Terms and Conditions


CAL Info Training & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. ("Company," “Us” or “We” and their implications) commands a website https://Course Mentor.com/ that can join individuals with the service of an online platform tutoring various subjects to students. "Company," “Us” or “We”, “our website” word will represent a CAL Info Training & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd or Course Mentor or https://Course Mentor.com/ anywhere or everywhere on the website.

Here "Terms" define the rule that the Company acts to the end-users who access this online platform. ”Services” shall be addressed to the privacy policy accessible on https://Course Mentor.com/privacypolicy Our online tutoring platform is mainly for both students as well as teachers. A person below 18 age is considered a child, and he/she needs to have parental permission to apply/use our platform. The parents of the students or children over 18 age are mentioned as “You.” The word “Users” for the mentioned Terms shall be expressed as Student (Child/kid) or You..

Terms of Service

To select and/or get any help given by Company, Individuals need to agree with these Terms (as might change from period to period). Please go through the following details carefully. If you are a guardian or parent and grant your permission to your children to access this platform, you consent to be restricted by these Terms concerning their utility. By your sustained use or access to the platform, you imply the agreement as legally restricted with the Terms introduced out here. If you don't consent to the agreement's terms, you can promptly leave this page and discontinue availing the services.

Declaration of Services

The company provides an online platform to learn different courses or need help in understanding specific topics that help students to enhance their knowledge and accelerate their career to the next level. The idea is to formulate a virtual online classroom or live tutoring through software that benefits the students to study without limitations of place and time.

The company can possess its own sets of norms on which the students are assumed to accomplish their levels. The company has several Educators(tutors) who can support the students in their learning and they teach as per their curriculum or provided by the company itself.

However, to access our services, You or the students require to sign in an account and reveal ("Personal Details") comprising, but not restricted to, (i) name, email ID, place, and contact information (ii) gender (iii) age, grade/class of the student (iv) additional email address of student's guardian or parent to get the parental approval.

Consent to Use

At Course Mentor students can freely check any course, popular courses details and check their reviews.The company owns the power to deny or suspend, in its consideration, your access to any or all sections of our platform. The license is confined to private and non-commercial applications by the students and You. Any powers not given to the students expressly and are reserved for the company only. Educators are also confined to terms or conditions shared at the time of boarding.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our company reserves all rights, such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, logos, designs, trade secrets, trade-dress, know-how, and other intellectual property rights about all data given on our platform. The data must cover but not restricted to all texts, the curriculum taught, graphics, illustrations, photos, logos, and apps. You cannot copy, publish, download, distribute, or duplicate any data on our platform or any social media without the company's earlier addressed consent.


You or the students can authenticate a link to another site (s), given that:

  • The link must be legal and do not harm or damage and do not practice the unethical benefit of our business or reputation;
  • As linking can not utilize for promotional or advertising purposes (till we are agreed to this expressly);
  • The link does not exist from a website that supports religious or political beliefs, or encourages or represents hatred, intolerance, violence, discrimination, vulgarity or illegal movement;
  • The specific link does not incorrectly or misleadingly indicate or imply that We approve, endorse, or connect with the connected website, its contents, or any of its web pages; and
  • framing of a website on another site is not permitted, and the students do not have access to the website or portion of this supporting the other URL.

The Company has the power to ban the students' or your right to connect to a site without notification and at any time.

Suppose any website comprises links to other web pages, site. In the particular case, sources, or mobile services exclusive to other users, third parties, sponsors or advertisers, remain to give your details only, and You can use them on your risk. The Company will not be responsible for the operation or the content of third-party web pages, websites, sources, or mobile services.

Payment and Refund Policies

Our platform has the paid services, and the amounts paid by You should be as per the policies agreed by You by our online platform—all payments paid with our suggested payment gateway or modes. Students have been given a choice to accept and continue with our services' pay via PayPal. Concerning Clause 9, the fee gateway process is directed by our terms and conditions about the third-party providers.

We will not be responsible for unauthorized practice, payment refunds, fraud, lost amount, and other illegal activity. The cost of return payable will only be restricted to the students' cost for our services, which were not provided to the students by us.These Terms shall also govern a free trial offered on our online platform.

