Top 7 Kubernetes Interview Questions

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Kubernetes is an open-source container management tool. Kubernetes was developed in the year 2014 and is a product of Google. 
Container deployment
Scaling of containers 

What is Kubernetes?

The main components of the Kubernetes are as follows – 
API server
Controller manager

What are the main components of Kubernetes?

The master node is the most critical component responsible for Kubernetes architecture. It is considered to be the central controlling unit of Kubernetes. 

What is a master node?

The different components of a master node are:
Controller Manager
API Server

What are the different components of a master node?

It is that component that stores all the critical values and configuration details. It receives commands from other components and works accordingly. 

What is ETCD?

A node is the main worker machine in Kubernetes. They are addressed as “minions”. They are managed by the master and have all the necessary services required to run pods. 

What is a node?

Heapster is a cluster-wide aggregator of data. Heapster runs like a pod, just like any other pod in the cluster. It discovers all nodes in the cluster.

What do you mean by a heapster?

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