It is the dream of many Indian students to pursue a career in the medical field from an abroad university.

In this blog, we will discuss the best medical colleges in Australia. 

Some of the best medical colleges in the world are present in Australia. It provides affordable education and a high lifestyle.

It is the third most preferred country for students to study abroad after the United States and the United Kingdom. The following are the reasons which make Australia the choice for international students.

Why Choose Australia For Medical Study

There are numerous benefits students can get by studying MBBS from medical colleges in Australia.  Here are some of them:

  • The medical degree from an Australian institute is accepted by MCI (Medical Council of India). So for students who want to practice medicine in India after getting a medical degree from Australia, it is a great op[tipon. Students won’t be needed to take the MCI’s screening test to practice as a doctor in India if they hold an Australian medical degree.
  • In the last 5 years, the need for Doctors in Australia has increased and will continue continually grow till 2028. So you will have a chance of a great career after completing your medical degree in Australia.
  • Australia is one of the nations that pay huge for general practitioners. The average for a general practitioner annually is 215,000 AUD in Australia.
  • It is assumed that the social service and healthcare industry in Australia will grow to 1.9 million in 2024, which was 1.7 million in 2019.
  • Medical degrees from medical colleges in Australia are world recognized.
  • Many well-recognized doctors are teaching in medical colleges in Australia.
  • The medical colleges in Australia provide Research and practical education.
  • The last and most important factor that affects every student is the reasonable fee structure for MBBS in Australia.

Sometimes for many students, it can be difficult to manage their tuition fees and living cost, so to help them there are numerous scholarship options are also available.

Scholarships For MBBS Students In Australia

  • Australia award scholarship
  • Note dame scholarship
  • Tasmanian international scholarship
  • Sydney achievers international award
  • LindsayMCWha International scholarship

Top Medical Colleges In Australia

Here are some top medical colleges in Australia:

  • The University Of Sydney
  • The Melbourne Medical College
  • Monash University
  • The University Of South Wales (UNSW)
  • The University Of Queensland

The University Of Sydney

Ranking- ranked first medical college in Australia by QS top universities ranking 2022.

The University of Sydney School of Medicine started training doctors in 1856. medical disciplines such as anesthesia, General Surgeon, general practice, general medicine, emergency medicine pathology, gynecology, cardiology, neurology, and many more. Numerous research is going on in the medical field, including cancer and cardiovascular research, and many more.

Course LevelBachelor of Arts and Doctor of Medicine
Official course website
Tuition feesA$54,803
Additional cost A$21,041/yr
Admission requirementCandidate must complete a written examination with at least 99.95 in UCAT ANZ and an ATAR.
Language requirementIt’s 7 or PTE 68 score is mandatory
Application deadline15th September 2022
Course LevelMaster in Medicine
Official course website
Tuition fees27,30,000/yr
Additional cost INR 11,00,000/yr
Admission requirement●   Completion of an undergraduate degree, minimum of three years●   Selected candidates are asked to attend an interview
Language requirementIt’s 7 or PTE 68 score is mandatory
Application deadline30th September 2022

The Melbourne Medical College

Ranking – Second best medical college in Australia according to QS Top Universities Ranking 2022.

The Melbourne Medical School is part of the University of Melbourne. The Melbourne Medical School was founded in the year 1862. It is Australia’s oldest and one of the best medical schools. The school is part of the university’s Faculty of Dentistry and Health Sciences which is located on the Parkville campus.

It provides a four-year postgraduate medical degree.

Course LevelPostgraduate medical degree
Official course website
Tuition feesINR 22,62,000/yr
Additional cost INR 11,00,000/yr
Admission requirement●   Have earned an undergraduate degree in any fieldMandatory course study in biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology.●   Graduate Admission Test for Australian Medical Schools (GAMSAT)●   Apply for a multiple mini-interview.
Language requirementThe minimum TOEFL score must be 79 while the minimum PTE score must be 64.
Application deadline30th April 2023 

Monash University 

Ranking – Third best medical college in Australia according to QS Top Universities ranking 2022.

It offers direct entry to a 5-year program for high school graduates. It is the state of Victoria’s only course that allows for direct entry into medicine for high school graduates.

They have more than 25 research centers and institutes, including pathology, Human Anatomy Education, Anesthesia, Inflammatory Diseases, Obesity Research and Education (CORE), Cardiovascular Research, and others.

