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General article Writing Expert

General article Writing
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A writer who is always up for a challenge. A proofreader with an eagle eye for errors. An editor who provides constructive feedback in addition to correcting mistakes. If you are looking for any of the above, I am your freelancer. My journey as a freelancer began in 2008, and that means that I have a decade of experience behind me. I started out small, editing papers for other students at my university, but once I landed my first job on Upwork, things started to snowball. Over the years, I have taken on a wide variety of assignments, including those that put my background in education to use, and now I dedicate myself to freelancing full time. How Do I Compare with Other Freelancers? I have a 100% job success rating, something that is incredibly rare here on Upwork. According to Grammarly Insights, I am more accurate than 98% of their users, more active than 90% of their users, and I use vocabulary more dynamically than 99% of its users. My Skills I excel at jobs within the fields of writing and editing. This includes rewriting and spinning, as well as proofreading, copy editing, line editing, and developmental editing. While I love to take on any topic tailored to any audience, I do specialize in creating and editing content that targets the following audiences: mothers, children, teachers, students, medical patients, and homeowners. As I spent five years teaching ELL students, I excel at editing and re-working content created by non-native English speakers, particularly Spanish speakers.

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