PTE Score for Germany:- Germany is the largest economy in Europe. Germany has acquired this position from its world-class education system and technology. It is one of the largest hubs for research in technology and automobiles.

Germany has also become the leading destination for international students to pursue higher education. This is because Germany offers free education to all its students, even international students. To study in Germany you need to prove English proficiency. 

Several tests are accepted in German universities as proof of English. The most popular ones are the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and the Duolingo test of English. The Duolingo test is comparatively newer and is thus not highly accepted. However, the Pearson Test for English (PTE), IELTS, and TOEFL are the most accepted tests in Germany. 

In this blog, we will cover all the details regarding the PTE score for Germany.

Why is Germany the Best Study Destination?

You must have heard of students going to the US, UK, or Canada for their studies but few students are aware of the benefits offered by European countries. Germany offers a lot of benefits for international students who study there. Some of these benefits are given below. After discussing these benefits we will move to what is the required PTE score for Germany.

  • Free Education: The first and the most impressive benefit of studying in Germany is free education. German universities are mostly public universities run by the government. They also have private universities which are not free but most students prefer public ones. The public universities in Germany don’t have any tuition fees even for international students. However, you will have to give a semester contribution which ranges from EUR 100-300.
  • Quality Education: German universities are recognized across the world for their research facilities. Almost all German universities are decades old and thus are rich in heritage and knowledge. You will get to study from the best professors and if you are in the research field then you get to work under the best scientists. 
  • English-Taught Programs: The official language of Germany is German and many students are confused about whether they will have the chance to study in an English-taught program. However, Germany has a wide range of English-Taught Programs. You can study any one of them. Proof of English is required to study in an English-taught program.
  • Lower Cost of Living: The cost of living varies according to the state in Germany, but usually it has a low cost of living and better transport facilities compared to English-speaking nations. Part-time jobs are also easily available which help you to sustain yourself financially. 

Is PTE Highly Accepted in Germany?

The language requirements of German universities vary a lot. Some require you to take the German language test and have beginner-level proficiency in German as well as English. Others require you to have just English proficiency. You can never have an easy answer for language requirements in Germany. The only way to get clarity on the PTE score for Germany for your course is to go to the official website of your course and check the language requirements. 

Overall, PTE is not highly accepted by German universities. The IELTS remains the most accepted English exam in Germany. Some universities like the University of Goettingen, University of Freiburg, and RWTH Aachen University accept the PTE for some of their English-taught programs. 

Even if your course accepts PTE, recheck from the university whether German proficiency is required for your course or not. Some English tight programs also require beginner-level German proficiency. 

Minimum PTE Requirement for Germany

Now that you know how to get clarity on the PTE score for Germany, let us discuss the minimum score required for PTE. The minimum scores also vary a lot in different universities. It also depends on whether you are going for an undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate program. 

Generally, the minimum requirement for PTE in all courses ranges from 55-60 scores. If you have above 60 in PTE then you are good to go for major universities in Germany. 

If you have not been able to score the above minimum, you can still apply to the university and let them know your reason for not scoring well. If you have a valid reason, the university might consider you for the program. 

The best way to not require a PTE score for Germany is via a Medium of instruction (MOI) certificate. This is a certificate issued by your school or college stating the official language of instruction of your course. If it is English then you can use the MOI as an alternative for PTE. 

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How to Increase the PTE Score for Germany? 

Now that we have discussed everything regarding the PTE score and requirements for Germany, let us discuss some tips to increase your score. German universities are very selective in the students that they accept. There are many things that German universities take into consideration for selecting the best students. Of course, your grades matter a lot, but they are not the only parameter that will define your admission. 

Your language requirements are a major parameter that defines your admission. Sometimes even if you have the best grades, you may be denied admission if your language proficiency is not that good or well-proven. Here are some tips which will help you increase your PTE score for Germany.

Mock Tests: If you have not taken any mock tests till now then we strongly advise you to consider them. Mock tests are the best thing to help you know where you stand. By taking mock years you can know your strengths and your weaknesses.

Once you get the score of Mocks:  you can analyze your results and understand which sections you need to prepare more. You also get an idea of the exam format and the pattern. Some exams like the TOEFL have the adaptive test format. This means that the questions depend on your previous answers. 

Listen and Speak: By mock tests, you can know your weaknesses but the main task is to work on these weaknesses. Most Indian students face problems in the listening and speaking sections. Even if you are scoring well in these sections, you can easily increase these scores. 

This is by Listening and Speaking English in Day-to-day Life: This may seem like a usual tip but this is the only way to increase your fluency in speaking. You can find people around you who are preparing for English tests and talk to them in English. 

Practice Writing Every Day: Another section which troubles students is the writing section. The writing section in all the tests requires you to write essay-type answers. These answers have defined word limits that you have to follow. You need to pick words precisely to ensure that you get the best words.

You Can Do This by Starting a Daily Practice of Diary Writing: You can write anything in this diary and then check for grammar mistakes and other spelling issues. This can be done by copying the content and pasting it on grammar-checking websites like Grammarly.  This will help you to increase your PTE score for Germany.

Increase Your Vocabulary: One of the most important things which students miss while preparing for PTE is their vocabulary. If you have to score more than 60 in PTE then this is just for you. Vocabulary refers to the collection of words which you know. You have to increase your knowledge regarding new words and their usage to increase your vocabulary. This can be done by reading new words from the net. However, just understanding the meaning and memorising it won’t be sufficient. 

Focus on Meaning Learning: You need to understand their usage to sufficiently increase your scores. While you learn their meaning, also read some sentences in which they are used. This will help you to use these words in your writing section.

Reference Books: The most common yet most efficient tip is to be the best reference books for your preparation. Reference books provide you to get the best understanding of your concepts. They also help you to understand the format and pattern of the exam.

Practice Test: Some reference books also have practice questions and mock tests included in them. You should refer only to the bestselling books to increase your PTE score for Germany. The best thing about preparing for PTE is that the Person group which administers the test also offers several course books. These coursebooks are made under the guidance of test makers to ensure that the students prepare from the best source. 

All of these tips are some of the best ways to improve your PTE score. Even if you decide to give any other test like the IELTS or the TOEFL, these tips will be useful for your preparation. Practice for at least 2 months for getting your desired score in the PTE. However, it is advised to have 3 months dedicated to PTE preparation. 


In this blog, we discussed everything regarding the PTE score for Germany. All the universities have different language requirements and different minimum score requirements as well. The official website of your preferred university is the best way to obtain language requirements information. 

To get the minimum PTE score you need to prepare for at least 2 months dedicatedly. By getting a gold score in your English test you can increase your chances of getting admission into a German university and elevate your career graph exponentially! For more similar topics detail visit our website Course Mentor


Does Germany Accept PTE Score?

The Pearson PLC Group gives the PTE Academic Test all over the world, including in India. Where is the PTE Exam accepted? The USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and a few other countries all accept PTE tests.

What is the Minimum PTE Score for Germany?

To be able to get a master’s degree in Germany, students must show they can speak English by getting at least 6.0 on the IELTS (with at least 5.5 on each section) or 50 on the PTE. To get a master’s degree in Germany, a student must be at least 21 years old.

Is 49 a Good Score in PTE?

Scores on the PTE range from 10 to 90, but there is no passing number. 65–75 on the PTE is a good score, as it seems to be good enough to get into the best colleges. Other universities may also accept a PTE score between 50 and 63.