The Internet is overflowing with blog posts and websites that keep us entertained and educate us on crucial topics. However, not all bloggers and web admins have the creativity and skill to update their pages with fresh content. 

Sometimes, even the most creative writer might experience moments when their creative well runs dry. Here is where guest posting comes in. You could submit an article to a blog or website in exchange for a mention or a backlink to your main page. However, finding websites accepting your posts is easier said than done. 

Stick around to learn effective strategies to find websites for your guest posting campaign. 

Ensure your offer is valuable 

Even though we think it is common sense, we urge you to plan ahead for the pitch you will present for your guest blogging campaign. We strongly advise you against winging it and writing anything that comes to mind. Ensure your post will provide value to the website and its readers to increase the chance they choose your content. 

Send personalized messages 

It wouldn’t be a great idea to draft a generic message and paste it to every blogger you want to approach. We can guarantee your email will be discarded, never to be seen again. Additionally, ensure your email domain is secure by doing DMARC configuring and reach successfully blogger’s inboxes.

Your prospects will consider giving you a chance if you personalize your message and tailor it to seem like you are speaking directly to them. For instance, you could mention their brand name and include a phrase from one of their articles. 

Leverage your existing networks 

Suppose you previously worked with an editor of a renowned blog post or media house. You could use your past interactions to secure a guest posting opportunity if you are still in contact. 

Should they accept, you will have saved yourself the time you would have used to hunt for opportunities from strangers. Therefore, it would help to explore your existing connections before you venture out into the unknown. 

Consider guest posting services

By now, you can confirm how hard it is to comb through potential prospects manually you think would benefit from your content. You could simplify the process by using guest posting services that take the load off your shoulders and select Google-friendly, top-tier placements with a big audience. Once the service providers do all the heavy lifting for you, all you need to to ensure your pitch is convincing enough.  

Be transparent 

Everyone in your prospect’s inbox is probably rambling on about how much they enjoy their blog posts. However, you don’t have to lie to get their attention. You could stand out from the crowd and admit that you just found them through a Google search and are confident you can provide content that aligns with their existing theme. 

Reach out to someone with actual authority 

Sometimes, you might speak to an individual with no final say in whether your post gets accepted. Since this is time you can’t get back, it would help to locate the person in charge and speak to them directly. These people in positions of authority can either accept your post or advise you on what areas to correct. 

Form amicable relationships with bloggers 

If you intend to work with your prospects for the long haul, it would help to build robust relationships and demonstrate your interest in their posts. An excellent way to create strong relationships would be to follow their social media pages and comment on their posts. You could also retweet something that resonates with you. You could also work with an agency like Outreach Monks who already have well-established relationships with top bloggers around the globe. This will make it easier for you to find the best websites that will translate to faster and quality backlinks. 

Avoid being boastful and entitled 

It goes without saying that the blog posts you are targeting have their hands full with other content creators requesting a guest posting opportunity. To them, you are like a drop in the ocean. Therefore, it would be wise to be humble, even when you are 100% sure your content will spice up their blog and fill in the missing pieces. 

Wrap Up 

Patience is critical when you first get into guest posting. Even when you don’t get a response weeks after you make a pitch, don’t give up hope. Cast a wide net and send your requests to as many relevant blog posts and websites as possible until you get feedback. You could also use a guest post outreach tool to narrow your options and save time.