Choosing a career option is one of the most important decisions of your life. You have to research all the fields that are in trend and have a good future scope. 

In this highly competitive world, you must filter your career options by looking at various parameters. One of the most important parameters is the pay for a job. 

You must choose a field that will provide you with a high-paying job opportunity. Moving abroad for higher studies elevates your chances of having a good career and getting a high-paying job. 

Out of so many countries, Australia has been a choice for Indian students for a long time. You can get a highly prestigious job position with good pay if you properly complete your studies in Australia. 

So, in this blog, we will discuss some of the highest paying jobs in Australia.

Highest paying jobs in Australia

Here are the best jobs in Australia that pay you a lot. We have also provided the qualification for those jobs.


As you may have guessed, medical fields pay the most in nearly all countries. However, you need to understand that there are several fields in Medicine, and the pay varies. 

So you need a good understanding of the pay structure of all the options in medicine. 

Being a Surgeon pays the most in Australia. It has been the highest paying job in Australia for many years. The scope of this field is immense, as the need for good surgeons never goes down. 


The qualification required for being a surgeon is the most important thing that you need to know if you are thinking of this field. 

Being a surgeon requires many years of study and hard work. The qualifications are as follows:

  • Complete an undergraduate course in the medical field like MBBS.
  • To complete a Master’s in Surgery, you will have to select your specific field for your master’s. 
  • Work in a hospital for 2-3 years to gain experience. 

The average salary of a surgeon depends on the specialization. The specialization that pays the highest is of a neurosurgeon, which is $600,380 annually on average. 

However, the average salary for all other specializations is $394,300 annually. If you can put in the effort, then being a surgeon is the best among all the highest paying jobs in Australia.

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Anaesthetist is the next career option in our list of highest-paying jobs in Australia. If being a surgeon is a bit too much burden for you, then you can choose this option. This doesn’t mean that being an Anaesthetist would be easy, but it is easier than a surgeon. 


The qualification for being an Anaesthetist is more or less similar to that of a surgeon. The only difference is that you will have to do internships at top institutions to gain experience and make your CV look good. 

The qualifications for being an Anaesthetist are as follows:

  • Complete an undergraduate degree in the medical field from a recognized university. 
  • Do some internships and complete a residency period of 1 or more years. 
  • Apply for Fellowship of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (FANZA) vocational training program. This program takes 5 years to complete. 

The salary of an Anaesthetist depends on the years of experience and academic record. 

You can boost your salary as a fresher by doing as many Internships as possible. The average salary of an anesthetist in Australia is $385,500. 

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Other medical jobs

Apart from being a surgeon and an Anaesthetist, many jobs in the medical field pay you well. It is impossible to include all the medical jobs in our list of highest paying jobs in Australia, so let us look at them collectively. 

Medical jobs like psychiatrists, cardiologists, pediatricians, orthodontists, dentists, periodontists, obstetricians, and many others have very high demand and pay. 

You can choose what intrigues you the most, but keep in mind that these fields are highly competitive and require a lot of study. 


The qualifications of all medical jobs are different. Although, the basic qualifications of an undergraduate in a medical field are the same for all. 

You should also know that you must do an MBBS degree for most medical jobs. This is a 5-year undergraduate course. 

Your academic record in your undergraduate plays an important role in getting admission to the master’s of your choice. Most medical practitioners in Australia have completed their master’s as well for better opportunities. 

The salaries for various medical-related jobs are different, but the average salary of a medical practitioner can be $222,900 on average. 

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Legal professions (Like Lawyer)

You might think that all the highest paying jobs in Australia are medical-related, but this is not the case. Legal professionals are paid very well too, in Australia. 

If you are someone who has excellent debating skills and reasoning ability, then this is the job for you. This is a vast field, you can choose to be a judge or any kind of lawyer. 

Some of the highest-paid lawyers are specialized in contracts, personal injury, bankruptcy, immigration, crime, corporate or other, to paralegals and administrative assistants. 

You need to have a keen interest in the field of your specialization. Being a legal professional is a long journey. You need to study a lot and acquire a lot of experience to get paid well. 


The qualification required for being a legal professional varies according to your specialization. However, below is a general required qualification:

  • Complete a bachelor’s in law (LLB). This will be the foundation of your law career; after this, you can decide on your specialization. 
  • Practical legal training, which can take a year or less. 
  • Apply for a Practicing Certificate from the local Law Society.
  • Practice for 18-24 months at a law firm.

The field of law is vast and is filled with opportunities. This is a field that will not lose its worth even after digitalization. 

Your salary depends on your skills and experience. However, the average salary of a law practitioner is $188,700. Given the salary and scope, if you are interested in this field, this can be the best, highest paying job in Australia. 


This is the fastest evolving field in our list of highest paying jobs in Australia. When you think of a career, scope is the most important aspect. 

The biotechnology industry has seen massive growth in the last decade. The need for biotechnological products like vaccines and new therapies is ever-increasing. 

If you have always been interested in biology, this is your field. You can choose to be a researcher and work full time on developing new technologies for mankind, or you can choose an academic career and be a professor. The scope is great for both. 


Being a biotechnologist is a long way to go. You should have a lot of patience to succeed in this field. 

  • First, you must complete a bachelor of science in biotechnology or related natural sciences. 
  • You can then get admission to a master’s in any biotechnology specialization. 
  • Most people recommend doing a Ph.D. after a master’s to have better opportunities 

After completing all the studies, you must acquire good experience working under the best scientists. However, the hard work eventually pays off as this field pays well. You can expect a salary of $124,700. This, of course, increases with your experience. 

CEO or Managing director 

After seeing so many science-related fields, let us look at a field of commerce with immense potential. Being a CEO is next on our list of highest paying jobs in Australia. 

The CEO is the chief executive officer of the company. The CEO has to manage and oversee all the activities of the company. 

Being a CEO is not a job for a fresher, you will have to complete your education with the best grades and then gain the best experience in the field to be appointed a CEO. You need also to do a lot of networking to build your contacts. 


The qualifications for being a CEO are as follows. Remember that these degrees are not a guaranteed way to being a CEO, these are rather the minimum eligibility criterion. 

  • Complete a bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) in a recognized university with good grades. 
  • Gain admission to a top business school for a Master in business administration (MBA) 
  • Do a lot of internships while you are studying and building your network. 
  • Gain at least 5 years of experience in a specific field. 

As hard as it is, being a CEO is one of the most prestigious jobs in the world. You can grow immensely in this field. 

You should also know that being a CEO is a lot of work, even after you become one. You need to work hard to prove your excellence. The salary of a CEO differs from company to company, but the average salary is $164,800.


The list of highest paying jobs in Australia is ever-changing according to the market trend. However, medical, legal, and management-related jobs always pay well. 

You need to understand that these jobs require much work and study. Even after getting a job, you must constantly try to prove yourself. 

However, these jobs are exciting and come with good financial security. Your interest in the field also defines your success, so don’t just go for the pay. 

Identify your job of interest from this list of highest paying jobs in Australia and think of aligning it with a high-paying job. 

We hope this blog has cleared all your queries, and if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

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