has a validity of more than six months available from the date of landing in Canada. 
  • The next important document that you need to make a note of is two passport-size photographs. Make sure that it is your recent picture. 
  • The next important document that one needs to arrange is their academic certificates and qualifications as claimed.
  • You also need to submit the work experience proof as you have claimed to your Canadian employer. 
  • The next important document that you must make an arrangement of is the financial resources that you carry. It needs to be adequate to cover your expenses while you reside in Canada. 
  • All your medical check reports also need to be submitted with your Canada Work Visa application.

Summary (Work Permit In Canada)

Hopefully, you have got complete clarity on the Work Permit In Canada that can help you get your application approved without any hassle. If you are still looking for assistance, then you can consider connecting with experts available in the respective field. They can guide you through the process and help you get your application approved without any difficulty. Good luck! 

Work Permit In Canada FAQs

How long does work permit to Canada take?

between 1-9 months

Can I stay in Canada while waiting for a work permit?

Yes, you can stay in Canada until we make a decision on your new work permit application. This is called maintained status.