If you are planning to study abroad then giving an English language proficiency test is an important step in your journey. There are many English language proficiency tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, etc.

IELTS and TOEFL have been in the market for a long time, but other tests like Duolingo are comparatively new in the market. In, this blog, I will clear some of your doubts regarding the Duolingo test, especially about how many times I can take Duolingo test.

What Is Duolingo English Test?

Duolingo English test (DET) is an English language test to know your skills designed to help students and educational institutions. 

The Duolingo English Test is accepted all over the world you can take it to prove your English proficiency. Nearly 3,000 colleges and universities from over 50 countries accept Duolingo English Test Certificates as reliable proof of an international student’s English proficiency during the admissions process. 

Similar to other standard English proficiency tests mentioned such as TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE, this test examines the applicant’s four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Difficulty Level Of Duolingo

The difficulty level of the test increases with each correct answer and decreases with incorrect answers. Comparing the Duolingo English test with other language tests, Duolingo gives you a different way to learn English.

It helps in keeping students more engaged in learning because it is more of a game-based learning than a textbook language learning. This test helps students memorize information and understand and learn new content faster than traditional textbooks or videos. 

Validity And Price Of Duolingo

The validity of the Duolingo English test is something that it would be very important for universities to examine before making a final decision to accept it as an official English test. The validity of your Duolingo points depends completely on when you first took the test.

Also, The test has an affordable price of $49 (INR 3678) for the interview and the exam, which can be done online, so you don’t have to spend hours on long exams to prepare for this exam.

How Can You Take the Duolingo English Test?

You can take the exam online anytime, anywhere. This test doesn’t require candidates to visit a particular test location, which is the most significant advantage of this test also making it more popular among students. Candidates can take the exam from the comfort of their own homes;  they only need essential equipment. 

Duolingo ensures that candidates adhere to its strict limits while taking the test at home, so you can take the test without any help. Candidates must take the exam alone and no one is allowed to talk to them during the exam. 

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How long is the result of the Duolingo English test valid? 

Like all other certificates, it is valid for 2 years after you have received the Duolingo English test result. But, the only limitation is that you will need to retake the test during this time to make sure your English language skills have improved.

You may also have to need to retake the test even if you have lived in the United States for a long time if English is not your first language. The validity of the Duolingo English test also depends on various factors, such as how much you studied for the test, how your English has improved since then, and whether you can pass the test successfully if you take it again. Now the question is how many times I can take Duolingo test, so here it comes.

How many times I can take Duolingo test? 

You can take this test as many times as you want, but the number of times you can fail the test is limited. The only condition is that DET cannot be taken more than twice in 30 days. Once you complete and submit a test, you will have to wait for your results before taking a new test.

 The Duolingo exam validity is unlimited, and you can retake it as many times as you want even if you fail no. of times. The only part about the validity of the Duolingo test is that students are not able to improve their English in a certain period, which means that the test does not help their English. Perhaps they should use some other method to secure their success in the future.

Duolingo Exam Test Pattern 

After knowing “how many times I can take Duolingo test,” it is necessary to know the pattern of exam.

The test lasts one hour and is completed online once. The questions are designed to assess the examinee’s analytical thinking and versatility.

Duolingo’s English test pattern is divided into two parts: adaptive testing and video interviews, and is completed once within 60 minutes. 

The first 5 minutes of the test is an introductory part that gives test takers a quick introduction to the setup of the Duolingo English test. 

All the rules and requirements of the test are explained in the introductory part. The duration of the adaptive test is 45 minutes and the remaining 10 minutes for the video interview. Let’s look at the parts of the Duolingo exam pattern.

Duolingo English Adaptive Test 

This section tests candidates’ reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills. This is the 45-minute graded part of the Duolingo English exam. This section contains all the questions that appear randomly during the test. 

Duolingo Adaptive test scores are determined separately by the test provider. The test taker must follow Duolingo’s adaptive test rules and regulations, or they may be disqualified. 

