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International Students To Be Banned From Bringing Their Family To UK: According to the report of BBC News, International students who are on postgraduate or any other non-research courses will be banned from bringing their family or any other dependents to the UK while they study under the new immigration rules. 

Minister Rishi Sunak has informed other government officials to take steps against this. It will help to reduce the number of dependents. He told the cabinets that this rule would apply to students beginning in January 2024. 

According to the report, the rules are changing to decrease the number of dependents entering the UK. Children and Spouses of international students will not be allowed to apply to live in the UK while studying in postgraduate or other research programs.

A report from last year shows that approximately 1,35,788 visas were given to the dependants of international students, which can be around nine times the figure of 2019 and an increase from 54,486 in 2021, which can be more than seven times the 19,139 visas granted in 2020.

The number of applications for study visas by European Economic Area (EEA) students has increased after introducing new requirements following Brexit. 

Also, there has been a rise in visa applications since the rules were changed in 2019, allowing international students to remain in the UK for two years after graduation to search for job opportunities.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman states that a significant increase in dependants being granted visas has happened. It is necessary to take strict steps on this route to reduce the number of migration visas. 

Braverman believes that the move hits a balance between reducing the number of migrants and protecting the economic advantages students can bring to the UK. 

However, there was a disagreement within the government about whether to ban the dependants of all postgraduate students, including those on research courses. 

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan and other ministers argued that these dependents provide greater financial benefits as they live in the UK longer.

The government was divided on whether or not to ban postgraduate students’ dependents, even those on research courses. 

However, Education Secretary Gillian Keegan and some ministers argued that students are based in the UK longer and provide a significant economic benefit.

New Rules Regarding International Students To Be Banned From Bringing Their Family To UK

Suella Braverman also made some rules for students, which are mentioned below.

  1. International students may be banned from bringing their family and other members to the UK, except if they enrolled in postgraduate programs currently specified as research programs.
  2. Also, students are no longer allowed to switch the student route to work routes before completing their studies. 
  3. The maintenance requirements for both students and dependents are under review.
  4. Various steps are being taken to control education agents supporting inappropriate immigration applications for financial gain rather than educational purposes. 
  5. It improves the communication of immigration rules to both the higher education sector and international students.
  6. It also improved the enforcement activity and made it more targeted.

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Source: BBC News

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