In this blog, we will discuss the best GMAT books. Every year thousands of Indian students move abroad for higher studies. Moving abroad is a hectic process, once you have decided to move to a foreign country, you will have to gather many documents and keep an eye on many deadlines. 

Apart from these formalities, you would have to get into a good college with the course you want and meets all your requirements for staying, studying, part-time or full-time jobs, etc. 

Getting admission to a master’s in the best universities is a difficult task. Every student from all around the world would compete for a place in the best college. 

However, the best colleges are very selective because they admit only deserving students. 

To smoothen this process of filtering out the best students, most universities depend upon the scores of some universal competitive exams.

The Pattern Of The GMAT Exam

The GMAT exam is the common exam for MBA courses, and the GRE is given for admission in many PG courses. 

However, a GRE score can also help you to get admission to an MBA, but many colleges prefer GMAT scores for MBA.  

The GMAT exam for admission to MBA courses is a computer-based exam that tests your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You get a score for the GMAT exam between 200 to 800. 

However, getting a score above 700+ will mean that you have obtained a 90 percentile above in comparison. The average score obtained by students is 400-500. 

The GMAT exam comprises 4 sections, the Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning section. 

The GMAT exam pattern differs from various MBA entrance exams like the GRE contains only 3 sections. 

The time duration of the GMAT exam is 3 hours and 7 minutes for 80 questions. 

The Integrated and Verbal reasoning sections are computer adaptive, which means that the questions, once marked, cannot be changed, the page cannot be turned, and none of the questions can be skipped. 

The GMAT exam does not have any negative markings. 

How To Prepare For The GMAT Exam?

The GMAT exam is relatively easy to score, but you will have to prepare well to obtain the score that can get you into your preferred college. 

The best way to prepare for any competitive exam is by referring to the standard and the best books. 

To prepare the best way, you should study from the best GMAT books, this will help you to understand the exam structure and will clear your concepts regarding all the sections. 

Some books also provide the questions that can be asked in the actual GMAT exam. There are several books for preparing for the GMAT, but you should stick to bestselling books as they are the most authentic. 

In this blog, I will provide you with a list of the best GMAT books. 

List Of Books To Prepare For The GMAT Exam

There are a lot of books for GMAT in the market, but to choose the best ones, you would have to filter out all the books based on some criteria. 

The best books are the ones that are bestselling authors author, provide sample questions, provide mock papers, answers to the questions and paper provided, and give you some important insider tips. 

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GMAT Official Guide 2022 Bundle Books + Online Question Bank

The first book among the best GMAT books is the GMAT Official Guide 2022 Bundle. This is a one-stop solution for your preparation for the GMAT exam. 

This bundle contains 3 books, one for the official guide of the GMAT exam, one for the Quantitative Reasoning section, and one for the Verbal Reasoning section. 

This bundle also comes with an Online Question Bank. The two books for the two sections are the best for preparing them. 

These guides contain not only the tips and tricks that you can use in the real exam but also offers you a question bank and official questions from the actual GMAT exam. 

There are over 1,900 real GMAT exam practice questions, and it also offers you online prep tools. These prep tools can be accessed by their mobile app. 

The best way to prepare for any competitive exam is by solving mock tests and sample questions, you can practice several questions from the question bank provided in this book. 

Practicing questions will not only enhance your score but will also increase your confidence.

This amazing book for GMAT preparation is available on Amazon at a price of INR 3,940. This bundle of best GMAT books has also acquired a rating of 4.5 stars. 

All the GMAT: Content Review + 6 Online Practice Tests + Effective Strategies to Get a 700+ Score (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides)

Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guide is a full set of the best GMAT books in the market. This set is a combination of 10 books; these books will work as your complete solution to all your doubts in all the sections. 

These 10 books are, however, combined into 3 books, this doesn’t mean that the author has reduced or compromised on the content, but they have filtered the content by adding and reducing some content that will be beneficial for you in the real GMAT exam. 

This guide also comes with Online materials that include 2 exclusive ebooks with harder content. 

If you have completed the offline materials and want to uplevel your preparation, then you can refer to these online books. 

The online material also contains 6 full-syllabus practice tests, which are of the adaptive type, which means that these are in the best way similar to the actual GMAT exam.

This book has to be one of the best GMAT Books as it is a full guide designed by expert instructors who have scored 99 percentile in the actual GMAT exam. 

The set also contains tips and tricks by experts that will help you achieve your desired score on the test. 

The main attraction of this combo is the access to online mock tests that are adaptive. Often, the adaptive test format is new for students who experience it for the first time in the actual test, but this set allows you to prepare for the adaptive tests by including 6 full-length tests. 

The total price of this combo is INR 10,599. Since this set is expensive, you should look through the content of these books first and then decide whether to buy them. 

You can buy this set with some friends of yours and then share it among yourselves so that the cost will get divided. 

GMAT Prep Book 2021 and 2022: Gmat Exam Secrets Study Guide 

The next book in our list of Best GMAT books is GMAT Prep Book: GMAT Exam secrets study guide. 

This guide is your best partner in your preparation for the GMAT exam. The book contains specific and detailed explanations and clears your concepts for every exam section. 

The concepts in many books are named or stated, but this complete guide provides you with a detailed explanation of the concepts too.  

The flow of the Mometrix complete GMAT guide is often praised by many of its users, the book has a good flow of content that doesn’t let you get bored or get confused by the concepts. 

Many other guides in the market are written in an unorganized way with a hard-to-understand language. Still, the Mometrix Guide offers you accessibility with authenticity as the experts write it. 

As a complete prep guide, it also covers practice questions with answers that are explained in detail. 

By preparing the Questions given in this book, you can easily get a clear estimate of what is going to be asked in the actual exam. 

Each answer is explained in depth, and the principles and the reasoning behind it are also made crystal clear. 

The book also has numerous links with videos of experts breaking down the concepts step-by-step for clear understanding. 

The book has helped hundreds of thousands of students to attain their desired scores for the GMAT exam and will help you to achieve your goals most shortly and easily as possible. 

There are a series of books in the Mometrix GMAT prep guide that have been helpful for students, and these are among the best GMAT books are no exception. 

The price of this book is INR 4,475 on Amazon, which is low compared to other best GMAT books, and it also has a 4.5-star rating.


There are a lot of books in the market to prepare for the prestigious GMAT exam, but you should prepare only from the best GMAT books as they are the most authentic. 

The best-selling authors are the most authentic and provide the best content for a competitive exam. 

I recommend you first look at all the bestselling GMAT books in the market and then make an informed decision about buying a guide. 

Whatever book you buy, make sure that you buy at least one full guide for your preparation, students often take the exam lightly as the content is only English and Math, but it is the Universal competition that makes it hard. 

All the best for your GMAT exam preparation!


Are 2 months enough for GMAT?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. Some students can crack the GMAT exam even in a month or 2 with proper guidance and hard work.

Is scoring 700 on GMAT easy?

The GMAT exam is the most frightening part of the application process for students who are applying for MBA courses. It is considered the toughest entrance exam for MBA admission. So it won’t be easy to get a 700 score on this exam.