GRE New Update – The Graduate School Administrative Board of UNC has recently agreed to a new law that GRE (Graduate Record Exam) testing is not required for graduate school admission.

The individual programs can make GRE required (optional) for the admission process if they want.

GRE New Update

In a statement from a University spokesperson, he said that 90 % of graduate programs had eliminated the GRE requirement.

Sarah Jacobson, the assistant dean of admissions & enrolled students, said, “before 2020, GRE was required for graduate admission, and the programs could have been waived out, the Administrative Board heard those students’ requests of graduate schools.”

This was the statement of Sarah Jacobson.

The program launched by the graduate school has been ended by the board. Sarah said that the program was to decrease the obstacles from students’ paths during their admission. 

For 80 different programs, the school has processed around 16,000 applications in this year’s admission cycle.

Sarah Jacobson said the decision was from the Administrative Board, representing all the graduate programs UNC supported on their campus.

Some programs, like the UNC Department of Sociology, have retained the GRE requirement.

The sociology department’s director of graduate studies, Yong Cai, said they will put a “wait-and-see” approach to removing GRE requirements for their graduate programs’ admission process.

Sharon Thomas said their department asked to remove GRE from the admission process in 2018. This was because of the increasing national trend of removing the GRE for social work programs.

She is the assistant dean of admission, requirement, & financial help at UNC School of Social Work.

Thomas added that for some students, the exam is costly and also does not give any idea of how well students will perform as social workers in society.

She said that they are offering the top 20 social work programs & still only 2 required GRE test for admission. Their colleagues at UT-Austin are planning to remove GRE from the admission process, so they have the last program that still requires GRE.

She said the school had seen an increase in the admission process as they had completed the fourth admission cycle without GRE. 

She also said that they are seeing more international students now. 

Kristina Vaher, an undergraduate senior at University is applying for around 15 different Ph.D. and graduate programs across the country. 

She also said that many still require GRE test results, and some don’t.

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