GRE is an exam that is used by many graduate schools or institutes to check or evaluate students for admission.

Through this test, the graduate school administration comes to know about the three most required skills to be successful in college.

This exam is conducted by educational testing service (ETS). As ETS is the creator of the GRE exam so they have produced many different study materials for students, like books and online courses from where students can prepare for GRE.

In this blog, I will discuss the best ETS GRE books that are designed to improve the score of students. 

These are the books designed by ETS itself, which conducts the GRE exam, so these are the best books for GRE preparation.

I will also explain some other top books that are also good for GRE preparation.

Let’s get started!

GRE Exam Pattern

The GRE is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The GRE tests your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities that will help you ace your career in the top graduate schools. 

In a growing world, verbal abilities, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities are a must to acquire a good career. 

The total test duration of the GRE is 3 hours and 45 minutes. The GRE consists of 3 sections, the Verbal Reasoning section, the Quantitative Reasoning section, and the Analytical Writing section. So after learning about the GRE exam pattern, let’s learn why I should use the ETS GRE books to prepare for the GRE.

Why Use ETS GRE Books? 

The GRE can be a hard nut to crack if you want to get admission to top graduate schools because of the competition. 

However, if you use the right strategy and prepare with dedication, you will be able to secure a good score on the exam. 

One way to prepare for the GRE is by referring to the best books for GRE. There are a lot of books in the market to prepare for the GRE, but you will have to select the best ones to get a good score. 

The best author to refer to for preparing is the ETS. ETS is the administrator for the GRE exam, and it publishes several reference books for the preparation of the exam too. 

So, it is best to study from the books made by the ETS. 

The ETS has so far published several bestselling books for the GRE.

The benefits of studying from the ETS GRE Books rather than other books are as follows:


The ETS GRE Books are authentic as they are authored by experts that also frame the question paper of the GRE. 

Preparing from these books will give you a definite roadmap to success for the GRE.


The majority of the GRE books in the market are very expensive, and several are not available in India. 

But the ETS GRE books offer you quality and authentic content at a pocket-friendly price. They also deliver all around the world.

One-stop solution

The ETS GRE books work as a one-stop solution to all your doubts related to the exam. 

These books explain the structure of the exam, the sections, various tips, practice question papers, and even the answers to all those papers. 


By studying from the books by ETS, you will gain confidence for the actual test as the books are authored by the tastemakers. 

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List Of Best ETS GRE Books

All the books in this list are readily available on Amazon and other websites. You should look through the content sections of all the books and then decide which covers the topic in which you are weak and which book will help you improve your score.

The Official Guide to the GRE General Test

The Official Guide to the GRE General test is one of the best books by the ETS. You will get a full overview of the GRE from this book. 

This full guide to the exam will train you perfectly for the GRE. This guide is made by the experts who format the GRE themselves. 

This book will not only prepares you for the content of the exam but also introduces you to the exam from starting. 

If you know nothing about the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), then this book is the one for you to start and finish your preparation. 

The GRE judges a student’s ability to think critically and write analytically. 

The Official Guide to the GRE General test will help you develop and sharpen your skills.

It also contains the actual GRE practice papers from previous years. 

The Official Guide to the GRE general test offers detailed guidance about all three sections. 

The answers provided in the book to the pacers are most suitable to secure the highest scores. 

The price of this full guide on Amazon is INR 1,049. If you opt for a used book on Amazon, you can easily get one for INR 500. 

This book is among the best ETS GRE books and has a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon.

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Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions

The best way to prepare for any exam is by solving the questions similar to the actual test questions, the Official Guide to Verbal Reasoning provides just that to you. 

The Verbal reasoning section of the GRE is often the hardest part of the exam.

So, many students have experienced that by referring to the questions in this book, they can easily solve the questions in the actual Verbal Section of the GRE. 

The Official GRE Verbal Reasoning is the only book of the ETS that is focused on the Verbal reasoning section. 

This guide will prepare you from scratch to the highest level for the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE. 

This guide is designed to help any struggling student to secure a good score in the Verbal reasoning section. 

This book has several practice questions in the Verbal Reasoning section, which will help elevate your score. 

The verbal reasoning section is linked with the Analytical writing section in the use of vocabulary. 

This book also helps you to write your answers better in the Analytical Writing section. 

The book includes life-saving tips and advice to ace the exam, along with more than 150 verbal reasoning questions that were asked in the exam. 

Referring to all the questions and answers from the Official Guide to Verbal reasoning will help you to gain more marks in the GRE.

This book is available at a price of INR 702 and has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. 

Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions

This is the third and last book on the list of ETS GRE preparation books.

The GRE also tests your problem-solving skills in the exam. The Quantitative reasoning section of the GRE is focused on testing your problem-solving skills. 

The Quantitative Reasoning section is the Math section of the GRE. 

The GRE quantitative reasoning section tests your basic mathematical skills and your elementary math concepts. 

It assesses your ability to solve quantitative questions from quantitative methods. 

To practice this section, you will have to solve many sample questions similar to the ones in the GRE.

To prepare fully for the Quantitative section of the GRE, you have to prepare from a dedicated book that focuses on the quantitative reasoning section of the GRE. 

The Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice questions provide you with several actual test-like questions that help you to elevate your score in the actual test. 

By solving all these practice questions, you will gain confidence to solve them correctly in the exam. 

This book also contains more than 150 actual quantitative reasoning questions that were asked in the actual exam.

Other Good Books For GRE Preparation

Apart from the ETS GRE books, there are also some other books that students can use for their GRE preparation. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss those books. 

  • The Princeton Review: Cracking the GRE
  • Kaplan GRE Prep Plus
  • Manhattan Prep: 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems
  • Barron’s GRE
  • GRE Prep by Magoosh

The Princeton Review: Cracking the GRE

You will get the strategies for each section of the GRE exam, along with a complete review of the test content. 

You will get 6 practice tests with an explanation of each correct or incorrect answer.

Kaplan GRE Prep Plus

If you are looking for online video lessons with practice tests, then this book is for you. You will get 5 tests to practice and some tips and strategies you can use in each section.

You will also get an overview of math and verbal concepts in this book.

Manhattan Prep: 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems

Based on different difficulty levels, you will get around 2000 practice questions in this book. This book focuses on all three sections of the GRE and gives a proper explanation for every answer.

Barron’s GRE

Students will get a complete overview of all three sections of the exam along with a proper explanation in this book. There will be 6 practice tests in this book that you can use to improve your score.

GRE Prep by Magoosh

In this book, students will get around 1000 questions with a complete explanation of each answer. You will also get proper strategies for each section of the exam and use them while practicing.


Several books are on the market to prepare for the GRE, but you should stick to the best-selling authors only as they provide authenticity. 

I recommend you buy all three ETS GRE books. As all the guides together will elevate your preparation for the GRE. 

You should also check the content section of all these books to make an informed decision about buying the book. All the best for your preparation from ETS GRE books!

I hope this blog has cleared all your doubts, but if you still have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

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Is Magoosh book good for GRE?

Yes, this book is good for you if you are aiming for a 50% to 70% score on GRE. But to score more than 70% on GRE, you will need a serious book.

How do I start preparing for the GRE?

Here are some simple tips to prepare for the GRE:
Find your baseline. 
Determine your target GRE score.
Make a plan to close the gap.
Practice for technique.
Mimic real GRE conditions. 
Review your results.
Build up your GRE vocabulary.
Practice with and without a calculator.