PTE Answer Short Question:- The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based test that lets people who don’t speak English as their first language but want to study or work in an English-speaking country find out how good their English skills are. 

The Listening part tests your ability to understand spoken English in different situations, like lectures, conversations, and news broadcasts. The Reading section tests how well you can read and understand academic and professional books. 

The Writing part tests your ability to write different kinds of English texts, like essays, summaries, and reports. The Speaking part tests how well and fluently you can speak English.

Universities and other kinds of schools all over the world take the PTE. It is also needed to apply for some visas.

To answer your question, the Personal Introduction part of the PTE is a short speech you give at the beginning of the test. You will have 25 seconds to prepare and 30 seconds to say what you want. The Personal Introduction aims to tell people who you are and see how good your microphone and speakers are.

What is the PTE Answer Short Question?

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) has a speaking part called “PTE Answer Short Questions” (ASQ). In this section, you will be asked to answer several short questions clearly and concisely. You’ll be told the questions and have 3 seconds to think about what to say before the recording starts. This part of the test will have 10–12 questions for you to answer.

The Answer Short Question part tests how quickly you can understand and answer questions about spoken English. Most of the questions are about general information, common sense, and things that happen every day.

To do well on the ASQ part, you should know some basic English words and rules of grammar. You should also practice giving clear, quick answers to questions. 

How Many Answer Short Questions Are in a PTE Test?

A PTE test has 10–12 answer short questions. You will be told the questions and have 3 seconds to think about your answer before the recording starts. You will only have one or two words to answer each question.

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PTE Answer Short Question Practice Tips

Here are some PTE answer short questions tips are given below:

Pay Attention: Make sure you pay close attention to the question and understand it. Since the questions are read quickly, you must pay close attention and understand what is being asked.

Think Before Giving Answer: Before the recording starts, think about your answer. You will only have 3 seconds to think about your answer, so you should think about it before the recording starts. This will help you be more clear and sure when you talk.

Talk Slowly and Clearly: So that the inspector can understand you, you should speak slowly and clearly. Try not to mumble or talk too fast.

Don’t Use Jargon or Slang:  Since the PTE is an academic English test, you should avoid using slang or jargon in your answers.

Try Answering Questions Ahead of Time: The best way to improve your score on the “Answer Short Questions” part is to practice answering questions beforehand. You can find many online and library tools that can help you with this.

Be Consistent In Practice: During the Preparation period, be consistent in regular practice and day by day, your skill will be polished.

Make Your Vocabulary Strong: Regularly practice vocabulary because it is necessary in English because it is the English language’s base.

Be Confident in Your Answer: It is very necessary to be confident in your side because, in a lack of confidence, we will make more mistakes during the PTE exam.

Manage Time: It is Very Important to Manage your time during the PTE exam because if we do not manage our time, there is a chance of an incomplete exam.

Focus on Pronunciation: It is necessary to practice enunciating words clearly to enhance your spoken English pronunciation.

List Of Most Common Answer Short Questions In PTE

Some most common answer short questions in PTE are given below:

1)  What is the capital of France?

2)  What is the opposite of hot?

3)  What is the name of the planet closest to the sun?

4)  What is the name of the smallest continent in the world?

5)  What is the name of the largest country in the world by area?

6)  What is the name of the smallest country in the world by area?

7)  What is the name of the current US president?

8)  What is the color of the sky?

9)  What is the meaning of the word “love”?

10) What is the name of the largest ocean in the world?

11) What is the name of the tallest mountain in the world?

Most of these questions are about general information, common sense, and things that happen every day. They are made to see how well you can understand spoken English and react to it in a short amount of time.

It’s important to remember that the PTE doesn’t have a set list of answer short questions. Depending on your test, the things you are asked will differ. But the questions above will likely be some of the most usual ones you’ll be asked.

Conclusion For PTE Answer Short Question

In this article, we will share all important topics about PTE answer short questions. The PTE Answer Short Question part is very important for figuring out how quickly and accurately a test taker can think. 

This short but difficult section requires good time management and language skills. For more similar topics, details and future updates, stay connected with the Course Mentor. All the best for your academic future journey. Till then, best of luck.

Frequently Asked Questions (PTE Answer Short Question)

What is the Marking in Answer Short Questions?

In the PTE Answer Short Question section, you get one point for every right answer, and wrong answers don’t cost you any points. The results from this part of the PTE Academic test count toward both the Speaking and Listening scores.

What is the 3-Second Rule in PTE?

You hear an answer short question, and then the ” recording ” box changes. As soon as this happens, start your answer. If you wait over 3 seconds, the recording will stop, and the item state will change to “completed,” meaning you’ve missed your chance to answer.

How Do You Answer a 5-Mark Question?

A paragraph should have between 6 and 8 lines. Don’t spend too much time on your 5 markers because it’s only worth 12.5% of the marks for a part. If you spend 2 minutes longer on it than you should, move on to your 10-marker.