The GMAT exam in full form is the Graduate Management Admission Test.

It is a computer-based online exam that any student who wants to take admitted to any top business institute takes.

So this is the question of every exam taker, “what is a good GMAT score?” Because getting good scores in the GMAT exam is the first step towards admission to a top business institute. 

As many top reputed business institutes make it necessary to provide a GMAT score to start their admission process.

These colleges won’t accept your application without the GMAT score.

In this blog, we will be discussing what is a good GMAT score.

What is a good GMAT score?

For most of the test takers, their required score is a good GMAT score. Because with that score, they can get admission to their desired business institute. 

The good average score in the GMAT exam varies from country to country. The top business institutes in every nation set up a different minimum required score to submit your application. 

Now we will discuss what is a good GMAT score in different countries.

Also, Know about the GMAT exam fee.

What is a good GMAT score for the USA?

All students who have a dream of studying a business course in America want to get admitted to the top business college. 

Different institutes have different minimum required GMAT scores, so the average good score GMAT in the USA is 703.

Here is the list of institutes in the USA that accept the GMAT exams with their minimum required scores.

Stanford University has the maximum cut-off for the GMAT test among all the top institutes in the USA.

More than 10 universities have the cut-off for the GMAT test above 715.

S.No.University NameAvg GMAT Cut-offGMAT Score Range
1Stanford University737610-790
2Northwestern University732600-780
3Yale University730690-760
4University of Chicago730620-790
5University of Pennsylvania730530-790
6Harvard University729580-790
7Columbia University724530-790
8Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)722620-780
9University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)722690-760
10University of California, Berkeley (UCB)719680-750
11Dartmouth College717680-750
12University of Michigan716670-760
13New York University (NYU)714580-780
14University of Texas at Austin703660-740
15Cornell University700
16Carnegie Mellon University691640-740
17Georgia Institute of Technology680620-730
18Boston University680600-740

What is a good GMAT score for Europe?

Students are going to Europe, one of the most popular study-abroad countries, in search of better opportunities. 

In addition to the UK, countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, and the Netherlands are gaining popularity among MS and MBA students. 

Students who want to get admitted to the best business schools in Europe must have a GMAT score of at least 600 and work experience.

Here is the list of institutes in Europe that accept the GMAT exams with their minimum required scores.

S.No.University NameAvg GMAT Cut-off
2London Business School708
3London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)708
4University of Navarra (IESE)690
5HEC Paris School of Management690
6University of Cambridge690
7University of Oxford690
8ESADE Ramon Llull668
9The University of Warwick660
10Bocconi University650
11Copenhagen Business School645
12Erasmus University Rotterdam640
13Imperial College London600+
14The University of Manchester600+

Before taking the exam know how to prepare for GMAT, so that it become easy for you to get good score in GMAT exam.

What is a good GMAT score for Canada?

You must have a GMAT score of between 600 and 650 and work experience to enroll in a popular business program in Canada. You need a score of 650–690 to be admitted to top universities in Canada, such as McGill University. 

The Sauder Business School and the Rotman Business School, among the top 50 international business schools worldwide, are situated in Canada.

S.No.University NameAvg GMAT Cut-off
1McGill University694
2University of Toronto665
3York University660
4University of British Columbia650
5Queen’s University–Kingston650
6Université de Montréal625
7University of Alberta619
8McMaster University616
9Simon Fraser University615
10The University of Western Ontario600+
11Concordia University550+

What is a good GMAT score for Australia?

Because it is so close to India, Australia is a popular study-abroad location, mainly for Indian students. You can get into a top business school with a GMAT score of between 550 and 600. 

The following five colleges are known for their business programs and are among the top 50 international business schools in the world, and accept GMAT results. The only university that does not require GMAT scores is Monash University.

S.No.University NameAvg GMAT Cut-off
1The University of Melbourne705
2University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)650
3The Australian National University600+
4The University of Sydney600+
5RMIT University550+

What is a good GMAT score for Asia?

The minimum GMAT score for business-related courses anywhere in Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, or South Korea, is 600. 

All top business schools in these nations, except The University of Hong Kong, require a GMAT score of 600 or above.

S.No.University NameAvg GMAT Cut-off
1The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology770
2Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)700
3Tsinghua University670
4National University of Singapore (NUS)662
5Seoul National University650
6Peking University640
7The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)620

To score well in GMAT you should prepare for the test, and you can prepare for the GMAT at home or by joining the institute. Know how to prepare for GMAT at home.

Tips To Get A Good GMAT Score

After knowing what is a good GMAT score, here are some tips to get a good score in the GMAT exam.

Understand The Exam Format And Content

Familiarize yourself with the GMAT exam’s format. This will help you know what to expect on test day and create an effective study plan.

Create A Study Plan

The next step is to create a study plan. Make a plan to know what to study and how much time to study. You should also measure your progress from time to time. Give yourself enough time to cover all the topics for the exam.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The more you practice, the more confident you will become with the exam format. Practice using official GMAT practice tests to learn about the exam properly. Use your result to find out your weakness.

Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Use practice tests and other study materials to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on improving areas where you are weaker.

Learn Time Management Skills

Time management is an important part of the GMAT exam. You need to learn how to increase your speed during the exam and complete the exam on time.

Take Breaks And Manage Stress

Take regular breaks during your study sessions and learn stress management techniques to help you stay calm and focused during the exam.

Take A Course

If you feel you need extra help, take a GMAT preparation course. These courses offer structured study plans, expert guidance, and extra resources to help you prepare for the exam.

GMAT Score Validity

The GMAT score validity is five years from the test date. For example, if you took the test on January 1, 2021, your GMAT score will be valid till January 1, 2026.


These cut-off scores help you set up a minimum required score for the choice of your university. Now it may be clear to you what is a good GMAT score for different countries. As for each country, the good average score is different. So your good score changes when you change your destination country to study business courses.


Which GMAT score is considered?

A score above 700 is generally considered a good GMAT score if you want to get admitted to a top business institute. The excellent score for GMAT is 740+, and the average score is 550+.

Is 400 a good GMAT score?

66.67% of the test taker score between 400 to 600. The average score is 547.

What is the highest possible GMAT score?

The highest possible GMAT score is 800. A candidate can not get a score of more than 800 in the GMAT exam.