User Content

The company allows the students to post, submit, display, perform, transmit, publish, share or distribute materials and content, involving, without articles, limitation, commentaries, text, photographs, music, audio recordings, video, computer graphics, data, pictures, questions, suggestions, comments or personally identifiable data. The company has the right to withdraw content at its preference

Students might have decided to write and give reviews on our platform. We don't support students in submitting their unnecessary personal details on our platform, and the students might bear the harmful effects of such disclosure. However, students can request us through emails to remove any details posted by them. For verification, our company can review and examine the before-mentioned emails before reacting.

You assert and signify that your information, and the content of a site from which the students add a link to a site, or to which the student supports a link from a website, will not be inapplicable. Without restriction, content (or the data of third-party sites) might be rated inapplicable if:

  • The data is misleading in any way, or it provides a misleading opinion as to its approvals or origins;;
  • the details are abusive, copied (including plagiarism of the students’ work), malicious, false, threatening, misleading, insulting, offensive, discriminatory, harassing, profane, racist, indecent, immoral, obscene, hateful or it promotes violence;
  • it acts in the crime of confidentiality or other individual's privacy or another right, or of a liability owed by the student;
  • it includes allegations of rudeness or private criticism of our editors, personnel, or reviewers;
  • the details violate any intellectual property rights to any third party or the company;
  • it is technically adverse (involving content including, without restriction, network viruses, trojan horses, logic bombs, worms, harmful elements, damaged data or additional malicious software, corrupt data or convey and/or includes any additional component which is designed to harm any third party or the company, or to take out or promote any false or dishonest activity);
  • the data shows or supports any service or product or executes any applications for financial support or donations;
  • the details are junk or spam content;
  • it represents other individuals or misrepresents their identification, association or status;
  • the data would be viewed as illegal or legal malfeasance in any power, or provides growth to civil liability, or is unlawful;
  • it remains in breach of the Terms and/or of an Extra Terms.

The company would not be liable for all of the students' content given by them on our website. The students must not withdraw or avoid any protections that we might set in place for website operation and security.

You explicitly agree to sound/video reporting of the lectures conveyed, including recording a video of the student conveyed on our platform is the section of our Services.

You explicitly agree and give all ownership, rights, and intellectual property in the student content on our platform for a royalty-free, worldwide, and constant use. The company may have the individual and independent right to practice, duplicate, change, adapt, do derivative products from, share, perform, and disclose any/all so ‘Student Content.

You and the student volunteer to practice the company’s platform for only the goals conceived in the immediate terms and should not practice the equivalent for any illegal or criminal purpose.

Should you and the student practice our platform or intellectual property, including any intellectual property of the third party, then you and the student will be entirely liable for getting all required authorizations, permissions, and permissions from the related third party. In case you and the student utilizes the platform and intellectual property exceeding the restricted rights given to you and the student below these terms. You and the student shall be completely liable for the equivalent and shall reimburse the company for all claims, losses, and damages.

You and the student will be completely responsible for ensuring that any intellectual property or content generated by the student shall not include any virus, bugs, and malware or violate any intellectual property rights of the third party or infringe any applicable laws.

Intentional Purpose of Application

Any code, application, or content generated using our platform is dedicated to being practiced individually as models and assessing the legality and feasibility of ideas. Each such code, application, and/or content might be individually formulated for educational objectives and collecting feedback from the students and do in no means suitable for or proposed to be practiced for commercial usage. The company prevents all other use of those codes, apps, or content, and the company would not be responsible for the equivalent. You and the student shall repay for any claims, loss, or damages sustained by the company.

Suitability of Use

Any or each app developed utilizing our platform by the students throughout their allowed time for the platform are individually intended for educational and evaluation goals being part of the students' exercise schedule, the same is demanded to ought confined functionality and practice and are therefore not related to use commercially or to adopt for any application as denied to the proposed use directed in the specific terms. The apps could have unfinished technological bugs and protection concerns involving but not restricted to account protection, data safety, viruses, insufficiency of non-encryption, and security protocols. Any personal details, identifications, and/ or any additional data or sensitive information given might display to other students of the app.

