Homework is a word that brings up many memories from childhood, it can be good, or it might be not good. From the book reports, projects are continuously given to students to solve some assignments. However, the word homework has been debated for over a century. 

On the other hand, we are unsure who invented homework. We know that the word “Homework” dates back to ancient Rome. In the 19th century, German students from a school were given assignments that they had to complete outside of the school day. After that, this concept of homework spread quickly across Europe and became famous in the United States also. 

In recent years, many parents have raised concerns about homework. Did homework enhance learning, or is it just a waste of time, or did homework load lead to more stress or cause mental issues. 

In this blog, we will cover all the topics regarding is homework good or bad. 

So, let’s get started. 

Top Takeaways: Is Homework Good or Bad

“Is homework good or bad” has been going around for decades now. Different people have different views, and some think that it is good. On the other hand, some think that it is not good. Both the answers are related to each other in many ways. It primarily depends on the time students need to put in and the difficulty level. Most students think it is an unnecessary burden that eats up their time. On the other hand, teachers feel it is necessary for better learning. 

Is Homework Good or Bad has two sides 

Is Homework Good or Bad: Good Side

Help in Learning 

In some situations, students cannot connect with a particular topic, so homework is used as a reinforcement tool. This is especially true for young age students. So, as a result, homework is used to understand the study better. Doing homework will teach you how to learn on your own and make you independent. On the other hand, homework helps you learn beyond the class’s scope and helps you get better marks on quizzes. 

Better Time Management

By doing homework, you get to know the concept of time management. Lessons taught in class mainly focus on conceptual clarity. On the other hand, homework helps the students frame answers to questions in a given time. Time management comes in handy when you take an exam. You can finish your exam much faster because you have already spent your time answering questions. 

Practice make you Perfect

You must have heard the term “Practice makes the man Perfect“. The only thing that will help you get better academic marks is practice. By doing practice on a daily basis, a student can easily cover all the topics and work on difficult topics so that they can’t face the same problem again in the future. As a result, practice helps students master the difficult topic taught at school and get better or even excellent academic marks. 

It Reduces Screen Time

On average, a student in the US might get 3-4 hours of screen time per day, but when a student isn’t in school, that figure gets to 7-8 hours. Homework might look unwanted, but it encourages better study habits. On the other hand, homework decreases the time spent watching television and playing video games on a mobile device. As a result, it reduces screen time. 

Is Homework Good or Bad: Bad Side

If you look at the above section, you must think that homework has only good sides, but there is a flip side to homework. Let’s take a look at some bad sides of homework.

May lead to Mental illness.

Extra assignments given by schools to students may lead to unhealthy stress levels. I know students need to learn in the class, but they also get some time to explore other things. 

If you get work after work and fail to complete that work, it is obvious that you get stressed, and that gets worse over time if you don’t complete it. The same thing happens with students. 

According to a survey by Stanford University, 56 percent of the students think that homework is the primary cause of stress. At the same time, the remaining students think that tests and getting good marks in tests are the causes of mental illness. Only one percent of the students think that homework does not cause any mental problems, which is notable. 

No time for family

This is the main reason why homework is bad. If students have too much homework, it’s hard to spend any time with their family members. Students start working on their homework when they get back home and never come back from their room.  

Students don’t have time because of extra assignments and homework, even on the weekends. As a result, students miss weekends that they are supposed to spend with their family members. However, without work, students have more time for family. 

Imbalance Student life

Spending too much time on homework has negative results like it prevents students from having an active social life with their friends and family. When students are busy doing homework, it is really difficult to socialize in a healthy manner which may lead to difficulty in communication in their later stages. 

Key Takeaways: Is Homework Good or Bad

To sum up, the ‘is homework good or bad there are a few points one needs to remember-

  1. Homework has many advantages for students. In short, homework reinforces learning and helps the students learn the art of time management.
  2. Too much homework is bad for a student’s physical as well as mental health.
  3. It acts as a stressor tool that can lead to severe headaches, exhaustion, and sleeplessness.
  4. It is important to balance the homework to get the most out of it.
  5. Students should receive homework based on their grades. 
  6. Homework should be on that topic already covered in the class, not a new topic altogether.
  7. Students have the option of accessing online homework help platforms to get assistance.

Does homework make kids smarter or not?

According to the research held in 2000 by a Duke University social psychologist Harris Cooper researcher, the result shows a general correlation between homework and academic achievement. Moreover, students who do homework daily develop good study habits and a desire to learn something new. 

These are some aspects that make students smarter, and it’s one of the key objectives of studying. Of course, when students face an enormous amount of homework, they may become dumb.

How much homework are students doing?

We are not entirely sure how much homework students are doing. But many schools follow a “Rule of thumb”, which means students should get 10 minutes of homework for each grade level. As a result, first graders should get just 10 minutes of work to do at home. On the other hand, higher graders should be cracking the books for a couple of hours. 

Is homework a necessary evil, and should it be banned?

A public school in Marion Country, Florida, decided on a no-homework policy for all the students. This decision was based on Cooper’s research. This research shows that students gain a little by doing homework but a lot from reading. 

After that, Orchard Elementary School in Burlington, Vermont, followed the same path. Well, if you are wondering, the homework policy has four parts:

  1. Read Nightly
  2. Go outside and Play
  3. Have dinner with family
  4. Get a good Sleep

On the other hand, many schools are totally against this rule. Schools say that parents should also support homework because teachers know that it can be helpful for many reasons, like practice solving problems. Still, for no reason, if teachers assign 30 problems instead of 5, then it will create some problems. 

Not all students have the same time or space to complete their homework. 

Conclusion (Is homework good or bad)

Homework is a controversial topic. It’s often considered a valuable form of practice or a tool to help students learn at home. In support of the first argument, it is clear that homework does help students practice what they have learned in school to get better marks in academics. On the other hand, some argue that homework has no benefits and only detracts from free time.

In my opinion, excessive amounts of anything are bad if a student gets a lot of homework. As a result, they do not get any time to play or chill, so homework is bad. Otherwise, it’s good. 

I hope you like this blog. Is homework good or bad?

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Q1. 10 reasons why homework is good for students?

Ans. Ten reasons why homework is good for students.
Children benefit from playing
Not every home is a beneficial environment
School is already a full-time job for students
It encourages a sedentary lifestyle
There is no evidence that homework creates improvements
Extra time in school does not equate to better grades
Too much homework for students
Homework is often geared toward benchmarks
The accurate practice may not be possible
It may encourage cheating on multiple levels

Q2. 10 reasons why homework is bad for students?

Ans. Ten reasons why homework is bad for students.
No Life Outside of School
Homework Is Busywork
Homework Can’t Replace In-Class Education
Because Students Can’t or Don’t Ask for Help
Because Sometimes Parents Can’t Help
Because It Can Hurt Grades
Because It Hurts Students With Problems
Learning Should Be Fun
Chronic Daily Headaches
Lack of Socialisation