Top 7 Tableau Interview Questions

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Tableau is one of the fastest and greatest visualizing tools used in Business Intelligence. Its main task is to simplify the raw data into an understandable format. 

What is Tableau? 

Data modeling is the first step in the case of object-oriented programming. It is that technology that is used to examine the data objects. It is done to recognize

What is data modeling?

Decimal numbers
Geographical value
Whole number
Date and time
Text or string

What data types does Tableau support?

The use of context filters is to apply context to specific data subject to analysis. When one applies context, it enables the visualization of graphs and charts. 

What is a context filter? 

Employing context filters is not a time-efficient process. Simply put, Tableau takes time when the user wants to place the filter in context.

What are the limitations of using context filters?

It stands for Level of Detail Expression. It is used to run complex queries involving many dimensions at the data sourcing level. 

What is a LOD expression?

Data blending is yet another critical feature that Tableau supports. Using this, it is possible to combine data from different platforms and sources.

What is meant by data blending?

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