Any such non-authorized or commercial application of the apps would be at the individual uncertainty and responsibility of the student, and third parties. The company, in neither means, supports or allows the equivalent. You and the student shall be completely liable for all such illegal promotion, use, and/or commercialization of the code/app/content generated by the student or any other user of the platform. You shall assure the company for each claim, losses, and damages in this regard.

Student Communication

You agree to receive information explicitly from CAL Info Training & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. by telephone, email, text message, or WhatsApp to provide alarms and information regarding our excellent services.

Rules Of Conduct

Students must act with the instructions that apply to them in the location that you access Company's Services from. Suppose any laws appropriate to you restrict or prevent you from utilizing the Company's Services. In such a case, you should act with those prescribed stipulations or, if applicable, stop accessing and/or utilizing the Company's Services. Students agree that all the information they give to the Company on accessing and/or utilizing the Company's services remains valid and complete.

Despite any additional terms you agree and undertake not to:

  • Attempt to hack, change, modify, consolidate, alter, decompile, disassemble, convert engineer or generate copied works out of the Service or any portion of them (save to the area which expressly can't be prevented by the appropriate mandatory law in your right);
  • Transfer, damage, change, add to or tamper with any data or program code, copyright, brand or other restrictive notices and legends included in the Service
  • Design software which copies any information or functionality in the Service;Practice or deal in the Service besides authorized by these Terms;
  • Practice or deal in the Service besides authorized by these Terms;
  • Include contact details designed to permit information outside of the Service, in any Communication;
  • Practice your access to the Service or data collected from it, for the sending free bulk email;
  • Make any public, trade or industrial use of the Service or any portion of them;
  • Give URL links, graphic links, hyperlinks or different direct link for profit or get to the Service without the prior written approval of Company;
  • Make the Service or any portion of it accessible to any other party (note that this doesn't stop you from honestly and fairly giving links to the Platform, or giving either to other people);
  • Practice or prepare the Service or any portion of them illegally or for any illegal or unethical purpose;
  • Remove or hide any copyright or different restrictive notice on the Service.

Service may only be accessed and utilized via approved servers. You must not take any action to bypass approved servers and use third-party software to change any Service features, whether to secure an improper advantage over other students. You expressly agree to Company's monitoring of your computer's RAM to know said unapproved third-party programs.

Limited Liability

You are individually responsible for any breach of the third party's rights by you and your child. You consent to repay the Company for all depreciation resulting from the guilty non-observance of these terms' responsibilities. Students free Company from all available claims that other students or any other parties may file on Company due to a breach of their claims by content posted by the student or because of the negligence of different obligations. You should consider the Company's legal defense costs, including all court and prescribed fees. This provision doesn't apply if the students are not responsible for the violation.

The Company assures that the data and the training promoted by the tutors on the Platform is correct but does not ensure or guarantee its exactness, sufficiency, accuracy, legality, completeness, or suitability for any design, and allows no responsibility concerning the data and coaching provided by the tutors on the Platform.

You understand and agree that the Company doesn't claim any guarantee for the lecture quality delivered by the tutors listed on our Platform.

The Company offers the scrutiny of the curriculum given by the tutors; however, the Company does not always assure the quality of the lessons given to the students. In any case of live interactive classes, if the tutor uses any sexual or offensive language or represents any forced sexual actions, or obscene images, then in such cases, please directly notify the Company at the contact given below in Article 17. The Company will take any required steps as per the applicable law. However, the Company explicitly denies any obligation or liability in the event of such a situation.

The Company may not take responsibility for any wrong, unauthorized acts performed by the student on the tutor's advice. It shall be the parents' responsibility to monitor their child's actions while accessing the Platform closely.

In no event, Company is responsible for any personal, oblique, accidental, specific or significant damages, or costs for loss of profits, revenue, data use, acquired by you or different party, whether in action in liability or tort, resulting from your access to, or use of, the Platform or any content presented on or in the Platform.

The Company promotes education and information on an "as is" basis and is responsible only to give its services the right skill and care.

The Company's responsibility for any claims in the aggregate, arising out of or linked to your usage of the Platform, shall not under any conditions pass the amounts given by you to the Company's Services.