Course LevelBachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine
DurationFive year
Official course website,are%20hospital%20and%20community%20based
Tuition feesINR  24,56,00/year
Additional cost INR 11,00,000/yr
Admission requirement●   A VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) English score of 30 (English other than EAL) or 35 (EAL) and a chemistry score of 30 or higher in units 3 or 4 is required.●   Applicants are chosen based on their UCAT scores, ATAR, and an interview process
Language requirementA minimum of 304 GRE or 79 TOEFL or 58 PTE score must be required.
Application deadline29th July 2022

The University Of South Wales (UNSW)  

Ranking – Fourth best medical university in Australia by QS Top Universities Ranking 2022.

It was founded in 1960 and collaborates with Sydney and Australia’s health facilities. The college provides an undergraduate medical program completed at the Kensington Campus in south-eastern Sydney.

The undergraduate course here is a six-year program requiring band 4 or higher in English

Course LevelUndergraduate course in medicine
Official course website,lead%20the%20future%20of%20health
Tuition feesINR19,00,000/year
Additional cost INR 11,00,000/yr
Admission requirement●   ANZ University Clinical Aptitude Test (CAT) completion●   Applicants must have a minimum ATAR of 96.00 to be considered for an interview.●   selected candidates are invited to the Medicine Interview
Language requirementIt’s 7 and PTE 65 score is required
Application deadline31st May 2022

The University Of Queensland 

Ranking – Ranked fifth among the top medical universities in Australia by QS Top Universities Ranking 2022.

The University of Queensland was officially established in 1936. The primary campus is located in Mayne Medical School. 

The primary education areas are Biomedical Sciences, Public Health, and Medicine. 

It offers a four-year Doctor of Medicine degree, primarily taught at the School of Medicine’s central campus in Herston. 

A bachelor’s degree in health sciences, medical sciences, and biomedical sciences is highly recommended in place of undergraduate programs for medicine.

The University also provides over 200 scholarships to prospective students across the university.

Course LevelDoctor of Medicine degree,
DurationFour years
Official course website
Tuition feesINR 18, 74,000/ year
Additional cost INR 11,00,000/yr
Admission requirementAny one of the following should be present.  ●   Completing a bachelor’s degree includes entry-level prerequisite courses and provides graduates with professional health qualifications, such as nursing and dental science.●   Earn a bachelor’s degree that includes the prerequisite courses for admission to the Doctor of Medicine programs, such as sports sciences and nutrition.●   Completion of a bachelor’s degree with minimal prerequisite courses covered, such as a Bachelor of Arts. A multi- mini interview for everyone
Language requirementA minimum of 304 scores in GTE or 79 scores in TOEFL or 64 scores in PTE is mandatory.
Application deadline30th September 2022

Other Medical Colleges in Australia With Their Fee Structure

Name Of InstituteFee In Rupees
The Australian National University Medical School13 lakhs approximately
Deakin University10 lakhs approximately
Flinders University6.78 lakhs approximately
University of Adelaide7.86 lakhs approximately
Bond University6.23 lakhs approximately

Documents Required For MBBS Admission In Australia

  • 10th Certificate
  • 12th Certificate
  • Bachelor degree (if applicable)
  • UCAT scorecard
  • SOP (Statement Of Purpose)
  • Bank Statement
  • Valid passport
  • Passport size photographs

Career Opportunities In Australia After MBBS

After completing the MBBS from Australia, there are numerous opportunities for students to grab for a better career.

  • Hospital administrator
  • Medical Officer
  • Physiotherapist
  • Nuclear scientist
  • Veterinary
  • Cardiologist
  • Radiologist
  • Audiologist
  • Assistant physio
  • General practitioner


Australia is one of the best countries for International students to pursue a degree in medicine. Australia also has another university that provide-medical degrees that have worldwide acceptance. Students must at least apply to the 4 best medical universities by clicking the link provided above. Also, students must check the eligibility criteria of specific universities. 

We wish you the best of luck in your future.


Is Australia MBBS valid in India?

Yes, MBBS from Australia is valid in India and you can practice as a doctor in India if you hold an Australian degree.

Is Medicine hard in Australia?

Yes, it is considered that medicine is the most difficult discipline to study in Australia.