Are you guys fond of reading inspiring books? but don’t know where to begin? Then there is an encouraging American author for you. None other than I am talking about Pauling Joyce Meyer.

She started her career as a bible teacher and speaker. In the late 90’s she became one of the best-selling authors of North America, her books sold over 30 million copies all over the world. And that’s not all, she is the founder and honorable president of Joyce Meyer ministries.

Here is The List of Top 10 Books by Joyce Meyer

She wrote over 100 books in different languages for all people who want to understand and rehabilitate themself through Jesus Christ. There are thousands of books written by her but don’t worry, we pick out the top 10 books of her career of all time.

How to Succeed at Being Yourself.

Joyce Meyer

In this book, the author wants to encourage you on how to become successful in life. In this, she lights on the emotion and spirit that hides inside you. As its tagline says” finding the confidence to fulfill your destiny”

Change Your Words, Change Your Life.

As the name of the book says words can change your life and this is true. According to Meyer words can give you enough confidence to communicate with the whole nation. This book was originally published in September 2012. And trending #1 after its release.

Living Beyond Your Feelings.

This is a New York Times bestseller. The author conveys the message that our minds thought so much about our emotions. In this book, Meyer combines the sagacity of the bible and talks over physical and mental health that help us to stay happy.

Battlefield Of The Mind Devotional.

Our biggest weapon that we have is the mind. And that’s all Meyer wants to say with the help of this book. This is the most admired book of her career. If you are suffering from anger, depression, worry, and doubt then this book is definitely for you.

Do Yourself a Favour… Forgive.

Forgiving someone is never easy but there should be no difficulty with that, if you forgive others then it is a favor you do yourself as the book title says. But above all, Forgiveness doesn’t mean agreeing with, taking any notice of, or even liking what has happened. Forgiveness means letting go and moving on. If you do so your nature will become in more order like a wise man.

Me and My Big Mouth.

Are you guys always thinking that your mouth keeps telling you all the problems of your life? And then you think “oh no I can’t believe I just said that” if you want to overcome this situation, then reading this book is not a bad option for you. You can control your words and make them work for your benefit.

The Word, The Name, The Blood.

Author Joyce Meyer teaches their reader how to exercise authority in the name of Jesus and why Satan is so afraid of the blood of Jesus. We all know we are the children of Jesus. In this book, she holds the dark secrets and tells about the power of Satan and Jesus. Joyce has provided the christen the keys to walk in their God-given authority.

Trusting God day by day.

Meyer has written a number of creative books but personally, this one is my most loved book of all time. If you have trust issues then this masterpiece will change your vision of trusting god. Many bookworms changed their interest and started reading the bible. In this book, the author shared her experiences of friendship and relationship with God.

The power of thank you.

As we talk earlier forgiving is very important, also thanking or appreciating someone is more important, this is a precious gift that you give others for the work they do for you. We all know that Meyer is very kind-hearted and runs a ministry for the welfare of poor people and raises funds for them. If you have an arrogance problem, what you looking for, this book is waiting for you.

My time with god

If someone asked me how to make a relationship with God? I truly answer to follow the career of Joyce Meyer. but in this book, the author tells her all relations with god. This was the last recent book of Meyer that #1 new york times bestseller and remains the greatest of all time.


Whether you have a specific taste in books or not, there’s an array of books to choose from. Don’t spend too much time selecting a book. All of these books are amazing. You must read some of the books for your daily routine and habits. All this was about Joyce Meyer’s best & top-selling books around the world.