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Study in Germany without IELTS – Thousands of students aspire to study abroad every year. Many dream of studying at a world-class university, but only a few can fulfill this dream. 

If you have done some research regarding studying abroad, then you must be aware of IELTS. All the students trying to get admission to a university in English speaking nation are required to submit proof of English proficiency. 

IELTS is an exam that is accepted by almost all world-class universities as proof of English. If you do not want to give IELTS for some reason and still want to go abroad, you must find ways to fulfill your dreams. 

You need to be aware of all the options available for you to study without IELTS. One way is to study in a country where IELTS is not required as an eligibility criterion, like Germany. Another way is to give another English proficiency test. 

In this blog, we will look into more detail about study in Germany without IELTS.

Why Germany Is Suitable To Study Without IELTS

Many students are not aware of the fact that studying abroad is possible even without IELTS. However, there are some things you should know before we look into the ways of studying abroad without IELTS. 

You must understand that all the English-speaking countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc, require you to give IELTS or any other accepted English testing exam to study in university. 

Some non-English speaking countries provide world-class education, and thus these countries can also be on your list of best countries to study abroad. 

Most of these non-English-speaking countries are in Europe. Countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, etc, are on the list of countries where you can study without IELTS. 

Now, let us go deeper into how to study in Germany without IELTS and why is Germany suitable. Germany has been the top country when it comes to technology and innovation. 

Even though German is the primary language, the country has grown immensely. The topmost reason to choose Germany is that it provides free education. 

This concept of free education applies even to international students. The universities in Germany have a nominal semester fee, and most of them have no tuition fees. 

Remember that even though education is free, you will still have to pay for housing, food, and other miscellaneous things. Still, this benefit of Germany makes it much more affordable for middle-class Indians. 

Another reason why Germany is suitable for studies is its culture. You can easily settle down in Germany and get permanent residency after you complete a few years of education there. 

Getting a residency and PR in Germany is much easier than English speaking countries. The work-life balance is also great in Germany, The reason why Germany has such a great work-life balance is its labor laws. 

The government is very strict about work hours; overtime is considered the last option, and the company always pays you for the extra time. The culture of Germany is also very disciplined and enjoyable at the same time. 

Study in a German-taught program

There are two answers to how to study in Germany without IELTS. One is to study in a German-taught rather than the usual English-taught program. 

Even though Germany has German as a primary language, some English programs are taught. These courses have English as the main language of conduct. 

Usually, English-taught programs are preferred by international students, but if you choose an English-taught program, then you will have to give IELTS in some universities. 

A German-taught program is one in which the primary language of conduct is German. It may seem a little too extreme to get admission to a German-taught program, as this means you will have to learn German. 

Not only will you have to learn German, but you will have to be fluent in it. There is also a major benefit to studying in a German-taught program. This benefit is that you can grow your career much faster when you start to work. 

This happens because even though there are English-taught programs in Germany, the companies have German as a primary language. This means that you will miss out on some opportunities because of not knowing German, and in the long run, if you decide to settle in, you may have to learn it. 

Another benefit of studying in a German-taught program is that they are easy to get admission to. International students choose most English-taught programs, and the competition is very high in those programs. 

However, few international students choose the German-taught program because of the language barrier. 

So, if you want to get into a competitive course, preparing for the German-taught program may be better. 

This way to study in Germany without IELTS also has some difficulties. The biggest hindrance is learning a different language. Any new language is difficult to learn, especially without exposure. 

German is also considered a slightly hard language. You must also give at least a year to be fluent in German fully. This means that you will also have to join a German learning class which may be expensive. 

Apart from being expensive, you may live in a locality with no German learning classes. Of course, online courses are available for this, but you may still need some offline experience to be fluent. You also won’t have anybody to talk to in German as not many students learn German. 

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Other language tests to study in Germany without IELTS

If the first option to study in a German-taught program was too extreme for you, then this second option may be more convenient. The second way to study without IELTS is to give another language test. 

Many German universities accept IELTS as proof of English, but other universities also accept a variety of English testing exams. If you have difficulty giving IELTS, you can choose to give some of these tests. 

IELTS is the most popular test, but others like the TOEFL, PTE, and the Duolingo test of English have also gained much popularity in the last decade. 

TOEFL and the PTE are mostly more popular than the Duolingo test and are more accepted by universities. The format of all these tests is the same. All of these tests aim to test your English skills. 

These exams test your listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills. The type of questions may also vary in all the tests and the exam mode. 

Another differentiating criterion among these exams is their fees. The fees for the IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL are more or less the same, but the fees for the Duolingo test are much less than these. 

If you face financial difficulties in giving IELTS, you can consider giving the Duolingo test to study in Germany without IELTS. 

Before you decide which English test to give, you will have to look at the university website to make sure they accept which tests. 

Make a list of the universities that are accepting your preferred exam, and then prepare for that exam if you think it will be a good option. 

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Medium of instruction certificate 

Here is another bonus way to study in Germany without IELTS. This is by submitting a medium of instruction certificate to the university you are applying to. 

You must remember that all the universities don’t accept this certificate. There are only some universities that accept this certificate. 

This is a certificate that proves that the medium of instruction was English in your previous institution. For example, if you have completed your schooling in English, you can get this certificate from your school. 

This certificate works as an alternative to IELTS. This is the easiest way to study in Germany without IELTS. This may seem like the best option to study without IELTS.
Still, you have to keep in mind that not all universities accept this medium of instruction certificate, and even in universities, there are some courses where this is valid, and for some, this is not. 

You must carefully research a course in a university that accepts this certificate. If you don’t get much clarity from their website, please call on their given number. 

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Even if you don’t want to or can’t give IELTS, you can fulfill your dream of studying abroad. Not only can you go abroad, but you can choose the best university for your career. 

This is possible in several European countries which offer world-class education without IELTS. 

There are some ways to study in Germany without IELTS, you can either choose to study in a German-taught program where you don’t require proof of English proficiency, or you can choose to give other English tests like TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo. 

Another option that enables you to study in Germany without IELTS is the medium of instruction certificate. You can analyze your situation and decide the best option for you. 

If you have any questions or queries, please contact our experts and keep visiting CourseMentor™ for more content like this. Best of luck!