Duolingo Video interview test 

The second part is a video interview. This is a 10-minute test where the test taker have to record their answers to open-ended questions. The test taker may be asked to talk about a specific situation or describe a picture or may be allowed to choose a topic and speak for few minutes. Candidates should be well prepared to answer the various questions.

Necessary Documents required for  the Duolingo test

Duolingo English exam does not require an academic qualification. They just need to provide certain documents for identification. To participate in Duolingo, the applicant must submit one of the following documents: 

  • Driver’s license 
  • Government ID
  • Passport

Why Students Choose Duolingo English Test?

Students choose the Duolingo English Test (DET) for multiple reasons.

Convenience: Anyone can take the DET online, and it only takes about an hour to finish. This makes it a good choice for students who can’t get to a testing place or need more time to take a traditional paper test.

Cost: The DET isn’t too expensive, especially compared to other English competency tests. The cost of the test depends on which country you take it in, but it’s usually around USD 49.

Easy and Accurate: The DET is a good way to measure how well you know English. It is just as accurate as other tests of English ability, like the TOEFL and IELTS.

Acceptance: More than 3,000 colleges and other schools worldwide accept the DET. This makes it a flexible test that can be used to meet English-language requirements for many different schools.

Overall, the DET is a quick, cheap, and accurate way to find out how well you know English. The DET is a good choice if you want a test of your English skills that is easy to take and is accepted by a wide range of schools.

Who can take the Duolingo Test?

The Duolingo test is open to anyone who wants to take it. There are no set admission standards, be they academic or otherwise. The only requirement is for students under the age of 13 who require parental supervision to take the test.

There are also some rules and regulations that should be followed while giving the test from their homes. Some of the rules are:

  • You must be alone in a well-lit room.
  • You must not use mobile phones or any other devices.
  • Your face should be visible.
  • Do not use headphones.
  • Do not communicate with anyone else 
  • Do not take your eyes off the camera or leave the test window.
  • You must speak for at least 30 seconds in the speaking section.
  • Do not use third-party webcam software.

Is Duolingo a Better Test Of English Than IELTS

Once you have the answer of the question how many times I can take the Duolingo test, you might also want to know Duolingo vs IELTS which is better.

If we see in terms of complexity, Duolingo is not more difficult than IELTS tests, as most of the Duolingo questions are close to IELTS questions. 

Though, if you compare the scores of both the tests and how far they are from each other, Duolingo has a greater score range for exam goals. 

Scores are influenced by so many factors, such as the topics covered and the length of the passage, which makes it difficult to compare these tests. 

If you choose a somewhat small number of topics, the scores will be considerably more scattered. 

Also, if you look at  IELTS and Duolingo scores, it’s easy to see that  Duolingo requires a much higher score than IELTS to get a passing score.

Conclusion (How Many Times I Can Take Duolingo Test)

In this blog, we have discussed how many times I can take Duolingo test. 

The Duolingo English Test is a great way to demonstrate your basic knowledge of the English language. 

However, other factors such as age, the language you are learning, and whether you live in the United States can affect your overall proficiency. 

The DET is not a precise test of English language proficiency, but it is an excellent way to demonstrate basic English proficiency.

We hope we have cleared all your queries about how many times I can take Duolingo test. For more content like this, keep visiting CourseMentor™.

FAQs (How Many Times I Can Take Duolingo Test)

What happens if you fail Duolingo?

The validity of Duolingo exam is unlimited, so, you don’t have to worry about that because if you faim multiple times, then you can retake this exam as many time as you want.

Is 70 a good Duolingo score?

No, if you want to score good in Duolingo English Test, then you have to score 110 and above.

Can We Take 2 Duolingo Tests Multiple Times?

The Duolingo English test can be taken as often as the student wants. But they can only try it twice every 30 days. The applicants will be able to sign up for another test once the findings of the last one are made public.