For Indians who are looking for career advancement and global exposure, the UK’s job market provides numerous opportunities. 

The UK has gained popularity among Indians searching for jobs due to its various industries and expanding economy. 

In this blog, I will give an overview of the jobs in UK for Indians. I will give details about popular sections for Indians to work in the UK, along with a guide on how to find a job in the UK. 

This blog will also tell about some of the common issues or problems faced by Indians while finding jobs in the UK.

So let’s get started!

UK Job Market: Popular Jobs In UK for Indians

The United Kingdom offers a successful job market with numerous opportunities for Indians. Here are some key facets of the UK job market for Indians:

Popular industries and sectors for Indians

The UK’s job market offers a wide range of opportunities for Indians. There is always a high demand for skilled workers, which creates an opportunity for Indian skilled workers. Here is the list of popular sectors or industries for doing jobs in UK for Indians.

  • IT and Software development
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Healthcare department
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality and Tourism

IT and Software development

The IT sector in the UK is highly developed and constantly growing. Indians or other workers worldwide with software development, programming, data analysis, and cybersecurity skills are in high demand in the UK.

The average salary of an IT engineer or a software developer is £58,926 per year in the UK.

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Finance and Accounting

The UK has a strong financial sector, including banking, investment, and insurance. High-skilled workers with expertise in finance, accounting, risk management, and auditing have good career opportunities in this field.

The average salary of a Finance and Accounting professional is £44,760 per year in the UK.

Healthcare department

Healthcare department jobs are one of the best jobs in UK for Indians. The UK has a well-established healthcare department or system, and the demand for qualified medical professionals is always high in the UK. 

Highly skilled workers from India or worldwide have numerous opportunities to get jobs in the UK in the healthcare department.

The average salary of a Healthcare department professional is £32,884 per year in the UK.


The engineering and manufacturing sectors in the UK offer the most job opportunities for Indian skilled workers in the following fields; 

  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Electrical
  • Chemical engineering

The automotive, aerospace, and construction industries are the main in this sector.

The average salary of an Engineering is £42,677 per year in the UK.

Hospitality and Tourism

The UK attracts millions of tourists annually, increasing the demand for skilled hospitality and tourism industry workers. Indian workers with experience in hotel management, travel agencies, event planning, and customer service can easily find jobs in this sector.

The average salary of a Hospitality and Tourism professional is £21,864 per year in the UK.

How To Find Jobs In UK for Indians

Finding a suitable job in the UK requires proper job search strategies and using different resources. Here are some of the best methods for Indians to work in the UK:

Job searching platforms and websites

Explore online job portals and platforms that provide details about jobs in the UK. Indians can use the following websites to find jobs in the UK;

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Reed

These websites are the best that provide a range of job opportunities across different sectors in the UK. You can use the proper keywords to find a suitable job position.

Professional connections

Your connections also play an important role in finding jobs in UK for Indians, so creating a large network or connections can help you get a job that is made for you. 

You can attend industry events, job fairs, and professional networking events to create a network. You can also connect with experts in your field through LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 

Being active in social networking activities can help you be updated about job opening in various fields.

Recruitment agencies or consultants

Register with popular and reputed recruitment agencies or consultants, those who specialize in adjusting candidates in the UK job market. These agencies have access to various job opportunities and can easily find a job that matches your skills and qualifications. They can also guide you in creating a professional CV/resume and interview tips.

Direct applications and online portals

Many companies in the UK accept direct applications through their websites. Visit the career pages of companies you are interested in and submit your application with a professional resume. 

Creating a professional resume with an attractive and informative cover letter is essential to get a job in the UK. 

Your CV must meet all the UK standards and show relevant experiences.

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Challenges Faced by Indians While Finding Jobs in the UK

There are also some challenges that Indians face; even the UK job market offers great opportunities for everyone. Here are some common challenges that most Indians face:

  • The first and most common issue that most Indian face is the Cultural and language barriers. The primary language in the UK is English, while in India, it is Hindi, so before migrating to the UK, Indians are advised to improve their English language skills. 
  • Another issue that Indian face while migrating to the UK for jobs is Climate. The climate in the UK is too cold, while in India, the weather is not that cold in most places. In December and January, there is so much cold in the UK that work is stooped in the construction sector in some places. 

These are two of the biggest challenges Indians face while migrating to work in the UK.


In this blog, I have discussed the jobs in UK for Indians. The UK job market offers many opportunities for Indians who are looking for career growth and international experience. 

There is a demand for skilled workers in the IT, finance, healthcare, engineering, and hospitality sectors. 

By improving their language skills and understanding the UK work culture, Indians can increase their chances of success while working in the UK. 

This was all about the jobs in UK for Indians, and I hope I have cleared all your queries, but if you still have any, please let us know through comments or contact our experts

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What are the popular industries for Indians in the UK?

Indians often find opportunities in industries like Information Technology (IT), finance and accounting, healthcare, engineering, and hospitality and tourism in the UK.

What is the main visa option for Indians to work in the UK?

The Tier 2 (General) visa is the main visa option for skilled workers from outside the European countries to work in the UK. It requires a job offer from a UK employer with a valid sponsor license.