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Australia Reduced Student Visa Processing Time To 16 days: According to the latest news, the Home Affairs Department of Australia has announced a significant improvement in the student visa processing time, with the average visa processing time now decreasing to 16 days. 

This development follows extensive visa delays faced by several major study destinations in 2022 due to a surge in applications as the world began to recover from the pandemic.

Australia Reduced Student Visa Processing Time To 16 days

Great news for international students! Thanks to increased government resources since 2022, average visa processing times in Australia have significantly decreased. 

According to a LinkedIn post by the Australian government, student visas are now being processed in as little as 16 days on average.

For 12 months, the country’s budget allocated $48.1 million to improve the processing of temporary and migration visas. To address visa delays, various measures were implemented. 

Reports show that almost 600 new staff were recruited between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023, and they are now supporting visa processing. The government has made processing on-hand visa applications a priority.

Despite encouraging figures, students should not become complacent when applying for visas. Processing times can be affected by complicated cases, application volume fluctuations, and Ministerial Direction changes.

For a hassle-free visa application process, the department advises student visa applicants who are situated outside of Australia to apply for their visas at least eight weeks before the beginning of their courses. 

This proactive measure can assist students in avoiding unnecessary delays and guarantee that they have much time to fulfill all the necessary procedures before beginning their studies in Australia.

To simplify the process for new students, Australia has also announced an increase in the financial ability requirements for international students. Starting from October 1st, 2023, applicants for student visas will need to provide proof of savings totaling AU $24,505.

So, it is all about Australia reduced student visa processing time to 16 days. 

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