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Want to know about Finland Visa For Indian? Finland has become one of the most popular destinations for students and employees from India. The primary reason for this has to be the growth opportunities it brings into play. Not only this, moving to this part of the world is seamless as visas don’t have many hurdles to cross. All these aspects make Finland an ideal destination for many in India.

If you are thinking about traveling to Finland, you have certainly landed on the right page. We are here to help you with all the documentation and requirements that you need to get your Finland visa approved. A Finland Visa for Indians is not going to be approved if there is any document or requirement missing.

So, before you move ahead and apply for the Finland Visa, it is important that you tick the below-mentioned requirements for a Finland visa for Indian. Take a look:


Below mentioned are the requirements for Finland visa for Indian that you need to cover in terms of a Passport:

  • You need to have a color photocopy of the first and last page of the passport.
  • You need to provide a photocopy of the pages that has the stamp of valid visas.
  • You must provide the photocopy of pages if there are any specific endorsements.
  • You must only provide photocopies of the present passport, not the expired ones.


You need to submit two passport-size color photographs of yours with a light background.

Official Identity Proof 

You also need to provide an Identity card showing your legal address. This is only required if you are not an Indian Passport holder or Indian citizen.

Acceptance Letter

You need to provide the acceptance letter of the University you are applying for in Finland as a student. You should also read about Work Visa For Australia.

Income Proof 

You also need to submit your bank details so that they can be assured of you being able to manage the expenses there without any hassle. Your account must have a funds minimum of EUR 13,440. If you do not have the required amount in your bank account, then you need to submit the same to your guardians or parents. For this, you need to submit:

  1. Sponsor support statement
  2. 1-year bank statements attested by the bank
  3. Income tax returns (ITR) of parents
  4. An employment letter of parents or a minimum of 3 pay slips is an option but important to show the source of funds.
  5. List of financial assets like bank deposits, mutual funds, shares, PPF, post office deposits, and others.

Health Insurance

  • The next important document that you must include to get your visa application approved is health insurance. You need to have EUR 40,000/year of health insurance no matter what is the duration of your stay.
  • It is important that you have your health insurance initiated at least a week before your program starts in Finland. This means that as and when you land in Finland, your health insurance program kicks off.
  • You can get yourself a year’s health insurance program that starts a minimum of 7 days before your course from an Indian or even International.
  • You need to provide all the details related to your health insurance so that the chances of your visa application approval get high. Alsok readi about Singapore Work Permit For Indian.

Tuition Receipt:

The next important document that you need to submit to get your visa approved is your Tuition fee receipt. It is important that you compensate for the tuition fees from before for the first six months. You must pay the tuition charges that are acknowledged in the university acceptance letter. If not, then you must ask for the confirmation email from the university so that you can move ahead with the submission.

Availability of an official tuition fee receipt might take a lot of time, so having it mentioned in your university acceptance letter can certainly help you in the process. So, the confirmation letter from the university and the acceptance letter from the bank needs to be submitted with your visa application to enhance the chances of approval.

Education certificates

The next important aspect that you need to submit is to enhance the chances of your visa application approval. You need to provide the photocopies of all the educational documents and certifications, including the Board exam mark sheet, migration certifications, and any other academic certificates that you own.

VFS Appointment

As and when you submit all the documents, it is important to get the appointment scheduled at VFS in Delhi. Here you are required to pay an additional 5000 rupees during the time of visit. These additional charges are for the purpose of biometrics.

Consent Letter

Last but not least, you must also submit a consent letter from the parents or guardians if the applicant is a minor while filing the application. This consent letter says that the parents are allowing the students to travel for their academic needs. They provide all the access to students to access the bank accounts as and when required for the purpose of funding.

Final Words (Finland Visa For Indian?

Hopefully, you are clear about all the requirements and documentation required for the Finland Visa for Indians. If you have any doubts or queries about a Finland visa for Indians, you can connect with the experts in the business. They can help you with all the documentation required to get the visa approval to travel to Finland. Good luck!

FAQ Related To Finland Visa For Indian

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How long can I stay in Finland?

If you do not need a visa to Finland, you can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days.