Want to add the array of element(s) to form a single string? Yes, you might be!! Well, being a PHP user, this would be the basic requirement of your program. 

So? How to do this. This is possible using the predefined built-in function of PHP called PHP implode, or just the implode().

Now, you might be a beginner who does not have enough knowledge about implode(). Don’t worry!! I have listed all the necessary details along with useful examples for a better understanding.

So, without confusing you more. Let’s start with the overview of PHP implode().

What is PHP implode?

The function of Implode () is an in-built function in the area of PHP. The PHP implode is used to help combine the components of the array to develop a string. The PHP implode function is considered to be the most popular function in PHP.

In other words, the Implode () function in PHP helps in the formation of strings with the help of elements of the array. It is also known as “Array to a String.” 

With the Implode() function, we can form one string by joining the elements of an array. PHP Implode () function is termed to be an alias for Join () function and PHP. If we talk about the Join () function, it works similarly to that of the Implode () function.

In the comparable condition in the Join () function, using implode () function in PHP. We can use a delimiter that works with all the array components which form a string as an output. A delimiter is always placed in the variable when using the Join () function or Implode () function in PHP.

What is the useful syntax of PHP Implode?


Syntax helps in governing the structure of the sentences in a scripting language. It works on the set of processes, principles, and rules in the governing process. It also manages to look over the arrangement of words in the script.


There are a total of two syntaxes used in the implode () function in PHP. 


There are two parameters that help in getting the input of the function. One is considered to be mandatory, while the other one is optional.

Array: This parameter is considered mandatory because its values as components help to join in order to build a string.

Separator: This parameter is considered optional because it comprises an empty string. The values of an array that combines to form a string are separated with the help of a separator parameter.

Let’s take some examples of PHP implode function

An example of joining elements of the array with a string:


goodbye see you soon

An example of separating with different characters to array elements:


Hello! What are you doing?




An example of an object that can be determined by using the toString() function:


three; five; seven

Key point

What is the difference between explode and implode in PHP?

The explode() function of PHP enables the user to separate or break a string in the smaller section or text. And each break would be at the same symbol. The symbols used for exploding are called delimiters. Or, in simple words, the explode() function is useful for breaking the string into an array.

On the other hand, the PHP implode function can return the string from the array’s element.

Final Thoughts

This blog will surely help you to understand the core concept of the PHP implode () function. This is the most popular scripting language extensively used by many programmers. 

The syntax used in the blog will be helpful in understanding the function much easier. The definition of PHP is also mentioned in order to get a clear picture of the topic.

If you want to get more examples or if you have any doubt regarding the PHP implode, let me know. I will try my best to clear your doubt. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of explode () and implode () function?

The explode() function is useful for getting the array output by breaking the string using another string. At the same time, the implode() function is useful to get the string by combining the strings of the array using another string.

Why implode is used in PHP?

Using the implode() function in PHP, the user can combine the array elements with the string. That is why it is remembered as “array to string.”