Outside Sites have not been tested or examined by Company, and all control and access of External Sites are offered at your own risk. It means websites of the third party and online services to which the Service associates. The Company doesn't provide any other guarantee in connection with the Service, and to the greatest extent authorized by law, Company eliminates liability for:

  • Any damage or loss of any class, involving any indirect, direct, special, disciplinary or significant damage whether or not so rises from a query that the Company should make conscious of
  • the correctness, currency or legality of data and matter included within communications or our service;
  • Any delays to or obstructions in refreshing the service;
  • Inaccurate or incorrect data on the service;
  • The breach by a person of copyright or other intellectual property benefits of a third party in any disclosure or usage of the service;
  • The quality, availability, nature or content of External Websites;
  • Any activity including External Websites;
  • Any measure or a variety of damage or loss because of viruses or other wicked software, which might affect a student's and teacher's computer accessories, software, information, or other property affected by individuals' accessing, utilizing, or downloading our service, or any Information;
  • All warranties, representations, conditions and additional terms and conditions that but for the notice might have an impact

The Company might not assure that the performance of the service will be continuous or plagiarism-free. The Company may not be responsible in a measure for omission to enforce any responsibility under these terms and conditions agreement if so failure is created by the existence of any emergency behind the rational administration of the Company involving communications outages, Internet outages, fire, war flood, or act of God.

Besides, as presented above, no other conditions, warranties, or other terms and conditions, direct or referred, legal or otherwise, and such terms are prohibited to the most degree allowed by law.

Students have agreed about their service; they will not carry themself in a practice that is illegal, or that provides growth to criminal or civil liability, or that might call the Service or the Company into dishonor. Students also acknowledge that they are responsible for sustaining the confidentiality of their username and password and for each activity that happens under their account

Third-Party Permission

The company has supported several third-party help providers, and You accept and confirm that, when accepting these Terms and Conditions, You permit explicitly to these help providers to utilize your data and make calls in progress of Services on our Platform, even while the students' mobile phone remains on ‘Do Not Disturb’ convention. In case of any conflict between You and the third-party, the company will not be kept responsible in any practice whatsoever.

Revisions to Terms

The company holds power to change these Terms:

  • While the case of any corrections made because of judicial change
  • In case of any corrections made because of judgments by the Supreme Court
  • Due to technical requirement
  • To support Company operation
  • In case of a shift in the market situation
  • For the advantage of the application

No correction will be done if such correction would mainly disturb the contractual equivalence among the parties. Students will be notified of any corrections to the overall Terms through our Platform or notice by writing or email.


Without restricting any additional powers that the company may hold, the company can discard, modify, cancel, or reject admittance to and use our Services and a portion of it. The company examines (in the individual responsibility of the company) that the student has breached these Terms and Conditions.

Students might cancel their agreement with the company by discontinuing to obtain our Service, removing all details of Service or portion within their command. Finish shall not pretend any powers or support, which have accumulated to the time of finish.


You consent to pay and it keep us safe, our licensors, and our contractors, and respective managers, directors, representatives, and assignees from and upon any claims and payments, involving attorneys’ expenses, awaking of their performance of our Services and/or our Platform, involving but not restricted to the breach of the Terms and Conditions by the student.


Assume any government or responsible authority determines that any prerequisite of these Terms and Conditions (or section of a provision) is illegal, invalid, or unenforceable. In this circumstance, that part-provision or provision shall be considered to be removed, and the legality and enforceability of these provisions of the Terms and Conditions shall not be modified.


Each right and permissions given here will not be shifted or authorized by the students but could be distributed by the Company. A tried change or assignment in breach shall be recognized as invalid and empty.


No refusal of each term of the Term and Condition shall be employed as an additional or remaining waiver of it. The Company’s negligence to support any power or provision supporting this agreement will not establish a refusal of such provision or right.

Government Rules and Administration

These Terms and Conditions shall be administered by and interpreted by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 or so related rules of India that are not in dispute with each other. So acts will be subordinated to the sole authority of the acceptable courts of Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. Any disputes relating to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Kurukshetra, Haryana


If students and their parents have any issues about the Terms and Conditions, please contact us through e-mail or registered mail on the next address:

For CAL Info Training & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
hello@Course Mentor.com
#211, Sector 7, Kurukshetra, Haryana, IN 136118